Sweet Jesus, sometimes life among the stupid can be so satisfying! Machine Gun Marjie must be looking for puppies to kick right now. I saw this coming yesterday. MAGA Marjie held a closed door meeting with House Speaker Mike Johnson, which ended with her leaving the meeting to announce that she had backed off on her motion to vacate the chair, as long as Johnson did what she wanted by her ultimatum date. But when Johnson emerged, he basically laughed off the meeting as a regular bullsh*t session to hear her concerns, and there was no ultimatum.

Nobody trifles with Laborious MTG. So she went ahead and pulled the trigger on the motion to vacate today. Even an imbecile like MTG had to know it was a kamikaze mission. It’s been known for two weeks now that enough moderate GOP representatives would vote to sink her, and that Democratic Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries was not whipping Democratic votes against Johnson. But her ego demanded retribution, succeed of fail, so she laid the motion on the floor, and hasn’t stopped falling downstairs yet.

But here’s the thing. Several signals were sent today, and they all blow an ill wind for mental midgets like Greene, Gosar, Roy, Comer, Gaetz and Jordan. In dealing with Johnson, Jeffries hsa normally requested that Johnson drag along at least half of his caucus in return tor Democratic support, in order to avoid having it look like the Democrats were bailing the GOP and Johnson out. Normally Johnson has been right about the 50% mark. In today’s vote, he had more than 67% of caucus behind him.

Jeffries left his caucus free to vote their consciences, and they broke hard for Johnson. After the vote to table the motion, basicfally killing it, Johnson took a brief victory lap. Jeffries was more fulsome in his victory lap, laying down a marker, The Democrats voted today not as repuvlican vs Democrat, but in favor of bipartisanship to continue to deal with the peoples problems. The time for disruption and chaos is over. English translation, I kept you here, and I can take you out.

Now for those subliminal messages, and they’re fascinating. In today’s vote, there were only 47 NO votes, about half of them being Democrats. I’ve been writing for months now that after a year and a half of minority GOP gridlock and bullsh*t, moderate GOP House members are desperate for something to take home and run on. This was a stark warning to the Freedom caucus that the days of disruption are over. If the moderates can find common ground, they’ll pass legislation, and try to save their jobs. If it has to be bipartisan, so be it.

The Democratic message was equally interesting. With the overwhelming GOP support, Jeffries didn’t really need toput on that massive show of Democratic support to save Johnson, a couple of dozen would have done, with a closer result. That vote result was intentional, and Jeffries even referenced it in his statement, the Democrats are all in on a bipartisan House working together to solve problems, not hold sham show hearings. The Freedom caucus is on notice. Their welcome has worn out.

But here’s something that really intrigues me. The first time that Jeffries bailed Mike Johnson out, it made logical sense. After all, Johnson was holding up the aid bills for Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan. it was a simple quid pro quo, we bail your ass out, you bring those bills to the floor for an up-or-down vote. And that’s exactly how it turned out, which tells you one thing right off of the bat. At least Mike Johnson is a good faith broker, unlike Cave0In McCarthy.

But this time is different. Passing those aid bills were the last pieces of really critical business for the House until September, when annual budget spending bills come up for renewal. Why wouldn’t Jeffries simply unite the Democratic caucus to vote to oust Johnson, and then simply sit back and enjoy the freak show while the MAGAt’s step all over their cranks trying to pick a successor? Let them make a damaging spectacle of themselves with the voters heading into the November election?

I can think of two logical reasons. For one, Jeffries wanted the Democrats to be in on the ultimate beatdown of the Freedom caucus, and lay their flag down. And they sure as hell accomplished that today. And for once, a clearly distracted trump was caught with his pants down, (pun intended) and either didn’t have the chance, or the interest in telling MTG to forget a motion that could only damage the MAGA conference.

Here’s the second reason. The more I see of hakeem Jeffries, the more I like and admire him. He’s going to make a very able Speaker to replace Madame Nancy next January. And he has an agenda. Clearly Jeffries sees some largely bipartisan bills in the hopper that a bipartisan House could pass that would likely pass the Senate, and be signed by President Biden. And when it comes to political branding, being able to tell your constituents that the Democrats got bipartisan legislation over the top is a helluva lot better than the GOP having to run on Democratic support rather than getting the job done with their majority.

Here’s my best guess. I find it inconceivable that Machine Gun Marjie will raise the motion again, just to force the GOP caucus to put their names on their votes, for later exploitation. Which means that once again Johnson is going to need Democratic support to stay there. Which means an I wash your back, you wash mine moment. And I think I know the loofah that Jeffries is going to want Johnson to use on his back.

being the Senate passed comprehensive immigration reform bill across the finish line would be a political boon for Biden, and a political nightmare for Trump, depriving him of his favorite racist campaign trope.

Just how much does Mike Johnson want to be the Speaker of the House, and whatr does he want his legislative legacy to be? If MTG pulls another d*ck move a month from now, and once again the Democrats overwhelmingly support Johnson, all bets are off.

Sometime between Memorial day and the July 4th holiday, look for Johnson to put the Senate bill on the floor for debate and an up-or-down vote. El Pendejo Presidente will be f*cking furious!, but who cares? The Democrats will have proven twice that they have the muscle to keep Johnson in place, and what moderate GOP House member wouldn’t love bringing comprehensive immigration reform home to his or her district to run on in November? It’s a win-win situation all around, except for His Lowness and his MAGA mob.

We’ll know soon enough. But so far Jeffries has been playing 3 dimensional chess in the minority, while the MAGAt’s are playing Parcheesi. The House Freedom caucus has played out its hand. What did Tommy LOee Jones say in Under Siege? The difference between a political movement and a revolution is that a movement moves forward a certain distance, then stops. A revolution has a way of keep coming back around, in your face. It looks like the MAGA Movement has stalled out.

I thank you for the privilege of your time.

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