‘Worse than Thought Possible’: McCarthy’s Face Will Go Purple When He Sees Americans’ Disgust with House GOP ALREADY


One didn’t need to be a political analyst to see something like this coming. The GOP set this up themselves; it’s just… well, they might have misjudged the size of their base, and they definitely misjudged the fury of Americans generally over the “priorities” of the new GOP.

Again, the GOP always has to play to its lowest common denominator, which is currently embodied by Marjorie Taylor-Greene. Marjorie represents the lowest 33% of MAGAs, and that is one small sliver of the American voting public generally. Marj came to Washington, newly empowered and prepared to “enforce” the orders from the boss in Mar-a-Lago.

Trump isn’t interested in the border (other than a political tool and beating on the “browns”). He isn’t interested in Americans having more money to spend, nor is he interested in foreign policy or any other policy except to the extent he can blast out rage at Biden and end posts with “America’s Gone to Hell!

What Trump really wants is some red meat. He wants Biden’s homes “raided.” He wants Hunter impeached (He probably thinks it’s possible), and he wants the “real winner” of the 2020 election to be “reinstated.” And thus, that is what the House GOP is about to do, investigate, retaliate, and disintegrate popular Democratic legislation.

But that’s not what Americans want. You only get one shot at making a first impression. A smarter McCarthy would have known that he has plenty of time to “investigate” later to get his raw meat. But he only had one opportunity to show Americans why a Republican majority is a good thing. He should’ve passed five to ten “real bills” that would at least sound helpful. He’s failed, and the numbers more than show it. McCarthy will become physically ill upon seeing this from CNN:

Fewer than one-third of Americans believe that House GOP leaders are prioritizing the country’s most important issues, according to a new CNN Poll conducted by SSRS.

Just 27% of US adults say they think Republican leaders in the House have had the right priorities so far, while 73% say they haven’t paid enough attention to the country’s most important problems.

The GOP’s ratings are weighed down by relatively high dissatisfaction within their own party: 42% of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents disapprove of their party’s congressional leaders, compared with the 22% of Democrats and Democratic leaners who disapprove of their party’s congressional leadership.

Those are “blue wave” numbers.

And so, not having even articulated a real plan to make Americans’ lives better, McCarthy blew that “first impression” thing, and he’s not getting it back as Jim Jordan screams at some poor soul from the FBI who has just done her job and is now made to look like an American monster…

All while Hakeem Jeffries is putting up legislation (Perhaps getting some of it passed)to meet the needs 0f the American people.

In other words, the GOP is already moving hard and fast to take that gavel away from Kevin, the one he wanted so badly.


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  1. Showing their true colors—a disorganized bunch of sniveling, whining, crying children.
    A GOP insurrection inside their party within the halls of Congress.
    Like Nero fiddling while Rome burned.

  2. And yet, despite all polls to the contrary, the American people voted to return all the miscreants to the House and add a few more, thereby shooting their own selves in the feet and for what? When will we ever learn?


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