When It Comes To Obstruction And Q-Anon, The GOP Is Running Out Of Time.


Who the fuck are you?!?  I’m the guy doing his job. YOU must be the other guy   Donnie Wahlberg   The Departed

I like the way this is shaping up. And the way it’s shaping up for the GOP is like a 40 car pile up just looking for an intersection. Because they have no ideas, no programs, and no agenda, the GOP is starting year 13 of non stop obstruction. And those Emperors clothes may be about to be pulled off long before they’re ready to be exposed.

For starters, late last week, the Democratic led House passed the Biden Covid Aid and American Recovery Act, along purely partisan lines. It is firmly on track to clear the Senate and go on to President Biden to sign before the current expanded unemployment benefits expire in mid March. And once again, it will pass on purely partisan lines.

See, here’s the rub for the GOP. Normally, when a political party votes in complete lock step, they are doing it so that they can show their base that they are trying to protect them from some grievous overreach by the other party. And done properly, it can be effective.

The problem is that the Covid relief bill is wildly popular with the public, even Republicans. Who doesn’t want an extra $1400 in their poke, and an extra $400 a week in unemployment benefits to help them pay the rent and feed the kids? Who doesn’t want their local corner deli to get a lifeline grant to get through the rest of the crisis? The fun part will be watching all of these GOP incumbents go home and try to explain to their constituents why this bill was so bad for them.

And it just gets worse. Because you know what else is almost insanely popular with the American public, including oodles of Republicans? A $15 van hour minimum wage. And thanks to the decision of Elizabeth McDonough, the Senate Parliamentarian, you can bet your ass that the Democrats in the House will create and pass a stand alone bill for a $15 minimum wage, and for GOP Senators to vote against it. Along with Democratic turncoats Joe Manchin, where West Virginia gives the bill a 63% popularity, and Arizona’s Kyrsten Sinema, from a state with a $15 minimum wage.

Here is why this is all about to come to a head, and why the GOP is going to find themselves trying to explain their intransigence. Because in the next couple of months now, President Joe Biden is about to become mondo popular in this country.

Even before his inauguration, back in the transition, Biden made a bold announcement. He said that the first goal of his administration was to put 100 million shots into 100 million American arms in the first 100 days of his administration. This was a risky proposition for Biden, considering the fact that the Trump administration was leaving him with a paltry supply of vaccine, and literally no logistical or supply chain plan to get the stuff where it needed to go.

It’s this simple. Biden truly believes with all of his heart in America, and in the team he put together. And they’re doing him proud. Barring a catastrophic natural disaster, or a global conflict, Biden is going to leave his boast choking in the dust. Simple math suggests that we will actually put somewhere closer to 125-135 million shots in arms by the 100 day mark. And Biden and his team are just getting started, especially with a 3rd, one shot vaccine.

Here’s why this matters so much. After more than a year of lockdowns, closed restaurants and bars, economic upheaval, and social isolation, Americans are flat out sick of this shit. They want to feel normal again. And with the aggressive vaccination program Biden has in place, and qualified people running it, it won’t take long.

NHL teams are already allowing reduced crowds into their arenas to watch games. Look for major league baseball to do the same, starting on opening day. If all goes well, by the fall we’ll have high school football back, followed by college football, the NFL, and college basketball. We’ll be able to hug friends and family again, and eat Thanksgiving dinner. And who will get the uninterrupted victory lap? President Biden and his administration.

People are already starting to see that rainbow at the edge of the storm. And it’s with that rainbow in plain sight that Biden will introduce his $3 trillion infrastructure plan. Which will also be loaded to the gunwales with shit that the vast majority of Americans love. Better roads and bridges, universal broadband internet, improved airports and docks, and high speed rail. Biden is going to be riding on a Covid cases down, vaccination rates up high, and he’ll know how to use it. Once again, he and the Democrats can pass the bill with budget reconciliation, and he’ll flat out dare the GOP to vote against their own constituents.

This is a political party’s worst nightmare. A popular opposition President, proposing legislation that their own constituents love. If they vote with him, they give him a victory, and if they oppose him, then they have to explain the unexplainable to their constituents. Good times ahead.

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  1. Make a deal with the Devil & guess who wins? Not YOU! (Are u rubes paying attention to anything other than the lint in ur navel?)

      • I haven’t seen this many delusional psy cases since I worked in psychiatry. Certainly not running around being interviewed on tv. I agree I have total faith in their ability to completely phuck up an iron wedge, much less run for office.

  2. I can hear it now…”But, but but her EMAILS!” This will be because as you say the Biden administration is going to deliver a lot of what it’s been promising. And the stuff it doesn’t deliver will be because the GOP blocked it to please Trump, or if he’s mired in bankruptcy proceedings and criminal trials (or both) and they finally decide to dump him conservatives will oppose popular (even with their own rank & file) stuff just because that’s what they’ve been conditioned to do.

    Heading into an election year. One in which an incumbent President’s Party tends to lose seats in Congress. For once we can look at the prospect of the GOP being the one’s to shoot themselves in the foot (with a rocket launcher) and snatching defeat from the jaws of victory IF we keep up the pressure and are prepared to fight a whole new level of gerrymandering and voter suppression. We can actually gain seats in both the Senate and the House and build momentum for 2024 as they flail about.

    I think Trump will have big problems, and so will the GOP. Come primary season in 2022 they will still be engaged in infighting, and those trying to separate themselves from Trump and Trumpism will need a different argument to make to voters about Democrats. If Biden and his administration is polling in the 60s which is quite possible the GOP will need a different enemy to focus on.

    Hence my prediction of a return to attacking the Clinton name and “But her emails” bullshit.

    • Which won’t get that much in the way of real traction with folks in the middle, which the GOP needs to win over. Hillary is long gone from the scene, even less relevant than Trump and far less noisy. With COVID, economic collapse and white supremacist terrorists going on, not even the hardcore GQP is going to care that much.

    • I’m ready getting disgusted with the far left already whining that Biden has’t instantly vaporized all GOP opposition and turned the country into their dream paradise, whining about how long everything is taking and how it just isn’t enough and he’s the same war-mongering neoliberal they predicted he was. I don’t really want to hear from these folksier again, especially people like the odious Ro Khanna, one of the loudest voices trying to blame Kamala Harris for the failure of raising the minimum wage.


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