I don’t know where Donald Trump got the idea that this was a good idea, or a witty one, or even funny ha ha. It is none of those things. It’s just another stupid comment, made in bad taste — ergo the very definition of Trump.

A few weeks ago at a rally Trump used the word “nuclear” and wanted to make it “the new N-word.” It didn’t even fly there, where he’s got 100% support.

Then it got out and was resoundingly ridiculed. But that hasn’t stopped the man.

This speaks for itself. If Lara Trump edited it out, it means she wants to minimize, if not suppress it, because she doesn’t want to have to answer for it.

There is no “logic” by which this is a good idea, to make light of the “N-word” claiming that funny ha ha there are all kinds of words that begin with “n.”

No, the “N-word” is not “nuclear.” Why he persists in this delusion is amazing but apparently nobody can stop him, not even his own family members.

I guess it’s part of the Trump retinue now, along with the transgender female athlete struggling to pick up a barbell and Lock Her Up! and all the other idiocy.

Another intellectual exercise, featuring Donald Trump. Yuck yuck yuck.

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  1. Why is former guy being allowed to get away with this obvious misdirection/lie? Because the political class, the main stream media, and all the rest of society (lookin’ at you preachers and the rest of that ilk) do not call him out on it. I haven’t even heard anybody on the other side speaking of this which is just stupid.

    If the people who SHOULD be calling this turd wattle out aren’t, he will never learn, his magats will become even stupider (and yes, there is no bottom to that particular well either), and our country will be that much closer to a future nobody will be happy with but will still be stuck with. I see/hear all kinds of people screaming for x-tian fascism and/or even the ordinary kind of fascism and it leads me to always ask this question: where exactly do you think YOU’LL be in that power pyramid? People don’t seem to grasp that when these power-hungry bastards are through getting rid of the people they said they hated in order to get the regime they wanted, they will be going after the general populace. There is very little room at the top of a pyramid don’tcha know and these people are on a sick little power trip that requires blood sacrifices-when they run out of the non xtians, LGBTQ crowd, people not into the RWNJ philosophy, and everyone else who pisses them off for the moment, they’ll go after the people who put them in power who realize the mistake they’ve made (and they always realize it and it’s always too late). This is the way it always is, was, and will be with fascism.

    Problem is, the people needing this slap upside the head don’t pay attention to very much other than faux nuz.

  2. When we were kids, There were sayings and games that had a lot of different meanings. One that stayed with me is this one game we played, king of the mountain, and that’s how I see the republican party, playing the last game on their board

  3. He’s been a jerk his whole life. And he and his dad got in trouble by not renting to people with dark complexions. They ended up in court or something over it. Can’t remember now. My mom got on him long time ago. One reason was something to do with Tiffany. But there was other things.

  4. He’s a stinking bag of pus. Everything is rotten on the inside so all the gas he emits from his mouth hole is foul indeed.

  5. The nut jobs have commandeered several gestures and words during the Fuckface Von Clownstick era. The thumb and forefinger forming a circle means something to them other than the A-OK or right it always meant to me but I honestly don’t know or care what they’ve decided it means. I think thumbs up no longer means good or OK to them either. Well I say fuck you wingers! The n-word is still the n-word, nuclear is still nuclear, and the thumb and forefinger forming a circle still means A-OK in my world. You people steal the light from life and that’s enough! You don’t get to steal anymore!


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