Ann Coulter doesn’t like the fact that the members of the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team said less than flattering things about Donald Trump, chiefly the comment by Megan Rapinoe, “I’m not going to the f—– White House.” So, Coulter decided to go to war.

Coulter is also tweeting around a piece of sexist drivel, “I Get No Kick From Women’s Soccer.” Newsweek:

In the article, Dalrymple explained his position that men are better than women in soccer after he “happened to be in Paris when the final of the women’s World Cup (soccer) was played.” “The players were very good — for women,” he wrote. “The problem is that women are not very good at this kind of thing, certainly not by comparison with men. If you want to watch soccer played well (I personally have a limited appetite for it), you should watch men.”

Coulter also rebuked Newsweek‘s coverage of her remarks on Saturday, by claiming that the reporter downplayed Team USA losing to the FC Dallas Under-15 boys team by “calling it a mere ‘scrimmage.'”

“In a real game, instead of 5-2, the boys might have won 12-2,” she added.

Winning the World Cup was a wonderful achievement, by anybody’s yardstick, and this wingnut is doing her best to destroy that. One more battle front in the culture war.



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  1. Every soccer fan I’ve seen commenting says that the women’s games are much more interesting than the men’s games. The women play better.

    • Coulter’s nuts. She’s got the traditional “Queen Bee” mentality. She should succeed, but not other women, and certainly not women as a whole. She wants her little mountain to sit on and not be threatened by women of real achievement, while she writes her dopey books.

      • I guess her books — endless variations on “Why Liberals Are Responsible for All the Evil in the World” — aren’t selling too well.

        • What was amusing to me is when she turned on Trump, because she was angry he wasn’t getting the wall built. I wonder if she’s still in that posture.

  2. Ann Coulter’s day:

    1. Wake up as sad, pathetic, mean human being.
    2. Have coffee.
    3. Find something others enjoy.
    4. Write mean, nonsensical drivel about that thing.
    5. Get attention from other sad, pathetic, mean human beings.
    6. Go to bed angry that tearing others down doesn’t feel fulfilling.
    7. Repeat.

  3. Wait, Coultergeist is still around? I’d love for her to say all that trash talk to Ripone’s face. The latter, I am confident, could break the former like a stick.

  4. Jeez, this hag will do anything for attention. That’s all it is. Attack women’s soccer, attack tRump, attack, attack, attack. There is absolutely nothing constructive, useful or inspiring about this human wannabe and we don’t care what the shrew has to say. She’s irrelevant except in her own tiny mind.

  5. After all the years of intense training and outstanding performances, this team works together like a fine watch, everyone on the team knows where the rest are and each knows the best ability of the others and feed the ball through the other teams defenses, and wham, the ball shoots right by the other team’s defense of the net …

    These young women are incredibly strong and fast, any one of them could kick lil’ ole’ Anny into the alternate universe Trump is from …. Personally, I love their efforts and sportsmanship … I wonder if Anny baby could beat anyone on the Women’s soccer team in a foot race … even if the team member was carrying a salt shaker, you know what happens if you sprinkle salt on a slug …

    There are so many infantile people in Trump’s corner, I wonder why ..?


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