This pro-Russia, pro-Putin stance on the part of MAGAs could be the death knell of democracy. Right-wing media is saturated with how wrong the current administration is to support our ally Ukraine.

That said, it’s one thing to broadcast anti-Ukraine dogma, it’s quite another to fantasize about Russia blowing up NATO.

Donald Trump did that very thing.

Here’s the Mango Moron predicting WWIII — which he and he alone can prevent.

I never thought the day would dawn when America would side with Russian interests and titter at the thought of Russia blowing up NATO, or anything belonging to NATO. That is striking global democracy at its core.

Trump doesn’t see that and if he did see it, he wouldn’t care. Trump is worried about Trump and he figures Vlad will always take care of him and he’ll be a fat cat with all his obscene wealth and his many golf courses, crashing weddings and amusing himself. That’s all he cares about.

Trump is a sociopath without a moral compass and the dead last thing we need is for him to be on the GOP ticket again. That said, at this moment, today, that’s where things are heading. However, it’s March, 2023 and a lot can change before the 2024 Republican convention.

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  1. I suspect most people in the US support Ukraine rather than Russia. It’s just that the loud people get the media attention, and right now, a lot of them are RWNJs (because CPAC).

  2. I hope he doesn’t make it to the general.
    If he does… We underestimated him last time.
    In the immortal words of GW Bush,
    “Fool me once… shame… shame on you.
    Fool me… We can’t get fooled again!”

  3. It’s weird these blowing up fantasies. I see putins yacht with frump and all his inner circle “eating and drinking and thinking they have it made”(Bob dylan), then SUDDENLY! KABOOM!!!! I could also see his compound in Florida going up like candyland in Jango. Either is a good fantasy. One less nazi child killer in the world is a good day!

    • I find myself wondering how long he can go on like this & stay alive – because while I have no power to do anything about it i certainly have the necessary feelings to get that job done ! The man is a traitor & no longer cares who know it ! This speech was for putin !


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