The newest MAGA myth since Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine is that it would not have happened if Donald Trump was still in the White House. There are a variety of reasons given for this ridiculous assertion, grouped around the general idea that Putin either greatly admired Trump or was greatly afraid of Trump. Clearly that’s asinine, uninformed wishful thinking like everything else on the MAGA agenda. Putin and Trump are both reckless, corrupt sociopaths, but that doesn’t mean that Putin saw them as equals. Puh-leeze.

Former GOP congressman Joe Walsh has gifted us with a handbook of what to tell the MAGAs when they start in with this crazy dirge. You may want to print out a copy and carry it in your wallet.

The entire thread is over on Twitter, here is the unroll.

Trump repeatedly praised Putin.

Trump hired a pro Russian criminal to run his campaign.

Trump said it was good Russia invaded Crimea.

Trump made the 2016 GOP platform anti-Ukraine.

Trump repeatedly dismissed Russian hacking.

Trump capitalized on Russian meddling in 2016.

Trump denied Russian interference in 2016.

Trump undermined Russian sanctions.

Trump was open to lifting sanctions.

Trump would never say Putin was a killer. Trump tried to return spy bases to Russia.

Trump gave Russia classified intel.

Trump repeatedly attacked NATO.

Trump had to be forced into signing new Russian sanctions.

Trump pushed for a joint cyber security unit with Russia.

Trump thanked Putin for expelling US diplomats from Russia.

Trump eased sanctions on Putin’s top oligarchs.

Trump congratulated Putin on his sham election.

Trump tried to rescind sanctions on Russia for poisoning a defector.

Trump blocked a US statement condemning Russia’s invasion of Georgia.

Trump repeatedly praised far-right pro Russian leaders in Europe.

Trump refused to condemn Russia’s 2018 attack on Ukraine’s military.

Trump defended Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

Trump pushed to let Russia in the G-7.

Trump gave Syria to Russia.

Trump echoed Russian talking points on ISIS.

Trump spread Russian lies about Ukraine.

Trump froze US aid to Ukraine.

Trump smeared US Ambassador to Ukraine.

Trump tried to visit Putin on Russian soil.

Trump gave Putin a PR victory on Covid.

Trump invited Putin to 2020 G-7 Summit.

Trump ordered CIA to share Intel with Russia.

Trump ignored warnings of Russian bounties on our soldiers.

Trump called Russian bounty story a “hoax.”

Trump never raised Russian bounties with Putin.

Trump ordered US troops out of Germany.

It’s as if Trump worked for Putin.

The good news is that once you get through point three or four, five max, the MAGA in your life will run screaming.

Walsh is getting plenty of push back for his views.

Another day, another new front to fight in the culture war.

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  1. And then there are all those photos of the former guy with Putin, where he’s either looking like a kicked dog or desperately trying to get Vlad’s attention. (“Notice me, sempai!”)

  2. Excellent list of FACTS. When the cheeto king stood in front of the world at Helsinki & pissed on the USA while sucking putin’s dick, I was ready to meet maga supporters with my homage to Mike Tyson. Spout ur traitorous shit & we’ll see what ur next plan is when I punch u in the mouth to honor all the dead war vets. Hey nice comfortable citizens. Look away. I’m with the Ukrainian heros…u support traitors & dictators? Go fuck urself. Don’t come around me with that shit. U’ll need that Bible & gun assholes. This is war. Understand America??? This is a goddamn war & a fight for our children to live in a somewhat free world. Don’t think so? Start learning Russian. Or Chinese. Hell sit tight, ur new phone will be set up 4u. Courtesy of the new Russian leader in America. The GOP.

  3. Then we have asshat former guy (being nice grrrrr) putting out bull shit to keep his base stirred up. It’s all part of Vlad’s plan too. Thanks for the list!!

  4. What’s funniest is the picture that accompanies the article “At the end, it all comes down to heart and will.” Trump always projected an image of “strength and superiority” in ALL photos but that one picture shows how submissive Trump was with Putin. Look at that handshake. Putin’s hand in ON TOP of Trump’s. Now, granted, there’s the fact that Putin’s in the position where his hand would naturally be “on top” from the viewer’s perspective (when shaking with right hands–as is customary–the person on the left side of a pairing will have the hand that appears closest to the camera) but just look at HOW Putin’s hand and arm appear compared to Trump’s. Putin’s hand is coming down to meet Trump’s and Trump’s very arm is RESTING on the table between the men (an allowance can be made that his arm only *appears* that way–but still).
    In other photos, Trump has almost always tried to be on the camera’s left, and when he can’t be, he’s tended to put his left hand OVER the handshake in a demonstration of dominance. But, again, Trump’s hand is coming UP to meet Putin’s hand–another sign of standard submission.
    I don’t think Trump has ever been in a picture with Putin where his hand has been in a dominant position. But, for some reason, Trump’s fans seem to believe he’s some kind of alpha male in all positions but, when it comes to Putin, that’s not the case. If the pair were in prison, Trump would definitely be the “punk” (or, as more commonly, but less politically correctly, known, the “bitch”) in the situation.

  5. I’d like to know what secrets he passed to his BFF. Also the conversations he had in private with no witnesses & no recording, except putin, I’m sure has the info. No telling what that slimy bitch handed over to his master.

  6. It’s been pretty obvious to anyone who can reason that the orange blob has tried to please Putin to death, for whatever reason. That’s not what a potus of the U.S. would do if they are a patriot, the word they love to use to describe themselves. Traitor is the word I’d use to describe him and his cult.

  7. Please read the following:
    18 U.S. Code § 2381 – Treason
    Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States

    Notice that the above does not say that we have to have declared war, or that we have to be at war. Traitor Tot and his criminal cronies have given aid, comfort (and classified intel) to Russia, an enemy nation that has been proven to have interfered in our elections and conducted cyber-warfare against the U.S.A. THEY ARE TRAITORS BY DEFINITION!!!!!

    • No doubt. Be sure to contact the justice department & call out that nice Jewish boy who made his family proud by going to law school & becoming rich & important. I’m still waiting to see if he’s a capo in the camp. Some prisoners felt the Jewish capos were worse than the SS.

  8. Putin didn’t “need” (in his eyes) to invade Ukraine while Trump had his back. Putin and Trump had plenty to do to destroy the US Republic and steal everything in sight. I had thought Putin might give Trump some tips on authoritarianism but looking at Putin now it seems it was the reverse — or maybe they are just two peas in the same black pod.

  9. Ha. Carol thinks I hate women. Clueless. My mom, my lodestar, died in 2020. I have 2 sisters. 2 daughters, now grown. A 5y/o black girl I’m the surrogate father for. 3 ex-wives I am still friendly with. 2 black stepdaughters. A black lady from the deep south that I’ve lived with a dozen years. I guess I’m doing something wrong for a misogynist. I cut no one slack. Some people play the victim card. Thanks Too Old. I feel the same way. Ha.


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