Sometimes the “why” of a story is the entire story itself. This is one of those times. Fox News is running a piece on how the Manhattan D.A. is coordinating with the Secret Service on all the details of transporting and booking Donald Trump in the event of an indictment.

The news today is full of stories of Trump’s possible impending doom — or embarrassment, in any event, assuming that the man can be embarrassed.

NBC Boston is reporting that security measures are being considered in and around the Manhattan Criminal Court at 100 Centre Street in case Trump is actually indicted in the Stormy Daniels’ hush money case. “Friday’s developments come two days after Daniels’ attorneys said she met with prosecutors regarding the case and said she would testify. Cohen spent hours testifying before the grand jury over two days earlier this week. He emerged Wednesday from his second day of testimony saying he would continue to cooperate with prosecutors and provide them any information ‘that they need,'” NBC Boston’s report stated. So it would appear there is an indictment coming and here is Fox News’ take on it.

Why is Fox News reporting on this? This is dead opposite of what they usually do with respect to Trump or any prominent GOPer for that matter. They seek to cover the Republicans’ tracks. So why this turnaround?

Some possibilities:

  1. The Trump cult will want to know what’s happening to Trump. Might as well give it to them on Fox News and get the ratings, right?
  2. Fox News has decided to get back in the Trump tent, in light of recent polls which have Trump trouncing DeSantis?
  3. Fox wants to get the emphasis off of their own legal problems and onto anything else?
  4. Fox knows this is going to be such a huge story that they can’t whitewash it, so they’re getting in front of it?

Fox News isn’t the only one with the story, no, not by a long shot. In the past five hours everybody has chimed in.

I believe the conversations are taking place. That fact is being broadcast all over. But what is Fox’s angle? That’s what intrigues me. Whatever happens, I want to see how Fox News is handling it — and maybe that’s the idea. Maybe Rupert Murdoch has decided that this is going to be a major news story and by golly he’s going to be all over it.

You have to admit, if Fox News is on top of all the developments in this particular story, that is a story in and of itself. Maybe this is Murdoch’s way of getting into the limelight again.

Let’s see what Mother Tucker has on his show about this. Or Hannity. That will be very telling.

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  1. So looking forward to Trump getting indicted, the perp walk, finger printed and booked. I honestly feel bad for Baron, to watch his father get indicted and all the hype about him. I’ll bet Melania will crack open a bottle of Champagne and enjoy every minute of it! 🙂

    • Melanie: “Bring me moose and squirrel.” Don’t forget Ivanka and Jared. They probably have the champagne ready to go too. But Don Jr. and childhood pal Eric (they sure don’t seem like brothers!) have the sads and have been very quiet over this breaking news. Perhaps Daddy ordered them to zip it because it’s all about tRump himself. Nobody craves the limelight more than “your favorite president” (NOT!!!). In any case, tRump plans on making this a great made-for-television moment, however he gets into that courthouse! “It will be wild!”

  2. At this point, I’m sure Faux is willing to talk about ANYTHING else…..other than Dominion and Smartmatic billion dollar lawsuit.

  3. There’s a fifty possibility to add to your list of “why?” In a comment to another article I mentioned Trump is reported to believe being indicted will be a fundraising boon for him. Sadly he’s probably correct and his “legal fund” will rake in a shitload of money. Fox knows this as well as anyone. They also know Trump might still wind up being the nominee and that he’s pissed at them because they’ve been giving him the cold-shoulder. So by adding the part about “handcuffs” in particular this kind of hype might be coordinated with team Trump – sort of throwing him a bone to hedge their bets some.

    Speaking of the handcuffs, it’s not just Trump. Super rich and/or powerful people not accused of violent crimes who voluntarily surrender are almost never handcuffed. However, for Trump and his fundraising playing that up could be worth a lot of money. And when he’s not handcuffed he can brag about how the authorities didn’t have the guts! Personally I’d love to see them slap on a set of “steel bracelets.” Broke as I am I’d happily donate a shiny new set of handcuffs – engraved with the number “45” on them as long as someone shot video of them being handed to Trump and showing that to him!

  4. Two ideas: Fox wants to be seen as a reputable news station and are doing its job; Fox is letting MAGAs know so they have time to go berserk….


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