When ‘The Big Lie’ Crashes, And It Will, It’s Over For The GOP


The GOP literally has no idea of what they’re messing with. Once the 2020 election was certified on January 6th, especially following the incredible debacle that marred it, the joke should have been over. It was long past time to send Trumpelthinskin to his room with a Xanax, and gently let the sheeple know that it was all over. They could have climbed down off of that cliff with little loss of face. But they were just too damn chickenshit to take the hit, and now they’re going to pay the price.

There has been no shortage of big lies told over the ages, and they all ended badly. They ended badly because no matter how hard you try, once the lie begins to unravel, truth has a way of leaking around the edges. Which means more desperate lies to cover it, and eventually something, often something different for each person creeps through, and when it can no longer be denied, the devastation is total.

Each and every one of you has almost certainly already been a victim of The Big Lie, and at the most fundamentally insecure time of your life. When the truth finally blasted through, it changed the way you felt, and the way you looked at life forever.

Think all the way back to your deepest childhood. Santa Claus was your idol, the center of your universe. Along with The Easter Bunny, he was a symbol of all that was good and simple in life. Behave yourself, and you get free shit! be a brat, and no goodies for you. And best of all, the whole, entire unlikely scam was totally approved and underwritten by the guiding suns of your life, your parents!

But sadly, it never lasts. Some more cynical kids probably tipped to the scam at around 4 years of age, most kids, like my brother and I, caught on at 5 or 6, and most Republican children had to be sat down on the sofa at age 22 and told the truth by their parents. 60 years later, I can still remember my revelation as clear as day. I was in the tub, and the revelation clenched my stomach. I wailed and started to cry. My mother ran in the bathroom, asking me what was wrong. And then she admitted the con, and asked me not to spoil it for my brother. I never did.

Come on, fess up, you all know you went through it. When you did, there wasn’t one feeling, but two feelings that raged through you. The first was a desperate sense of irreplaceable loss. A fundamental underpinning of your entire life, a guiding star, had just been ripped from you. It was worse than the loss of a pet. But the second emotion was one of abject betrayal. The people you most trusted, even with your life, your parents, were forced to admit that they lied to you! Come on, admit it. From that very day, you unconsciously started to develop this tiny, fledgling bullshit sensor that you peeked at every time they said something that you didn’t already know was true. Because they lied to you.

This is where the GOP is going, and it’s far too late to stop it. They have told their children that Santa is still right there, and it was The Grinch that stole all of their presents. When this falls apart, and it will, the breach will be total. They were true believers, and now the scales are off of their eyes. But there’s one difference. The GOP wasn’t their parents that lied to them, but a bunch of filthy politicians. And once a politician breaks faith with his voters, he’s toast. Don’t touch that dial.

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  1. While I get that you were going for a cutesy example, Murf (for the record, my folks let me figure Santa Claus out on my own and it was barely a thing), the Big Lies I dealt with were WAY uglier. Having an abusive junkie narcissist of a bio-father can do that. What I learned about real and false family and the lengths a community will go to stay “respectable” haunt me still. Little did I know that it was basic f***ing training for the Trump years. That is why the last four years was never the shock to me that it was to many of our regulars. Once I got past the first couple of weeks after Election Night, I knew what had to be done.

    I also knew that it was going to end in tears for everybody, including Former Guy. What became of my old man and his schemes and what he has been reduced to told me that one too.

  2. Trump told the ONLY truth of his life when he said he can only run for office as a Republican because they are the only ones stupid enough to believe anything. They have proved him right by being led on a leash like a dog.

  3. I remember, in one of his rare truthful statements, he said, ” I stand by nothing.”…prophetic, diagnostic, & a very dark place for the ‘leader’ of the free world at the time. However, as he has proven over & over, he told the truth, no matter how unintentional.

    • Your article is full of BS , you people will stop at nothing to get what you want and that is a socialist/communist country. Your telling nothing but Lies Lies and more Lies. Shane on you ! But know this God Will Prevail.

      • My active duty days were back during the Cold War. The USSR (Russia – including a certain KGB Officer at the time named Vladmir Putin) was our enemy then. Russia (and Putin) is still our enemy. I really wonder WTF happened with conservatives that they are more willing to suck up to Putin who has been working furiously to recreate the influence of the old USSR and destroy the western alliance that kept it in check until it fell. As for God, if you are of the Christian faith I suggest you take a look at your bible – in particular the NEW Testament and the actual teachings of Jesus. Compare what he taught to the policies of conservatives vs. the policies of progressives (or perhaps you prefer lib-ruls!) and then think hard about how to justify your adherence to the GOP when it’s time to meet your maker. I wish you a long life before then but all of us will eventually die. And since I assume your belief in God also means you believe he can look into your heart. Think about it, and consider what the worship of Trump and prosperity gospel has wrought and how contrary that all has been to the teachings of Jesus.

        • What happened to them, Denis? They got old, they never got to live through World War III and they watched younger generations begin the inevitable process of taking their place. If you are craven enough to do deals with anybody, however reprehensible, to get what you want, Putin is hardly a stretch.

    • Really? You think the years of the Trump Presidency were normal? That’s the word you’d use to describe how he conducted himself and what he put the country through?


      I can’t help but think of Inigo Montoya in The Princess Bride when he says “I do not think that word means what you think it means.”
      (P.S. – knock off the all caps please. You are entitled to your opinion but while use of a word or phrase in caps for emphasis is one think, an all caps comment/posting is just shouting. Not cool. It’s something that gets people banned in lots of places so might I suggest you ease up some?)


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