President Biden flat-out said it this morning in a spirited phone interview on MSNBC’s Morning Joe. Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman who spent the day doing campaign events with the President there said during an interview during Jenn Psaki’s show on the same network last hour. They said if there’s anyone out there that thinks THEY should replace President Biden to put up or shut up. NOW. You know what? No one has the guts.

There are people who are allowing their names to be floated (Michigan Gov. Whitmer has said leave her out of all this – she’s for the President) but no one is stepping up to say THEY should be the one to take over and get the nomination. They  Don’t  Have  The  Guts!  Anyone who sits behind the scenes trying to put together a “draft so-and-so” is a f**king coward. Not worthy of the most powerful job in the world. It takes an incredible amount of ego to believe one is actually capable of doing the job of President and while many run simply hoping to boost their profile knowing they have no chance, for the handful with the qualifications and can mount a serious run incredible self-confidence is after good character THE essential ingredient. Both to winning and actually being effective.

Time is short. Early voting in some states starts in late Sept. and that means ballots are going to be being printed next month!  If someone is so all fired sure THEY should replace the President as the Democratic nominee, well the convention is in a month. They need to be making their case NOW. Stepping up and saying “I’M THE ONE.” If they don’t have the guts to do that then they don’t have what it takes to beat Trump. Here’s what I see – no one is willing to risk their career as they are worried they might lose in November and be blamed for all that follows. It’s a lot to risk. Yet almost 250 years ago a group of men with MUCH to lose including their very lives sat in Philadelphia and voted for a Declaration saying we would no longer be subjects of King George. When they pledged Our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor those were just words on a page.  It was quite literal.

Anyone and I mean anyone who thinks they should be our nominee instead of President Biden who isn’t willing to right freaking now declare so publicly isn’t worthy. Working donors, pundits and Democratic Party power brokers behind the scenes to get themselves “drafted” is I say again pure COWARDICE. Recognize it as such and contact elected Democrats, local and state Party leaders and tell them so.

This is deeply personal to me looking back at my life.  I took a lot of crap growing up because I was lower middle class, shy and awkward (two significant growth spurts made me clumsy as hell) but weathered the storm.  I turned out to be a pretty good athlete. At the end of my junior year basketball season I was a sub on a great team. Near the end of a tight game against a good opponent on their home court our best player drew his fourth foul with a few minutes left. Coach called me down to sit next to him and said “If Jerry fouls out be ready to go in for him.” I was both excited (to be trusted that way) and nervous.

During my senior year even though I wasn’t the best player on my team that kind of thing was gone. In a tight game I wanted the ball in my hands. I trusted myself more than anyone else to take a shot, or find an open man for an easy layup, and especially to go to the free throw line if fouled. I wanted the ball. Same in college. Later on in jobs and in the Marines I welcomed leadership and responsibility. Most people talk about wanting to be in charge, or what the best player or the boss should do, but they shy away from the moment. They don’t have the confidence to speak up and say “Let ME. I can do it.” Some reading this won’t like it but in their hearts know they aren’t one of those who ask for, even welcome “having the ball.”

If there is a Democratic alternative to President Biden, someone who thinks he should hand THEM the ball why don’t they have the guts to stand up and ask for it? Demand it even?  I’m tired of this circular firing squad my Party is having. Since no one is willing to stand up and publicly challenge the President for the nomination this discussion needs to END.

We have a leader. A great one. One who is willing to stick his neck out and the title picture was chosen for a reason. No President before this one was willing to walk a picket line with union workers. No President has done as much to create jobs in general, or for the environment and so on. President Biden’s got guts. He’s shown that his entire life and he’ll keep showing that. So to fellow Democrats get the hell off the tracks, and move to the back of the train and start pushing!

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  1. As Robert Caro in his epic biography of LBJ (still waiting for the fifth book!) wrote time and time again:”Power reveals”. I already knew that Trump was a scumbag like 4/5ths of NYC but the Electoral Grade School didn’t and the country and the world suffered. I wasn’t a fan of Biden when he was elected, he was considered a conservative Democrat, but been impressed what what he has done with what he can do. This shouldn’t be a choice, this shouldn’t be a horse race, and Trump shouldn’t be allowed out of a straight jacked, but the MSM needs to be fed.

    If only we could clear out the MAGA’s like the UK cleared out the Tories.

    • Biden had much to make up for from his long political career-the Anita Hill/thomas fiasco being up near the top along with his work in getting things like mandatory minimums and the like into play. This stuff is less being a conservative democrat and more being in search of/addicted to political power. I don’t say that is a bad thing necessarily-Biden has done good things as president. It can be a bad thing-what the con xtians have brewing is certainly deadly to our nation as they fully intend to rid this country of voting, self-determination, etc.

  2. Can the dem pols pull their heads out of their asses in time to win elections? Reckon we’ll know the answer to that come November which may be too late.


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