This will be short for once, I promise. Most if not all of you know that I cut my teeth on the mothership, Daily Kos. But for the last couple of years, you, my dear PZ readers,  have been my friends, pretty much my entire social circle, and really an extended family.

On Monday, I had a surgical procedure to replace the lens in my right eye to eliminate my cataracts, as well as having two stents inserted in the eye to control the pressure in my eye to stall out the progressive effects of my glaucoma. To my amazement, once I got into the surgical suite, the procedure took less than 20 minutes, and we were in and out in under 3 hours.

Monday night was miserable. The eyelid scratched nonstop, and tears free flowed. The eye drops stung like hell. Tuesday the scratching was down by half, and the eye drops didn’t sting as much. On the ride to the Coronado office for the doctor to check the eye, I did an experiment. I closed my eyes with my kickass Murfinator sunglasses on, turned to my right, and looked out the window with only my right eye. I almost cried. For the first time in more than 5 years, blurry as they were, I could identify trees, bushes, walls, buildings and cars. And this was less than 24 hours after the surgery.

My doctor was thrilled with he results. I get the left eye done on August 23rd, and a month later, on September 22nd, I will see an optometrist for an eye exam for for prescription lenses. The success of my right eye only makes me more confident about the left eye.

And so, I thank you. All of you. For more than two years you have suffered through my articles with good nature and tolerance, knowing about my condition. But now, hopefully in the next 6 weeks, I will have new glasses, and two new lenses in my eyes, and my shit will stop looking like the freakin’ Rosetta Stone! My affection and appreciation for all of you knows no bounds. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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  1. Murf, this is THE best thing I have heard all month!!! That’s so awesome!! I’ll be sending positive vibes your way for the rest of the procedures!

  2. Glad to hear you had your surgery. I had my right eye done back in the spring and couldn’t believe the difference the next day. Unlike you glaucoma wasn’t an additional problem for me although I do have astygmatism in that eye which complicated new corrective glasses. (The cataract in my left eye is minor and the doc thinks it could be years – if ever before it becomes significant enough to warrant surgery) I’d gone too long between eye exams and when I finally had one last Nov. I was stunned to learn I was blind in my right eye. NOTHING but a blur and I couldn’t even make out shapes! To within 24 hours be able to see well out of that eye, even with the astygmatism was amazing. The routine of the eye drops during the following weeks was a “price” I was happy to pay. I’d never in my life put drops in my eyes and there was a learning curve for me to (more or less) get the hang of it. At least you have your better half to do it for you if you have trouble doing it yourself!

    I’m truly happy that you can not only see, but that they were also able to help deal with the glaucoma.

    • Thank you so much Denis…I am SO thrilled that your experience was as good as mine, and I am SO jazzed!!! Not so much for the left eye, but for the arrival of my corrective lenses, when it will all finally ciome together…

    • Doctor here.. Astigmatism is easy to fix.. I highly recommend.. I had both done in 2003 and now see 20-20 .. they can fix for close or far. I have one of each..

  3. Best wishes for a complete and pain-free recovery, Murph. When I had my cataracts removed, I had big problem with itching, and it turned out I was allergic to one of the drops, I think the antibiotic one. They changed it and voila! The itching went away. When I had the second eye done, using the newly prescribed drops, everything was perfect. It’s wonderful to be able to see again.

    • Mina, I am SO sorry that you had that reaction!!! The first night was a noightmare, with the scratching from the scabs on the laser incisions, ut I had no allergic freaction, and that dissipated quickly…Hopefully your results were worth the effots!!!

  4. Murfster, sending good thoughts and blessings your way. You have been essential to the viability og this great site. Keep getting better. K

      • Just shared marvelous TEXAS piece. I shared it on FB with Texas Senate web page Pic bio of Carolyn Alvarado. .. who should have lifelong backing by Democrats whatever she runs for. GOT THAT @EMILYSlist

  5. Glad to hear this Murfster! As I have told everyone that I know, cataract surgery is (usually) no big deal, and well worth having done if needed. I had both eyes done several years ago. I still have a fluid problem in my right eye, but its being treated with shots every 6 weeks and is getting better. My left eye is now 2020!
    I hope that when you are through that you have perfect (or as close as possible) vision!!

    • I had to go blind legally to qualify for disability, byt that made e qualified for Medicare 6 months early, and without THAT I wouldn’t have been able to have the surgery in the first place…Blessings where you find them…

  6. Wonderful to see, Murf!
    My sis is supposed to get her eyes done this fall – was supposed to be next week, but Delta. (She goes to Kaiser in the Richmond/Berkeley area.) Friend who had his done said it’s like the difference between Ektachrome and Kodachrome.

    • I can only hope that my misings help to gi e your sister confidence going forward…Most people automatically think that any kind of EUE surgery will mean incredible pain and discomfort, but at least in my case, that isn’t true, it’s actually very tolerable…

      • Fun one is Retinal tear. My hubby had both cataracts out easily.. then years later retinal tear. They fix that with shots behind eye and surgery then put large air bubble in eye to tack the retina back down. MUST KEEP FACE PARALLEL TO FLOOR FOR A WEEK to keep bubble in place. Always .. eating, sleeping (he used patio recliner with space for face at top w top bar padded. .. he put laptop under recliner and worked away..was very proud of him.. so far other eye ok)

  7. So glad to hear your news! When my parents had cataract surgery, it was a shock when I went home for a visit and neither were wearing glasses. I never knew them to be without their glasses on their faces! Only had their old pictures—-mostly ones before they’d met—-to go by.

    After a bit, they did start wearing readers for reading—-and I would find pharmacy readers in several rooms of the house, so they never had to “look for their glasses”. I hope your journey with this is just as easy as theirs’ was!

    • Thank you SO much for your personal story!!! Unfortunately, I weill always wear glasses sinve I’m legally blind fronm irreversible glaucoma, but the improvement is already evident, and I’m looking forward to getting the other eye done…

  8. Congratulations. In this long dark winter of stories of medical misery, it warms my heart to hear something go right.

    However, never feel you need to apologize for your spelling or grammar over the past few years. One, because I think we all prefer writing with heart and a few misspelled words over perfectly edited heartless garbage (I’m looking at you, HuffPost).

    But two, in all honesty we’d have to curate at least ten of your articles to find as many errors as an average single Trump tweet. Sure, that’s not a high bar, but you’re not only outperforming Donald, you’re also spelling better than his entire team of advisors and yes men. Lol.

    Again, congrats. In millennial gamer circles we call this a QOL Fix patch. Enjoy, and best health always.

    • OMFG!!! LMFAI!!! I can make all of you ONE promise right now, you will NEER see the word ‘covfefe’ in one of my articles unless I’, quoting Trump…Thanks so much for your well wishes and support!!!

    • OH HOOT .. yes good one! Rory.. I get excited wanting to share an emotional line and mumisspell see, misspell everything. I blame essential tremor and crooked fingers ..

  9. “But now, hopefully in the next 6 weeks, I will have new glasses, and two new lenses in my eyes, and my shit will stop looking like the freakin’ Rosetta Stone!”


    Your Rosetta Stone writings are what make you you. I mean, if I want clear, error-free writings, there’s Ursula and Michelle, plus the other occasional contributors.

    In seriousness, Murf, I certainly hope everything works out the way you want/hope/expect it to and, if losing your typos is the price we must pay, I suppose we will all have to get by and deal with Murf stories that we don’t have to decipher. (To put it in terms inspired by the wonderful “Star Trek: The Next Generation” episode, “Darmok,”: Linus. In the pumpkin patch. The day after Halloween.)

    • Thanks Joseph… I promise, even when I’m done, I’ll throw in an occasional fuck up just to make you feel right at home!!! LOL

  10. So glad to hear about your excellent results, Murf, and hoping it is the same for your left eye. Love your articles and books and so happy to hear you aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Be well.

    • Thanks so much Thereasa!!! To be honest, I haven’t been THIS jazzed and upberat since I got diagnosed with glaucoma…Let’s all take the ride together, shall we???

  11. Hi Murf, I’m so happy to hear about the good outcome of your surgery. Your articles are great, Rosetta Stone or not.
    All the best for the next 2 steps in your sight recovery journey.
    I am slowly gathering courage for my cataract removal ;/

  12. Getting old ain’t for sissies…and you Mr.Murf ain’t no sissie! Been following you and the fabulous Ms.Ursula since I found DK. Good healing and health to you. And I have no problem with typos 🙂

    • Thank you SO much!!! 20 years of hockey kind of tended to knock the sissy out of me..LOL And at MY age, each day is a gioft from God, so I just go with the flow…Blessings on you and yours…

  13. I knew that glaucoma was not what was affecting your central reading vision! You see, glaucoma obliterates side vision, not central, reading vision. I, myself have somewhat advanced glaucoma with optic nerve cupping of .75. Any cupping greater than .30 is glaucomatous. And I still have good central vision. So, no more excuses now, for not proofreading!

    I am a retired optometrist, by the way.

    • Thank you so much!!! And you, as a retired optometrist are of course correct…But the debilitating effects of glaucoma on my far vision led me perilously close to depression…I’ll never drive again, and in all honestly I don’t mind, let Teri be the chauffeur!!! lol But I am aq diehard XBox1 gamer, as well as a TV news junkie, as you well know, and not being able to SEE the screen clearly tore me apart…I am so glad that this surgery seems to be a road to resume a normal l9ofe where close in visions is concerned…

    • I’m with you on this one too Bare … Murf has been the man for years and his former glory on his, “mother ship”, was always an inspiration to me, coming along with Ursula during the big turmoil was easy … the fact Murf is here, makes this site more home-like, warm, “fireplace in the winter months”, kind of thing ….

      So Murf, keep trucking through the Republican manure, (be sure to wear hip-waders), we love your wit and writing talent, be safe, stay healthy …

  14. Great news Murf.
    I had cataract surgery on both eyes almost 30 years ago and I had had 20/20 distance vision ever since. I can even get by without reading glasses.
    I used to wear coke bottle lenses and I still remember my elation when I could read the license plate of the car in front of mine without my glasses.
    I would like to write an article on how to effectively tax the super rich. I sent a proposal to Ursula but she hasn’t’t responded.. I will forward it to you.
    Again, great news and best wishes. I really love your articles ,

    • Thanks so much for the personal story!!! My father was born with severe eue issues, and wore ‘coke bottle’ glasses for most of his life, and the Lasik surgery let him live lens free as well. I’ll always have to wear lenses because of the glaucoma, but if I can improve my close in and intermediate bision, that’s all that’s really impoertrant to me at this point…

  15. Great news! I’ve been reading your articles since Politizoom started and you never disappoint, typos be damned. Really glad you’ll be able to see better and I look forward to new articles. I had both eyes done back in January (cataracts) and had new lenses put in and the results were startling. I had been wearing glasses since the 5th grade and am now 20/20 but need readers for up-close work. Still a bit hard to get used to. At any rate, congratulations.

    • Thank you SO much!!! I am SO glad that your surgery was as successfyul as mine has been…State Secret…Teri got me a new laptop with backlit keys so I could see the letters, and I am SO looking forward to being able to USE it!!! lol

  16. I had my eyes done in 2006. I was 57,which is young for cataracts, but Mom.had hers done around the same age–genetic,I guess. I only need glasses for reading. Turns out most people look.better a,little blurry,especially Rand Paul’s hair and any part of Donnie Donuts.

    • I’m so glad that it worked out so well for the both of you!!! I’m a realist…Ny glaucoma has made me legally blind, there are things I’ll never do again…But as long as I can improve my close in vision fo rthe things that I do most often, then I’m a happy cqamper…

  17. Congratulations on this great news. You are truly one of the best good guys around. Your observations and analysis are always superb and way ahead of their time. Stay safe, stay well.

  18. Congratulations! It couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. Good for you and I needed to hear some really good news on this Friday the 13th.

  19. Wonderful news Murf, I so enjoy your articles no matter the few mistakes. I always understand what you’re trying to say. I hope the future is clear as a bell for your new ? eyes.

    • Thanks so much!!! This site is pretty muc h my outlet to the outside world, and it’s nice to know that so many lovely peioe care!!!

  20. As they say in good Gaelic, Murph, Mazal Tov!!!
    I am so happy for you!!!
    May the other eye be as good or better and may glasses make you see like Colonel Steve Austin, you $6 million man, you!

    Mazal Tov again, Joe

    • Thanks so much Bryan!!! NOBODY would pay $6 million for THIS carcvass, but if I can kill bad guys on the XVox 12, it will be worth it!!! lol

  21. My wife has retinitis pigmentosa four years ago she thought she was going to have to retire. After her cateract surgery things got so much better she is still working. This is one of the issues with the Texas voting bill. It is not only racist it is ageist and ableist as well. This bill will make it that much harder for people with disabilities to vote. That means lots of us here.

    • Wow!!! Congratulations to your wide, I am THRILLED that she found the relief she needed!!! And I didn’t know that ab out the TX bill, but just one more reason to hold off the Reptards!!! I just hope that the spft infrastructure bill goes through, that would add dental, hearing as well as VISION, and would eliminate copary and deducti9bles for seniors…

  22. THANKS FOR UPDATE. We so take normal things like vision .. casually.. I could never see past my hand clearly.. Astigmatism. Mom got me glasses at 12 .. first time I could see stars and leaves! She hadn’t realized I was so bad she cried. cuz I could read (voraciously) Contacts ended up wiping off all but one layer of cornea by 84.
    I had LASIK done in 2003 . Essentially painless. And 10 min after procedure sitting for him to check it I could read second hand on clock across room!
    YEP THEN THE SCRATCHING begins ..that is just dryness . Try every brand of eye fluid till you find one that feels best!
    Now I have a close eye and distance one and adjust as needed. BEST TO YOU WITH NEXT ONE TOO.


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