President Biden had to endure catcalls, including repeated shouts of “liar”, from the Republicans attending the State of The Union Speech tonight when he reminded voters that their sole purpose in the coming battle to raise the debt limit is to gut and cut our bought and paid for Social Security and Medicare.

MArjorie Taylor Green led the shouting repeatedly calling the President a liar in her unmistakable loud and grating hee-haw.

Speaker Kevin McCarthy looked at times somewhat distressed at the antics of his charges… several times signally subtly that he did not approve of the vehemence of their protests.

But that did not deter the big-mouth trailer queen from Georgia as she continued her catcalls while wearing what looks like a clubbed baby seal fur coat:

Business Insider on MSN

“Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green called Biden a “liar” after he accused the GOP of wanting to cut Medicare and Social Security.

GOP lawmakers had previously been floating cuts to those programs during debt limit negotiations.

Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene joined fellow Republicans in shouting down President Joe Biden during the State of the Union, a raucous moment that underlines the tension on key economic issues.

“You lie, you lie,” Greene shouted from the back of the House chamber. She was far from the only House Republican who was outraged at Biden’s suggestion that the GOP would end Medicare or Social Security, massively popular federal programs.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy was even caught on camera mouthing what appeared to be, “No” as he shook his head.

Biden was talking about Republican Sen. Rick Scott’s pre-midterm plan that called for all federal laws to be sunset within five years unless Congress voted for them. Scott, who at the time was in charge of the Senate GOP’s campaign arm, was denounced by senior members of his party, including Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.“

Acyn has the video:


She’s upgraded her fur tho.


They all do.Some hide it better than others.


The President should visit the home districts of some of these Republicans and let their voters know what their reps plans are for their retirement.

We’ll really see some howling then.

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  1. For someone who pled poverty recently that coat with its huge amount of fur trim seemed weird. Maybe fake fur? Probably. You can take the person out of the trashy trailer park but you can take the trashy trailer park out of the person. Uncomfortable moments have been part of SOTU speeches since I can remember. But Joe Wilson’s “You Lie” shout at President Obama opened the door to much worse. With the gang of asshats polluting the GOP (not all of them in the House, but most of them) the wholly disrespectful display we saw from Republicans tonight was expected. At least by me. It was disgraceful, yet President Biden handled it like a pro. Fox and conservative outlets will portray it differently but tomorrow and in the days ahead the GOP is going to come off looking pretty bad. At least that’s my prediction. As the year unfolds and more of the stuff passed in the past couple of years kicks in I expect the President to be hitting the GOP over the head with it again and again.

    As for McCarthy, he’s probably wishing he could get into witness protection. Go away somewhere and have a room filled with pictures of him holding his precious gavel. Because it’s only going to get worse for him from here on. President Biden proved willing and able to throw punches. And more importantly LAND them. McCarthy as we knew is in way over his head, and it doesn’t take a political professional know he’s not only NOT in control of his caucus, but the whole country now knows it.

    • I am afraid I take exception to the term “trashy trailer park” I live in a mobile home community and it’s a really nice place and I have excellent neighbors.

      As for MTG she is classless and clueless on so many levels. She actually gives real blondes (yes I am a real blonde) a very bad name. She’s nothing but a bully and should be the last person to be on the committee for homeland security. This country is so screwed with people like her in office.

      • Well, back in college I lived in one too for a while. It wasn’t a huge place but nice and with nice people. In the nearby town, where I went to college there were quite a few mobile home communities. Some were ok, some not so much. But there were mobile home communities of varying sizes in both places and other towns back there in southern Illinois and some were good places to live and some were, in a word trashy. The units themselves, the vehicles and the people were every bit the type that led to the term trailer trash being part of the lexicon. Yes, sometimes terms are unfair. “Jock” for example has often been used in a perjorative way my entire life. I wasn’t a “dumb jock” and neither were my friends who played sports. But yes, there were jocks who were pretty stupid in general so the term doesn’t come out of nowhere. Generalizations can be unfair sometimes. But sometimes slang terms for stereotypes are based in reality. Solidly sometimes.

  2. I had to laugh at her sitting in a closed room with hundreds of other people wearing her “I’m Lara from Dr. Zhivago” coat. I hope she sweat so much she ruined it. Dino is right – she’s tone deaf to wear that after crying poor. I have no doubt the fur was real because like Jr., she’s all about her guns and killing an animal to wear its fur is a badge of honor.



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