This is a perfect example of why the GOP, RNC, and even Trump’s own election team are scared sh*tless of Project 2025. As I wrote earlier, slobbering sycophants like Marco Rubio and J.D. Vance hit the Sunday morning gabfests, desperately trying to convince voters that Project 2025 is nothing more than a philosophical exercise from a far right think tank, and not Trump’s governing playbook for a second term.

But here’s the problem. They’re making moo-moo noises on the mainstream Sunday talk shows, desperately trying to convince moderate and mainstream voters to Move along, move along. Nothing to see here. C’mon, beat your feet. But you know who they’re not reaching?

Trump’s maniacal cult base. They only get their information from FUX News, NewsMax, OAN and for a few more days hopefully, Infowars. And whom did they have on in an almost solid phalanx on Sunday?

The power hungry far right puddle heads that actually created this fascist wet dream. And wouldn’t ya know it? They all are former Trump confidants, advisors, and even administration officials. And this kind of toxic sludge is the kind of pen that his porcine base likes to wallow around in.

This is what happens when the snake bites its tail. I wrote recently that one of the problems with a cult, especially a political cult party is that Glorious Bleater, like most cult leaders, is quite likely to be vain, self centered, egotistical, cruel, and most importantly, bone stupid. And as a result, the last one in his ear is the one who influences his thinking. Which leads to the kind of fetid swamp that Wormtongue figures like Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller thrive in.

You’re hearing it here first. Sniveling dogs like Rubio and Vance had better call in the reinforcements for Sunday appearances. Because what you have going on here is cult turf warfare. And it’s only going to get worse here on out.

Because The moderate, sane political advisors and operatives in the GOP know that they can’t win without moderates and independents. That’s why they want Trump to just step back, shut up, and let the Democrats conduct their circular firing squad. Try to pick up the stray moderate and Independent votes you can, but let the Democrats burn their own house down. And that’s what they’re advising Trump right now.

But not the far right mental midgets that produced this dreck. In the past they all had access to Emperor Numbus Nuttus I and his ear, and they want to have it again. And they’re all politically savvy enough to know that in a cult, the shortest way to Glorious Bleater’s ear is through his base. And that’s exactly where they’re throwing this red meat with a steam shovel.

And worse yet, they’re throwing down the gauntlet to the sane GOP Trump handlers in their own backyard. While the GOP had sycophants like Rubio and Vance on the Sunday shows, trying to damp down the embers, the Project 2025 brain trust, if you can call a bunch of inbred weasels a brain trust, were bearding the lion in his own den. They had their own conspirators, decently dressed, on the Sunday shows to rub the GOP’s nose in it. The head of the Heritage Foundation, whose name I’m too lazy to look up, showed up on MSNBC of all places, proudly announcing a GOP 2nd American Revolution, which he gravely swore would remain bloodless just as long as the left let it remain bloodless. 

This is turf warfare, and it’s going to get bloody. Sane GOP operatives trying to win an election want to bury Project 2025 in the La Brea tar pits. But the far right Whack-A-Moles at the Heritgae Foundation know that their quickest way back to Trump’s ear is to ram this blivet down the GOP’s throat, whether they want it or not, and they’re going to die trying.

Which is why, no matter what your position, that we put this whole To-Biden-Or-Not-To-Biden debacle to rest, settle on Biden with an overwhelming show of public, political, and grassroots support, and take advantage of this once in a cycle gift. We gave it to the GOP, And not only weren’t they able to do something as simple as get out of the way and capitalize on it, they immediately turned around and created a far more dangerous circular firing squad of their own. Let’s just this sh*t show down, and take care of business, while there’s still time.

I’ll close this with a speech from the character Jamie “Cat” Shannon in Frederic Forsythe’s excellent Dogs of War novel, to the insurgents the night before the assault. Look, we’re mercenaries, and we’re here to fight. But there’s only six of us, and our basic purpose was training, logistics, and support. But it’s your fight, and you have to want it that bad! Trump?! *tosses an apple in the air* KICK HIS ASS! And who am I to argue with a badass like Cat Shannon. We have our marching orders.


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  1. I’m so old that I can remember when the Heritage Foundation was a sober, responsible right-wing think tank. I think it was sometime in the early Cretaceous Period….

  2. For the first time, in following the far right wing on social media, I’ve begun to see signs of some panic by a few of the 29% GOP-Nazi MAGAt base. Apparently, there is concern after listening to the Heritage Foundation’s own propaganda puppets & reading the fine print about the proposed elimination of veteran benefits. As they say… may the truth set you free. If Project 2025 gets even 1% of the hard core MAGAts to question their allegiance and stay home instead of voting for The Serial Rapist, that could be the tipping point to Biden & Harris winning all the “swing states” handily and running away with the electoral vote count. Certainly between Roe v. Wade & Project 2025, there’s never been more motivation to get out the vote for the rest of the 71% of registered voters.


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