The pop star within the rest of us occasionally comes out in the shower and that’s alright. It’s harmless there. But Lara Trump, being Lara Trump, heard herself in the shower and could not wait to share the experience with the world. Now the world, for its part, made it clear to Lara last time that it considered her vocalizing as somewhere between fingernails on a chalkboard and a cat’s scream when the door slams on its tail. But that did not deter the um *chanteuse.”

Wasn’t that an amazing experience? I mean, I think we all can safely say that we’ve never heard anything quite like that, amirite?

If anybody asks you what they play in elevators in Hell, this has got to be it. Now here’s Lara doing a wine ad while her kid screams a few feet away.

That’s her idea of “relaxation.” To the rest of us it looks like stoned oblivion. Plus, how does one “relax” with a screaming child a few feet away?

Here’s another example of the brain trust in the RNC. This is who’s in charge of ballot harvesting.

Coming for the school boards is the brain child of Franklin Graham. It’s part of a 7-point, seven mountain religious dominionist agenda.

And Lara has a question for you if you want to work at the RNC?

You must believe the party line. Eastasia is at war with Oceania. Eastasia has always been at war with Oceania. Forget about those 60 plus court cases Trump lost because they don’t matter. The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.

You will follow the plan if you want to work at the RNC. At least while Lara’s running it into the ground running the place.

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  1. Let’s just the circle jerk that results in all that “coming” takes place on some remote Pacific Island, preferably one that’s almost already submerged due to global warming induced sea level rise.

  2. I wish someone would tell the republican party that all those dystopian 20th century novels are meant as warnings on the possible nature of humanity, not instruction manuals.

  3. is it just me or this is America, I 🤔 it’s just me
    BECAUSE IM SANE, we must all do our part to g

    GET OUT the VOTE, it’s killing our Democracy that only 65 per cent vote in a good year. good people stand your ground . get right or ……

  4. Ooohhhh, my oh my!

    A no-chair turn performance on The Voice – a performance more appropriate for The Gong Show

  5. It looks like the DNC couldn’t resist. I don’t know about Lara but Trump will blow a gasket if he learns about this. There’s no video (yet at least) but there’s a sound track of an ear washy type tune and if you scroll down just a bit you can read the lyrics as you listen. Lara will probably go on Fox and whine about being mocked. What would be really funny is Fox producers actually listening to Lara’s screeching and listen to this. What will they do if she demands they play HER new song, or part of it? Anyway, hopefully this link works and you can have a good laugh at Lara Trump and the RNC’s expense. I give you Floyd’s Party’s Fallin Down:

  6. I like it when people help me learn new words. Thanks, Lara Trump, for teaching me that you need to see an otolaryngologist! That’s the doctor that can help people remove their vocal cords from their nasal passages! Girl, how do even breathe?! 👃📣

  7. What is so difficult about balancing a pop star career with running the rnc into the ground? A) the pop star “career” doesn’t exist and B) running anything into the ground is fairly easy and the rnc had a very good start under ronna. Seems like there is nothing to it.

  8. Come on lara…pick something relevant like Running With The Devil…since that’s your path. Real recognizes real. Baby you’ve got a long way to go.


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