Absolute Proof Saudi Owns Trump? Got It, Without Doubt


I don’t know about y’all, but this just shook me to the core.

For some reason, my computer is doing funky things with the ability to call up the actual tweet, so I simply copied the wording, and I cannot possibly make this up.

Here is Trump, just two years prior to rising to office, five years ago:

Saudi Arabia should fight their own wars, which they won’t, or pay us an absolute fortune to protect them and their great wealth-$ trillion!
4:56 PM · Aug 31, 2014
He had no doubts that the United State’s had no obligation to assist Saudi Arabia, enough to tweet to the world that he finds it egregious.
Back then.
NOW, he is “locked and loaded,” to help that same nation, of “great wealth, at least $1 trillion.” He only needs to see Saudis’ analysis, and hear what they want.
He has no belief that Saudi Arabia should defend itself. Nothing about how the United States cannot take on the role of being Saudi Arabia’s bodyguard.
Only an assumption that the United States must be involved if Saudi Arabia is threatened.
I wonder what changed?
Peace, y’all
[email protected], and @MiciakZoom on Twitter.
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In THAT world, a regular college kid, alien abductee, finds himself tossed into being a major player in something about as big as it gets. 
Our college kid had only agreed to do a few small things for some “new” alien friends. Things go bad, quickly. Within one single month, almost by accident, he is essential in helping some powerful folks, including Pope Francis, presidents and good aliens, to prevent a horrific takeover of earth 🙂
Plus, it is funny, and poignant. You’ll be really proud of that kid, who does some growing up, and comes through, in the biggest way.
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  1. Until he actually does something, look at this as the usual Trump bluster. When it’s put up or shut up against someone who can fight back, it’s usually shut up with him.

    • My God, we have to hope so, I say knock down Trump’s back channels to all the blood thirsty people he has on speed dial, Putin, Kim, the Saudi killers … make DJT stay home, no more, not here, out playing golf, at a cost of millions of our dollars, AND stealing funds from anywhere he can, even designated funds for the military we would need to even THINK about an Iran solution that goes against everything right …

      • I get the fear coming from some folks on this, Darrel, but the track record suggests my theory is more viable. Between that botched Yemen raid, China AND Russia’s investment in Iran and the fact that he has played chicken one too many times, all he’s probably doing is huffing.

        • I’ll go with that, come to think of it, with all the things coming out about the unrest building in the GOP, virtually because of his increasing instability, our advancing troupe of trump haters, jumping several points ahead of the DJT die-hard supporters, cause, well, Trump himself DOES appear to be dancing on thinner ice every day … his personality, (narcissism) demands such a high level of input, even structured round-robin comments at the meeting tables in the WH … but his rhetoric shows so much repetition and so much of it is even more mindless drivel at the levels of pre-school and at most 2nd grade … we may find he has lost the fight against the affects of too many Whoppers, (the edible variety) as his face has been more tinted towards red lately, his blood pressure probably bends the needle on the gauges …. Trump’s biggest problem now, has become his, as in this case, fawning over the blood thirsty despots, and probable millions in dirty money I want our committees to find …. DJT does not understand yet, he is just another fly spec on the old farmer’s falling apart barn out there where century farms are losing their history to Trump’s trade stupidity …

  2. Anyone else getting an image of John Bolton sitting at a desk somewhere, just banging his head on it repeatedly, while yelling, “Why did I resign? Why did I resign?!? I was soooo close to getting my war!!!!!”

    Alternatively, there’s the image of Bolton on the phone, angrily yelling to some unseen person on the other end, “I ordered that strike 10 days ago! I expect that refund NOW!!!”


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