I asked myself, “Why, on a planet populated by an intelligent species, am I watching a camera pointed at Trump’s plane at West Palm Beach? Why was I forced to watch it roll down the runway? Why am I watching Trump being escorted down the highway from LaGuardia into Manhattan, I mean WTELF?? Donald Trump had to be watching all that on his phone and laughing his ass off. All this campaign material. No, he doesn’t want to be charged, not at all, but given he was, he loves the focus on him.

It was American media at its absolute worst and every single cable news network did the same thing. They treated this man as if he was still president which is exactly what he wants. It was not news! It was a spectacle.

Now we move into Tuesday. Trump will be the first ex-president in the United States, to be charged with a crime. (It has happened in Italy, France, and several other first-world nations that managed to survive). Today is the day when Donald Trump is to be treated like any other citizen at least with respect to the booking and procedures. News will be made when we hear the charges. And news will be made when Trump speaks tonight. But for the sake of humanity as a collective, there is no need to watch “Trump Force One” take off from LaGuardia!

This is especially true when we should be hearing from a lot of former New York prosecutors talking about the proof needed for each crime. We should hear what to expect from Trump tonight and whether anything he says is, in effect, an admission. In Trump’s last interview with Hannity, Hannity desperately tried to get Trump to say that, no – he would never want to read or sift through documents. Trump responded by saying he had every right to do so and did not deny that he did look through them. He essentially admitted to the crime and don’t take my word for it. Chuck Rosenberg, a former U.S. attorney said it was an admission on Morning Joe. Tonight, Trump might be angry enough to go entirely off script and in his anger make a key admission.

But the plane? The journey? Even the arraignment itself? NOTHING happens at arraignments other than the judge reviewing the charges, asking if Trump understands what is happening and the charges, the judge telling Trump he has the right to an attorney, and then asking Trump to enter a plea, “Not guilty.” (Even if a person stood their silently, the judge herself will enter a plea of not guilty for the defendant at this phase).

But for the love of all dogs, please keep the news to the news. When I hear from a former NY State prosecutor, I want the entire screen focused on him or her, not a split screen showing a motorcade. Jeezus that was humiliating.
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  1. This crap of “journalists” giving themselves a day off by showing hours on end of NOTHING isn’t new. I keep saying almost all of them are at heart overpaid, spoiled, LAZY assholes and relish any chance to avoid have to do any actual work. So I for one am not the least bit surprised that had I spent much time watching the “news” on TV yesterday I’d have seen and heard NOTHING worthwhile. Sadly, we’ll be getting more of the same today. You don’t think for one second that later this morning everyone will go into “Trump Watch” with cameras outside Trump Tower and some “reporter” breathlessly speculating on air about when we MIGHT see the caravan of vehicles bearing Trump to the courthouse will emerge? And that they will show every fucking inch of the trip? Oh, they will cut in here and there with shots of a “reporter” standing there with empty courthouse steps in the backgroun speculating on when Trump will arrive. And on both ends speculation about the “mood” behind the facade of the buildings.

    And journalists wonder why their “profession” is so often held in such low regard! Right down there with as retired humorist Dave Barry would say “Scientists from the Tobacco Institute” which I guess is at least better than Nazi medical researcher. No matter. “Journalists” as a profession will strive mightily to dig ever deeper to put the fucking bar ever lower with the goal of buring it so deep they can step over it with even having to think about it ever having been there.

  2. A good friend of mine ran for congress a few years back. He had nothing good to say about the media. He would have been a great representative but I pointed out to him he’s too smart and educated for this dumb electorate.

  3. This is why I haven’t watched mainstream TV in decades, and only local news at 11:15p for local weather! Also, who pays for “Trump Farce One”? I pretty well surmise that Trump doesn’t—-after all, his previous plane was not cared for and had to be junked.

  4. Another reason I “cut the cord”.
    Even when I had cable, I didn’t watch ANY cable “news” channels.
    The OJ show trial soured me on them.
    All corporate BS and info-tainment.


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