Is this what Tucker Carlson wants? Is this the type of government that he believes is the most efficient and productive way to run a country? Donald Trump (And even Ron DeSantis, according to some) seem to be the type that would have no problem ordering someone’s death if there was never going to be an investigation and no one would get in trouble. Is that what Tucker wants?

If so, Tucker damned well best get used to paying a food taster daily and never leaving the ground floor. Of course, you’re no less dead from a bullet in the back of the head, but murdering powerful people who criticized the “President” takes a certain je ne sais quoi, by which the victim ends up dead via one of the most terrifying mechanisms, thrown out of a window, thrown down stairs, dying over two months due to polonium poison, no normal execution whereby one moment you’re alive and the next you’re dead.

This is evidently what Tucker longs for, Tucker, the guy who even criticized Trump on occasion (But not Putin, not that we’ve heard):

Russian sausage tycoon Pavel Antov has been found dead at an Indian hotel, two days after a friend died during the same trip. They were visiting the eastern state of Odisha and the millionaire, who was also a local politician, had just celebrated his birthday at the hotel.

Reports in Russian media said Mr Antov, 65, had fallen from a window at the hotel in the city of Rayagada on Sunday. . Last summer he denied criticising Russia’s war in Ukraine after a message appeared on his WhatsApp account. Another member of his four-strong Russian group, Vladimir Budanov, died at the hotel on Friday.

And this is how things get reported in another country (India) when the guy in charge is paid to look the other way:

Superintendent Vivekananda Sharma of Odisha police said Mr Budanov was found to have suffered a stroke while his friend “was depressed after his death and he too died”. The Russian consul in Kolkata, Alexei Idamkin, told the Tass news agency that police did not see a “criminal element in these tragic events”.

They never do. That’s another essential element of these types of assassinations. They are never investigated thoroughly.

There have been a lot of these problems with tall buildings and the stairs within since the Ukrainian war started:

In September the head of Russia’s oil giant Lukoil, Ravil Maganov, apparently fell from a hospital window in Moscow.

And this is what Trump, Tucker, Tulsi, Johnson, Don Jr., Cawthorn, MTG, and many other MAGAs want. Evidently, they don’t understand that unless they are the one at the very top, they could be one of the folks accelerating toward the sidewalk or “having strokes” in another country (Did they do an autopsy? Pffft).

OH, one last bit of danger. Dictatorships work great for the dictator right up until they don’t, and at that point, the dictator has to worry about the people who fear they are next on that list for stairs. Perhaps a small group believes that they’re about to become part of a pavement diving team and get ahead of the problem and make an attempt to erase the person at the top.

Without laws, whoever kills first is often the winner… at least for a time.

UPDATE: Whoa, it appears as though the state governor isn’t satisfied with the locals’ investigation: From the Times of India:

Odisha DGP Sunil Kumar Bansal on Tuesday ordered a CID probe into the “unnatural” death of two Russian nationals

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  1. The pace seems to be picking up. If memory serves a Naval shipbuilding oligarch bit the dust last week as well as a military muckety-muck with some sort of command r.e. Ukraine. That tells me Putin is increasingly scared his own people will knock him off. And the more he does of this the more those oligarchs will start taking a hard look at their own situations, and two or three of them banding together to find a way to take Putin out first. A “we have to do it to him before he does it to us” pact. The problem of course is deciding who gets to be the one in charge once the deed’s done – not to mention agreement on WTF to do about Ukraine.

    • That scenario assumes that Russia will stay unified long enough for it to matter. I think of Kamil Galeev’s scenario of “National Divorce” for Russia and wonder if all they’re doing is fighting in a burning house that’s about to collapse on all their heads.

    • Yes, there have been A LOT lately. The guy “falling down the stairs” in Monte Carlo, the guy “falling down the stars in Moscow, where his body had to fling itself around corners to continue falling 4 stories. That Ivana fell down the stairs is a mere coincidence. (She did have health problems and used a walker but, sometimes I wonder…)

  2. 75 million of our fellow ‘citizens’ act like toddlers who insist they get to play in the street. When warned they throw a fit. Sooner or later a sleepy trucker or someone texting and driving runs them over. Or a fascist from Florida who likes running over children especially if they are brown or black.

  3. Sheriff Ed Tom from “No Country for Old Men” says it best:

    It sounded like these old boys died of natural causes. Natural to the line of work they was in.

    • Anthony Michael Hall made a similar comment in the forgotten action movie Paycheck: “Natural being gravity after a fall of 140 feet out of his apartment.”

  4. Someone needs to install those special safety windows and devices like you put in high rise apartments in which children reside. These oligarchs are “falling out” of windows like nobody’s business.

    • It’s a bad time to get on putin’s bad side. Between Ukraine and his ass cancer, if that’s true, his mood must be similar to humpty dumpty’s.

  5. As I see it, those clowns can want it all they want. They’re not getting it and they know it. And what’s happening around Putin has to be fueling their panic because they may be assuming they’re next on the hit list. Why else cozy up to Hungary’s own Trump right now?

  6. Your mention of Ivana’s fatal downward trajectory in this context got me thinking. How would Sherlock Holmes have considered it. If somebody wanted her out of the way, why would they? If Ivana knew anything incriminatory connected with her former hubby, what could it be? The wording here is deliberate — “connected with her former hubby” does not necessarily imply that Trump himself was the one who was bigly concerned about this, because many other people could have been involved in whatever it might be. Trump first began to get into Russian real estate in 1987, but that definitely implies involvement with the Putin-connected Russian mafia as well, in both New York (HQ: Brighton Beach and Mill Basin Brooklyn) and Russia. But by that time Soviet intelligence had already been targeting the Trumps for a decade, “after Trump married Ivana Zelníčková, a Czech national from a town in Moravia called Zlín … where the Czechoslovakian secret service (StB) had a plainclothes secret police force that was very much in league with the KGB … [and] started keeping a close eye on Ivana and her wealthy husband …” (Berkshire Edge, March 4, 2021). Their divorce was finalized in 1992. So whatever Ivana knew, she had her whole 15-year whole marriage to Trump (1977-1992) to figure it out. And maybe, just maybe, the DOJ or the J6 Committee wanted to have a chat with her. Even Ivanka might have been able to tell them some things. Her mother’s unexpected death occurred, by coincidence, just before Ivanka was due to testify to J6C. Now you’re probably thinking, “but the Russian mafia would never employ the law of gravity for such nefarious purposes!” Just kidding, you wouldn’t be thinking that. Well, there are two books on Trump’s involvement with the Russian underworld and Russian intelligence, covering this period. The first is called House of Trump, House of Putin (2018)., and there is a sequel, American Kompromat (2021). Here’s a revealing interview with the author, Craig Unger :

  7. How is this any different than the ways the FBI put down civil rights leaders 50 years ago? Tucker supports the Russians and most white Americans supported the deaths of black and white civil rights leaders.

    • Thats a sweeping statement about whites and the Civil Rights era. MOST white people supported the deaths of civil rights leaders? WTF? Some did to be sure, and not all of them were in the south. But I can’t agree with your statement because it’s flat out wrong. It’s true that for too long too many white people didn’t care enough about civil rights and that it took a series of shocking events to get them on board with making changes at the federal level to do something. Emmit Till. The church bombing in Birmingham and those four little girls. Those awful images on the evening news of Bull Connor’s actions against protesters (dogs and fire hoses), Bloody Sunday and the Edmund Pettis Bridge. It should have taken all that as well as the lynchings and church burnings but eventually white America couldn’t stomach the idea of the violence and murder. Not that they liked having federal legislation enacted but the majority wanted that violence (and murder) to stop. It was a different era and the racists could be found in both major Parties, and the same was true of reformers. The migration of the racists to the GOP was a result of the Civil and Voting Rights Acts, and Nixon who had once been a proponent of bridging the racial divide (the legendary Jackie Robinson supported him at one time in case you didn’t know and Robinson was sure as hell no “Uncle Tom” black guy looking to become a “somebody” by being a token!) and enacting the “southern strategy.” But I say again you are just flat-out wrong to make such a sweeping statement about white people (most of them) wanting black leaders (and whites, like the three civil rights workers in Mississippi) murdered.

      • Most decent people do not want violence- but they also do not want any kind of disruption to their way of life. That last part of the equation is the problem – the white population may be largely open-minded about people not considered within their own ‘group’ but they are very scared of that same group being changed by including ‘others’ who ‘do not fit’ the image they have of themselves. So – while one or two very nice black folks are easy to accept into the picture, if there is any threat to the status quo via those numbers getting bigger or via behavior strange to their ‘norm’, the instinct to ‘protect’ the status quo kicks in. When that happens previously tolerant folks become nervous. That is the point at which black folks recognize that the tolerance has slipped & the feelings of the community get confirmed that ‘they are all the same – secretly racist’. On a one-to-one basis we can all find it very easy to relate, and watching two small children do that is a delight, but when there are a bunch of humans together it is harder to see them as individuals – they become an entity in itself – and loyalties will be assumed ! Only enough intermingling gets past this point !

        • Yeah, I wouldn’t know about any of that, vcragain. That tribal tripe you spelled out–which is how I’ve seen it work in practice too, albeit mostly in conservative circles–is just dumb, counterproductive and ultimately futile. I say that as someone who reserves the right to tell anyone to go to hell if I think they’re acting the fool. In the end, you have to decide what’s more important: your status with your little social group or being a better human being. I chose #2 a long time ago and eff anybody who chose #1.

  8. Well you ask if Tucker crapsie would be fine with this. You all seem to forget that you have numerous clowns loading men, women and children into buses like a load of cattle and shipping them to northern states in wintertime. The latest example happened in one of the worst storms in our nation’s history. Now any group of people that would do this to innocent people wouldn’t worry to much about having someone toss some moron off a building. You see the beauty of this is that the one giving the orders is sitting in a nice office with people fetching their coffee and donuts for them. Look at trump when they brought up Mike Pence. He thought he was dead and took the information like someone asked for the ketchup. We normal people don’t get it. We are under the impression that life is delicate and means something. To people like Putin, Trump, Desantas or Abbott life in general doesn’t mean a dam thing. The only thing that matters is that they gain power over others through their actions. They don’t even care if they get caught as long as they gain power. They will use that power to absolve themselves of the bad things and blame others for it happening. That’s the thing that makes Putin dangerous. He doesn’t give a dam about human life except for his own. Trump and these other clowns are the same. Even ole trucker and or Sean ahole. I don’t know, it was just a thought.



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