In the aftermath of the FBI raid on Mar-A-Lago today, I was initially confused. Politico reporter Betsy Woodruff Swan broke the news that the basis for the search warrant was the recovery of multiple boxes of information taken by Trump to Mar-A-Lago that were subject to the Official Records Act, and belonged to the National Archives. Which made no sense.

Because Trump had already had these documents at Mar-A-Lago for 18 months! Why all of a sudden this mammoth raid to get the boxed of documents back? Add to that the fact that Trump squealed that the FBI had broken into his personal safe. It didn’t make sense.

But the more that is uncovered, and the more information that is revealed, the more the picture starts to clear. It was reported that the list of documents to be recovered by the FBI was more than 100 pages long. And that was just the start. There were documents so far classified that the contents couldn’t even be listed in a non classified document. Which cleared up for me the mystery of entering Trump’s safe. That safe might not be big enough to hide boxes, but it could hold individual documents, dossiers, and folders. Reminder. There were reams of documents so secret that they couldn’t be listed on a non classified document list.

Here’s the total hypothesis. Despite all of his barvado and braggadocio, Trump’s financial empire is in deep shit. He has massive amounts of personal debts coming due this year and next, and his revenues are depressed. His nuts are in a grinder. Trump desperately needs a White Knight, but no reputable bank will deal with him.

So, what about secrets? The natural question is, Why drag all of that shit down to Florida with you? Trump doesn’t even read the sports pages, he certainly isn’t going to read these documents. Shit! He didn’t even read his PDB’s if they didn’t have colorful graphics and cartoons in them!

But what about national security secrets? After all, Traitor Tot spent 4 long years with unfettered access not only to the US national security apparatus, but connections to the national security apparatus of competing and even hostile countries. Can he cash in?

Trump has been sitting on boxes of sensitive, highly classified US secrets. Could he sell the names of some deep cover US agents in Moscow to Putin for walking around money? Could he sell the names of deeply placed North Korean citizens working for the US to Kim? Could he sell the location of secret US instillation’s in the Middle East to Iran or Syria? Who knows?

Two things we know. Trump is totally amoral, and Trump is totally transactional. If he can make a buck off of national security secrets, and in the process betray precious US human assets, he’ll do it in a heartbeat. The only question, which we may never know is, Has he fuckihng done it already? Traitor Tot could end up making Benedict Arnold look like a choir boy. Don’t touch that dial.


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  1. I’m sorry, but I think you misheard this evening’s news. If I recall correctly it was reported that the box of already retrieved records, when itemized ran 100 pages of unclassified stuff and three pages of classified stuff, plus some so classified that they could not be listed. That’s not the list still to be recovered. They are not saying how long the list is of the things that still need to be recovered, or thir exact nature.

    However, it’s clear that Archives had made a separate list of things that were still missng, and so knew they had not gotten everything.

    It is the presence of extremely top secret documents among the things already retrieved, TOGETHER with the fact that other known documents have still not been received that is the cause for great concern. Our national security is at stake if Trump has kept any other classified documents that he mght be trying to sell.

    Apparently Archives has decided he HAS. They could include descriptions of new weapon systems, and all sorts of very critical info.

    I wonder if our intelligence agents have already sniffed out a sale of something mportant.

    • Boxes had been retrieved, but when opened and catalogued, they were cound to be INCOMPLETE…That’s what the search warrant was for, and why the safe was included…

    • My thought as well. I suspect just taking back the documents will only be a job 1/2 done. Leaving anything of value to national security with trump would be a massive mistake. I hope just retrieving the original documents was only part of the job because one thing I think we can assume the mango moron can do is blackmail people. I don’t trust the fool to tie his own shoes but somehow I think he can call someone and say something like, oh I don’t know, if you don’t send me boo-coo bucks I’m going to let everyone know____. Seems like he did something like that not too long ago.

    • True, but Donnie would never make a copy. He is likely too lazy to plan for a future event, like someone retrieving them, which leaves then scattered around a room somewhere.

  2. My thoughts went in exactly the same direction. Trump is desperate for cash. Putin is losing his war in Ukraine. China is pissed off. Selling national security information to the highest bidder seems very plausible.

  3. If the FBI has not had a tap on his phones since he first took office, they are derelict. I realize that sounds outrageous, but he was a national security risk from the start. So, if he was shopping this stuff around, and I don’t doubt he was or wanted to, they should already know.

  4. I keep remembering pictures of White House staff carrying off all kinds of things when they left: lamps, artwork, sculptures, etc. Not national security stuff, but still. Whatever happened to all that?

  5. My immediate reaction is to suspect that he would trade these document a to some country without an extradition treaty, like, oh, maybe Russia? At this point Putin has withdrawn his support, so Donnie would need something with which to.bribe him.


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