The problem with American culture right now is that television has inverted reality. Television was originally intended to reflect reality, to bring you events in real time, “and you are there,” as Walter Cronkite intoned. Television was going to give us a handle on the world and its events. We could see and analyze what was happening first hand. All that is changed, now. The actual events of the world are secondary and television has become the reality. A lot of people, believe it or not, cannot accept the fact that something that they saw on television did not really happen the way they saw it. And they get very upset when you try to explain things in real world terms.

You can’t convince these people and it’s not the first time Donie O’Sullivan has tried. This is a special feature of his interviewing people who are beyond reason.

I watched a giant tarantula knock down a house on TV once, and then I watched giant grasshoppers crawl up the side of the Empire State Building, and, oh yeah, there was a giant ape on top of that same building and I watched him swat at airplanes.  And this was before I ever went to school: but I was able to discern fantasy from reality. But who knows? If there had been a presidential candidate running on the platform that King Kong was real, and I was invested in that emotionally for some reason, maybe it would have been a different story.

Here’s a bonus clip on how “Space Force could prevent the next 9/11,” also the musings/ravings of Florida MAGAs.

And this is where the Cyber Ninjas hail from, small wonder.


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  1. I think these are the same people who used to say “they wouldn’t allow it on TV if it wren’t true!”

    I’ve seen spaceship going faster than light, and aliens good, bad, and neutral. Y’mean those weren’t true? /s

  2. When I was a kid, I was taught that what you see on TV was not reality, not even the news was beyond question. And I was a kid when all we had were ABC, NBC, CBS, and public TV. But later on, both parents had to work, and suddenly TV was the babysitter. And there was no one home to explain that what is seen on TV is not reality. And as more and more radio and TV stations were bought up by a huge corporation, everything began to acquire the spin that the huge corporation wanted. Now the phone is the babysitter, and what is seen on the phone is mostly believed without question.

  3. You’re cruising along in your first class, soft cushioned arm chair, aboard a well known airline …

    Suddenly, while looking out your window, you notice a strange vehicle pulling up beside your plane just a couple foot beyond the tip of the wing …

    You try to focus on who is flying this machine … there is some freaky looking person with a horrible face — then you notice the golf clubs in the co-pilots seat and the vehicle DOES resemble a golf cart with a couple JATO bottles strapped underneath … the confirmation comes as this albatross pulls ahead, the big brass letters on the side spell out, “TRUMP”, below that, in much smaller letters, “My Space Force – here to pay ME”, …

    The ultimate stupidity of the Trump gang makes for super doses of anti-acid …
    When the BIG LIE crashes there will still be bonkers, (true believers), whimpering here and there, brains washed completely squeaky clean …

  4. I think Casper the friendly ghost would make a great Ambassador to the land of the Dead. Wonder if the Senate would confirm? Some people say they will cuz he’s so transparent.

    • This is about the mentality. Lin Wood and Mike Lindell and so many of these right-wing characters are so far out there with all the religious b.s. that it wouldn’t surprise me if they started seeing ghosts, nominating ghosts, what have you.


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