Ya’ll remember Peter Strzok, the Deputy Director of the FBI’s counter-intelligence division who honchoed “Crossfire Hurricane” the investigation of drumpf’s ties to Russian Intelligence during the 2016 election.

Proving the old adage that no good deed goes unpunished, Strzok was dragged through the mud by Fox News, Trump himself and every Congressional MAGAt who found themselves near a microphone.

Sadly, Pete was forced to resign from the FBI after word got out that his gal friend, like most of us, hated the doddering diapered Dotard.

Pete has landed on his feet though and is now an adjunct Professor at Georgetown University.

Not bad, Peter, bet Georgetown pays better than the FedGuv.

Anyhow Pete read Phillip Bump’s article on drumpf’s shi##er full of docs and decided to find out what kind of idiot would put a chandelier in a bathroom with a seven foot ceiling, builder’s grade sliding windows, a $2.99 tray can, a box of Puffs on the faux marble vanity, and a shower curtain from Wal-Mart.

He posted the results of his investigation on Twitter:

Jeebus. 🙄🙄🙄








Good work getting to the … er… bottom of this Pete.

Thank you for your service!

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  1. When you’re diet is burgers, fries, KFC, and other processed junk food, your bowel movements are going to take a while. No fiber. No good. Since you’re going to be there a while, good light is necessary for reading all that material. Of course, I’m talking about his gold plated guests, invited to review our secrets for a price, being served such fine dining. Donald duck struggles in another part of the compound, but I’m sure there’s another one hanging over his gold-plated toilet. When does Natasha start covering all the shrubbery with blood red color for Christmas? You’ll need some sparkling light for that. The Flintstones had more class.

  2. Take a look at the tweet of the “magic orb.” I now know what the look on Trump’s face is about. It’s not what I’d thought, as in “how stupid is it that we’re doing this?” Nope, it’s disdain that the “magic orb” isn’t hanging from… A “chaaaadenleeeer!”

  3. I was a main person on a federal education grant a few years back. We kept all our files in case we were audited. We were very concerned that someone would come back and check to see if we had some sort of malfeasance with the funds we were spending. When the funding finished our financial guy turned over a couple of flash drives with all the books from the grant. Someone from the university took all our boxes of files and told us he would store them for three years. Then they would be shredded. That was a few years ago, I still have the flash drives, but no one has ever asked for them. So the point is who keeps these kinds of storage boxes around. At some point they are useless as the information is so out of date.

    Just another point, one time way back in the day I was a job trainer for people with disabilities, this was in the late 80’s. A law office wanted to hire a person with disabilities, ie LA Law back in the day. The guy I trained was very good at shredding documents, he couldn’t read and mostly had a good personality. He was a shredding machine so to speak, As I was training him I noticed him shredding documents for Exxon Valdez cases. I guess the cases had mostly played out so they started shredding.
    So again who keeps file boxes of stuff? Some weird hoarding thing? Trump knows he is not going to read any of these documents, or maybe just possess them.
    just a few thoughts


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