The furkids reminded me this week that we had an unfinished song on the drawing board and this week would be a really good time to finish it. As I recall, it kept getting nudged aside to make way for more season-appropriate songs until we just forgot about it. I’m glad they remembered it – my memory isn’t as reliable as it once was – so I devoted Saturday to finishing it.

LaVerne, Maxene and Patty Andrews gave us coins for the jukebox this week so we’re all set! Just press play, scroll down to the lyrics and sing along!

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  1. {{{Michelle}}} And I’m old enough to remember Liberace 😁 What a fun song. And as always you and the Furkids did it so well. Skritches and {{{HUGS}}} and Healing Energy all around, as appropriate.

  2. Yeah, I guess we are all looking for Mr Sandman. I need dream on a dream. Been to long since I’ve had a dream so please Mr. Sandman bring me a dream. Doesn’t have to be a big dream. A little one would do. Please Mr. Sandman I can’t sleep unless you promise me a dream. I would be so happy even proud if I even got just a small catnap with a simple little dream. Please just one little dream.

  3. Need a dream and vacation . But spring is nice in north Texas. Nice and green. And colorful birds. Now just need a water thingie for them. After working in lawn and garden many moons ago…can’t remember the name🤷🏽‍♂️


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