Fascist piglet and Donald Trump butt boy Kevin Roberts, President of the uber-right leaning Heritage Foundation – the organization that owns the Supreme Court and six of its justices – was skillfully unmasked earlier this morning by MSNBC correspondents Simone Sanders, Michael Steele and Alicia Menendez, who apparently had a diabolical plan in place to expose this Nazi for just who he is… just ask the idiot Trump sycophant pertinent questions and then sit back and let him run his mouth.

Many Americans who follow politics only casually may not be aware that since January of this year it has been the official stance of Heritage and it’s President that Joe Biden did not win the 2020 election, and that the role of the Foundation going forward, in addition to enacting Project 2025, the sweeping initiative by which conservatives hope to destroy the Civil Service and gives us government by MAGA minions, is to “Institute Trumpism”. And while it is good that Roberts’ rancid thought processes received an airing in The NY Times, it is even better politically that his un-American views are seen on morning television.

Below is the frightening interview in which Roberts not only repeats Trump’s big lie, but explains how we must “institutionalize Trumpism” by rebuilding the very structure of the federal government to reflect his views and temperament, and praises SCOTUS for stripping away the rights of women… as well as asserting that abortions are being performed up to 3 days after delivery.

Scary stuff:

I sincerely wish that I had the skills to transcribe the whole interview here for you. In lieu I will show responses to Mr. Wiggins post which I hope will give you a better idea of what was said…

More will know his and Heritage’s positions now than did before and that is a good thing.

Hear hear

Very slowly, reading with their fingers…


My ass.




Same. It’s one thing to be brazen enough to say this crap in print, another to broadcast it…






I agree that it was necessary to had this idiot the rope to hang himself. He should be a regular guest, with competent interviewers, on MSNBC from now until Election Day.

Great job by Simone,Michael and Alicia in exposes this sorry Brownshirt for who he is.

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  1. “Believe them when they tell you what they are”

    They are telling you they are fascists and will impose fascist policies.

    Believe them and vote against them.

    While you can still vote.

  2. Kept waiting for him to say, “like you people.”

    Lord, don’t ever let me be alone with that man. Unless I can get away without leaving fingerprints.



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