It’s time to play Connect the Dots. Let me put out the disclaimer up front, we don’t do conspiracy theory here, but reasonable inference from proven facts is something else altogether. That’s called conjecture.

Let’s start with the known fact that almost a year ago, June of 2020, Matt Gaetz revealed to the world that he had an adopted son.

So Gaetz adopted Nestor in 2014. At the time of this revelation, Roll Call reported that people who compiled data on congresspeople didn’t know anything about this and not for lack of asking.

Data compiled by CQ Roll Call — and previously confirmed by Gaetz’s office — did not list the congressman as having any children during his two terms so far in Congress or as a House candidate. As recently as July 2019, CQ Roll Call conducted biographical data checks, and Gaetz’s staff did not disclose Nestor Galban as his son when they were asked to confirm basic biographical information. Instead, his office confirmed that Gaetz was single with no children.

Erin Gaetz, the congressman’s sister and founder of social media production company Southpaw, tweeted a number of photos of Galban on Thursday with the congressman and the Gaetz family. She also addressed the adoption, tweeting that Gaetz had adopted Galban when he was 12 years old: “He didn’t speak English, but luckily, Matt speaks Spanish.”

Well, did he adopt him or didn’t he? People Magazine ran a story the same day as Roll Call:

Geatz did not formally adopt Nestor (and he declines to discuss Nestor’s relationship with his biological family now). He re-frames the matter, saying, “Our relationship as a family is defined by our love for each other, not by any paperwork.”

Nestor, he says, “is my son in every conceivable way, and I can’t imagine loving him any more if he was my own flesh and blood.” Recalling those early days with Nestor — including a scene he paints of the two playing catch not long after the boy arrived to the U.S. — Gaetz warns that he might start to choke up.

Gaetz met Nestor when he was dating Nestor’s older sister, he says. Here’s where the plot thickens. Nestor’s sister is May Mendez. And she has seen fit to amend that to May Mendez Gaetz, at least on Instagram.

And Gaetz parents have been ridiculously generous to May. Do wealthy people give their son’s girlfriends lavish gifts like this? Anybody know? This is not a league that I bat in.

Who knows? Maybe The Shadow does. But even if you decide that all this is vicious slander, it is interesting that Matt Gaetz identifies Nestor as “his life” and “chokes up” at thoughts of them playing catch — but he hid the existence of his son for years and reported himself as single, no children.

And it’s intriguing that Gaetz’ relationship with May has gone on for so many years. Very few people date for fifteen years. And maybe Gaetz’ parents thought it was such a remarkable thing that they decided to memorialize it with a lavish gift of a luxury sports car? Or, maybe they gave May the car to keep her happy so she would keep her mouth shut. I’m a cynic, so I subscribe to the latter theory.

It would probably be futile to ask for a DNA test of pater and adopted fis, but that would certainly solve the issue and still all the wagging tongues.

Maybe Gaetz did start dating May when she was of age, and Nestor is her brother and Gaetz adored Nestor and Gaetz’ parents adore May and that’s why they gave May that killer car. Maybe this is all about love, as Gaetz says. And reasonable minds can always differ, but it’s not outlandish to connect the dots the way we’ve connected them above.

And again, this is all from Twitter. If it’s wrong, photo shopped, made up, we will be the first to retract and apologize. But if it’s right, aye chihuahua.

This is where it Gaetz good.

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  1. Certainly makes one wonder about all this. It seems out of character for Gaetz to adopt his girlfriend’s brother and the parent’s lavish generosity sure seems questionable.

    • It won’t surprise you that shortly after I posted this I went back to Twitter and it’s starting to build up some speed there. I think what really happened is that when the kid, Nestor, started to get to adult age, Gaetz realized he had to do some damage control. And that’s what the “adoption” was about. It was a major red flag for something at the time. Now we’re figuring out what. And all he needs to do to quash it is a DNA test. But he won’t, I’m certain of that.

      • Well, I’ll be … the liar’s den forgot to turn off the lights one night and somehow, by miracles of God-given talents, a kid appears and now what your take is, is right on … it is simple, the guy that can’t keep his mouth shut about most anything or others, has shown he can’t keep his rocket in his pocket when it comes to young girls the same problem as Trump’s, of course, with family money, Matt has kept stuff hidden until now … Trump failed at that a couple times, Cohen’s $130,000 payment fiasco was made public, and his recording on that fateful day with Bush …

        I want Trump to suffer plenty for his abuse of girls, but now, this mouse trap sprung on Gaetz, makes for liar liar, pants on fire level of reveals in the wind … he may suffer early retirement or worse, but lies to Congress never end well …

        And BTW Ursula, 50 points for, “This is where it Gaetz good.” 🙂

  2. What I think happened there is that the parents agreed to do right by the girlfriend materially to keep things hushed up. And I think she agreed, obviously. The Greenberg matter is Gaetz’ problem. Greenberg got in criminal trouble in June of 2020, within days of Gaetz talking about his adopted kid. It could be that Greenberg was going to blow the secret out of the water, or at least that was feared, so damage control was done. And don’t forget, Bill Barr knew something about Gaetz, we just don’t know what. This has all been brewing for quite some time now.

  3. You are the epitome of not newsworthy. So ready, willing and trying to smear Geatz’s name with bogus, far reaching assumptions. If you have to lead your ” news article” with disclaimers then you are a pathetic fraud who’s only followers don’t even know who Gaetz is, just that he supports ” orange man.” Ya’ll are scared shitless and grasping at straws with the weak ” news” you are reporting. You are trying to slander anyone associated with Trump. You know he is coming back in 2024 and will be vindicated. You weak, pathetic cowards “reporting news.” We got you in the bag. Everyone sees what you are trying to do. You have and will continue to fail in the grand scheme.

    • Your point about far-reaching assumptions would be stronger if Trump supporters had not sworn fealty to a number of bogus far-reaching assumptions, even going so far as to call those assumptions “evidence” in order to justify all sorts of horrific actions, even to the extent of an attempted insurrection. Trump supporters have forfeited the privilege of ever being taken seriously.

      To your other point, all patriotic Americans oppose the proton-authorisatrianism of Trump supporters and their desire to make Trump an autocrat in America.

  4. I’m not a Twitter user, so I really don’t know how to follow a thread and get deeper context. But the picture that is identified as being posted by @Maymndz gaetz is Mathew posing with the woman recently identified as the escort who laid out lines of coke in the bathroom of the Congressman’s hotel suite. So why is the baby mom (or former gf and sister of defacto adopted child) posting that now? If this is not fake, things are going to be unraveling fast.


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