When people tell you who they are, believe them. The presumptive GOP candidate has said, “I am your retribution,” which translates as, “I need to get back in the White House so I can destroy my enemies.” And destroy his enemies he will. Michael Cohen said that he has no doubt that he’s on a list and that he would leave the country if Trump got back in office.

Who knows how extensive that list might be? Probably there are many lists. I would imagine that the obvious course of events would be for Trump to dismantle the DOJ and the FBI, probably followed by the State Department as he withdraws from NATO and generally speaking, destabilizes the geopolitical structure ASAP. The people in this video are indisputably on a list of Trump’s, as are the people who made the video.

And Trump won’t do it alone. Oh, no. He’ll have lots of help. Listen to this conspiracy theory fomenting clown. This is the shape of things to come, right here.

This is good advice from Rick Wilson and a good thought tagged on at the bottom.

I hope and pray this comes to pass. Maybe this tweeter is right. A 12 million vote margin would be decidedly helpful in staving off claims of a stolen election, although there is zero doubt in my mind that somehow Trump will find a way to claim it. He has to. His fragile ego depends upon him being the victim of unjust forces and not simply an example of Occam’s Razor: if it’s obvious that you lost, then you lost. Accept it. Trump can’t accept loss. So he will find an elaborate scheme of some sort and if he doesn’t, it’s a cinch that Mike Lindell will.

And if you didn’t see this travesty with Sean Hannity at the Town Hall the other day, here it is. Trump feels totally justified in becoming dictator. He says it right here.

Again, I remind you of Nikita Khrushchev’s comment in 1956 — not the one where he banged his loafer on the UN podium and screamed, red faced, “We will bury you,” but this one: “We will take you over without firing a single shot. We will defeat you from within.” If you think that hasn’t already happened to a great degree, and the Republican party is all in for Putin, take a look at this.

Khrushchev told us exactly what he planned to do and Trump is now telling us what he plans to do. And the awful truth? They’re both talking about one and the same thing.

Think about it.


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  1. Kruschev was preceded by Stalin who had a prescient observation about us. Keep in mind that mainstream GOPers found Trump disgusting and that includes the big money donors and corporate America. Sure, they were alarmed in 2016 as he laid waste to the other GOP candidates and swept towards the nomination. However, for all that they wanted their goddamned tax cuts and fewer regulations and the judges and Justices that would help them get the latter of those two goals. It was about money. Plain and simple. They wanted more and regardless of the damage they knew Trump would do THEY would make out like bandits. All that mattered was increasing their wealth.

    So why did I bring up Stalin? Because he was widely quoted when he said when it was time to hang the capitalist west, an American businessman would sell the rope. Trump rose to power so rich people could get ricer. They didn’t give a fuck about this country or the free world – only how much more money they could bank if the GOP won in 2016 and if Trump was the price to everyone else they were happy to sell everyone else down the river.



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