The commentary tonight does nothing to relieve the sickness I feel inside over Jeffrey Goldberg’s bombshell piece in the Atlantic.about Cadet Bone Spurs’ denigration of not just those who have served in our Armed Forces but those who have been wounded and even died.    I’m as angry as I’ve ever been and doubt I’ll sleep much tonight.   Or for a long time to come.   Trump’s team of course has denied everything but I saw a different journalist on Maddow she noted was well regarded in military reporting who confirmed via his own sources that Goldberg’s reporting was accurate.   I wish I’d written down his name at the time, but what struck me was that the guy (who’d served in my Marine Corps himself) said at first he couldn’t believe what he’d read so he started checking his own highly placed sources.

And found out it was true.

As someone who a lifetime ago served in the Corps I was furious back when, on the Marine Corp Birthday no less (and for those who don’t know it’s a HUGE day for Marines, more important than our own birthdays for so many of us) Trump blew off a visit to the Aisne Marne Cemetery adjacent to the area known as Belleau Wood a ferocious battle was fought and won by the Fifth and Sixth Marine Regiments that ultimately was key in thwarted the German drive on Paris and turning the tide of WW I.  It’s an iconic battle in our military history and the stuff of lore within the Marine Corps.   Before the hair shave from heads has begun to grow back those in the process of transforming from civilians to Marines are taught about that battle, starting with the epic line uttered to the retreating French who urged the Marines to do the same and save themselves:  “Retreat hell!  We just got here” was the response of Captain Lloyd Woods.   Later in the battle when the Marines would charge the German lines Sgt. Dan Daly yelled “Come on you sonsabitches!  Do you want to live forever?” (Daly btw is one of less than twenty people to have been awarded the Medal of Honor twice, and one of only two who won those medals in two separate wars)   Belleau Wood is one of THE iconic battles in Marine Corps lore.   And like the anniversary ceremonies in France Trump went to Paris for to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Armistice that ended WW I the Battle of Belleau Wood had also taken place that same year – 100 years and four months prior to the Armistice.

Being a retired Marine General John Kelly knows all this and more by heart just as I do.   It’s drummed into us in a way we don’t have to look any of it up.   So when Trump made lame ass excuses about Marine One not being able to fly in rain that was mostly a drizzle, and that the Secret Service couldn’t drive him we all figured he just didn’t want to be bothered, although some of us suspected that he was also worried about the effects of wind and or rain on that duckass hairdo of his.    Turns out it was in fact about his freaking hair!   And his disdain for “suckers” and “losers” who died in battle!   In fact he feels the same about everyone who had died, been wounded or captured or even served at all in our armed forces.   As he would tell Kelly at a Memorial Day visit to Arlington National Cemetery when he couldn’t get out of tagging along as Kelly went to visit his own son’s grave (A Marine officer who died in combat in Afghanistan) said he didn’t get it.   “What was in it for him?”

The whole article makes me want to projective vomit – all over Trump and his damned comb over!   Not to mention other things I can’t say without getting a visit from the Secret Service but in case they are alerted to this I DO know the difference between fantasy and reality and wouldn’t do anything to Trump that would violate any laws.    Except I guess after he’s dead piss on his grave if I can manage to travel wherever the prick is planted in the ground.   If it’s a misdemeanor I’d chance it if such an opportunity arose.   I don’t think I’d have any trouble raising funds to pay any fine!

Anyway, back when Trump blew off the visit to the cemetery to honor the dead of Belleau Wood, I wrote what admittedly was a scathing and profane rant about Kelly.   It even got a fair amount of attention.   I noted that given the insult to the Corps that Kelly SHOULD have called Trump out to his face as the ASSHOLE he was, resign on the spot and then go out and tell the press why.    Knowing what I’ve learned tonight only reinforces what I wrote back then, that Kelly doesn’t deserve the title of United States Marine.   When given a chance to maybe claw back a bit of his self-respect and honor for the Corps he later stood there at the grave of his own son, a fallen in combat Marine and allow Trump to insult his SON’S service and sacrifice!

The fact that his recent little blurb criticizing Trump notwithstanding Kelly STILL refuses to flat out call out Trump on what we now know (he was contacted by Goldberg and declined to comment – I wonder what he’s hearing from his wife about not standing up for their son!) Trump truly thinks and feels.   Which is contempt for the troops and no empathy at all, much less gratitude for their service and sacrifice about the military and even top Generals – basically, if they are that smart then they’ve wasted any talent they have by serving so long instead of going into the private sector and getting filthy rich.

So to John Kelly, General USMC (retired and disgraced) I say speak out now on the record or go down to Quantico and find a big roll of concertina wire (like barbed wire but with razor blades instead of barbs), preferably improperly stored and therefore rusty and shove it up your ass.   Sideways!

And, to anyone who is serving or has ever served and their loved ones who have worried over them, cared for them and wept over those who gave their very lives and are STILL even considering voting for Trump I say   WHAT   THE    HELL     IS     WRONG    WITH    YOU!!!!!!

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  1. Kelly is racist scum. They are dedicated to rulers that support their core beliefs. He may have worn a uniform, but the truth is he is only loyal to whatever filth promotes his core beliefs.

  2. Just wanted you to know I feel for you, Sir. My father was Air Force and won the Distinguished Flying Cross as a bomber pilot in WWII. Trump has ruined our country and driven us all crazy. We are all suffering so much. I hear you loud and clear.

  3. John Kelly is a liar. He trashes the widow & congresswoman from Florida after Trump sends her husband into a conflict that no one
    thought was a good idea after our allies had pulled out, which got him killed. He lied & used his dead son for cover. After getting caught by videotape, he lies again. Then he goes into the business of illegally locking up children of asylum seekers for a profit. He’s a disgrace to every honorable vet. Fuk him & all that are willing to subvert the TRUTH. He should be stripped of his uniform & all the benefits that comes with it. Oh & then deported.

    • I don’t think there’s anything in the UCMJ that would allow for a Court Martial of a retiree, even though Kelly sure as hell would qualify for trial, conviction and the “Big Chicken Dinner” (Bad Conduct Discharge for those who don’t know troop’s slang)on Conduct Unbecoming and Officer if he was on active duty. However, if there’s a way to stretch it since I assume he’s in inactive reserves status (what he knows would require him to still have a high level security clearance) I’d be all for it. A conviction via a general Courts Martial carries the same weight as a felony conviction and a BCD would mean loss of any rank and privileges, pay (including any retirement pay one would have been eligible for) and benefits including VA health care.

  4. As a U.S. Navy veteran I am appalled but sadly no surprised. The Trump Cult assholes of the present day GOP are as guilty as the Orange Piss-Ant In Chief! November 3, 2020 all decent Americans will bury this treasonous bastard that will make the 2018 blue wave look like the warm up act to 2020…TO HELL WITH THEM ALL!!!

    • Repugs have always relied on flag waving and bible thumping to get their way. There is nothing more vile and exploitive than using people’s sincere beliefs in god and country to manipulate them. It’s a feature with the repug party, always has been. One of many reasons I despise them and have never voted for a one of them, ever.


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