One of the laws of physics got broken last night. We are told it is an immutable law of nature, at least where Donald Trump is concerned, that “when you’re a star they let you do it.”

That might have been true of some women, some of the time, back when Donald Trump was the big stud (in his own mind, at least) in Hollywood doing The Apprentice.

But as you will see from this clip, there’s a real ewww factor going on here, as this young woman pulls away.

Isn’t that embarrassing for His Studship? I’ll bet she’ll never work in Trump town again, after that public snub. The woman in question is Riley Gaines. She competed as a swimmer on behalf of the University of Kentucky against Lia Thomas (a biological male who identifies as a transgender woman.) She subsequently spoke out against Thomas and she doesn’t appeared to be too thrilled with Trump, either.

Now are you ready for this?

None other than the Washington Examiner is reporting Trump wouldn’t take no for an answer!

Video of the incident shows Gaines appearing to pull her head away from Trump’s before leaning back in slightly. Trump then appeared to say something to the young athlete, but it does not appear in the video as if they made contact.

Gaines then went on in her speech to say she is fighting to “keep female sports female.”

As she finished her remarks, she thanked the former president and he appeared to try a second time to give her a kiss on the cheek.

Trump was probably floored that this woman had the audacity to not play along in a public display of affection with him. Why else try twice? I would bet that after this a memo went out, “calling all females. If King Donald tries to kiss you on stage, you will go along with it. Or else.”

There’s no fool like an old fool.

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    • The fact that he tried it twice is what gets me. And that the story is in the Washington Examiner, for God’s sake. That paper used to act as a press agent for him when he was elected. Now, they’re openly printing disparaging stories. Things change.

      • Yes Ursula, now that the Fox Empire has decided to shy from the big lie, Trump has seen his clout diminish. However the ever clever Rupert Murdock will still be quick to follow the trend that will make him the most cash. As to the attempted kiss? In all fairness to the Trumpster. I don’t think she displayed any more revulsion than a person would fearing some scabby like infestation and merely concerned, and rightly so, where those lips had been? And not to cast dispersions on Malania, either. I would readily kiss Melania, before I would ever think of kissing her hubby so………….sucks to be her?

  1. Why call hey “transphobic” ?!?!?

    She has the right not to want to share a lockeroom with what is a biological (Sex) male… who identifies as the female gender… and her fight to want to keep the sport Female VS Female is truly one that needs to be fought, we cant allow males to ruin sports like this, biologically born males have a physical advantage when competing against woman wether trans or not.

    • The swimmer in question had undergone surgery for gender reassignment. What promoted most of the controversy within swimming circles (and in other sports) is that a standard has been formed over time that even after surgery there should be at least a year of hormone therapy to fully complete the process of transitioning and that was not the case with Thomas. Hormone levels have long been an issue with elite female athletes as abuse of testosterone has been a source of cheating. Testosterone levels are of course tested but while things might have changed a very long time ago I read a detailed write up on the issue and the bottom line was this: In a very small percentage of women testosterone could be as much as five times higher than most women including athletes. Even elite ones. But it can happen naturally. So the standard of what was allowable was set pretty high which has led to plenty of room to add a crucial hormone to allow women to develop more/stronger muscle tissue and to recover from workouts. One of those dirty secrets.

      Perhaps efforts have been made to clean this up but it’s one of those subjects that can blow up and create all kinds of controversies. That brings us to this matter, and a male transitioning to female. Look, only a literal handful of women athletes get filthy rich by being an elite athlete that can not only earn great wealth competing but also make a fortune in endorsements. And swimmers aren’t exactly a high profile sport even for the guys except during the Olympics. Even for guys, I’ll bet other than Michael Phelps and Mark Spitz most people reading this can’t name rich and famous swimmers. Even during an Olympic year! Swimming is NOT one of the glamor/money sports and if its tough for men to get rich as swimmers it’s ten times tougher for women to do so. Or even famous for that matter. What I’m saying is that Thomas’ transitioning from male to female was almost certainly a situation of wanting to be who she was as a person – not to be rich or famous.

      She got cut some slack to be able to compete at the NCAAs as she hadn’t spent the normal amount of time undergoing hormone therapy to change her hormone levels completely from male to female and that’s what upset many of her competitors. People that know much more about this than I do have debated whether she had an unfair advantage and whether by this time next year when her hormone levels are consistent with other women’s (including and especially elite swimmers) she will show the same speed in the pool. I don’t want to say for sure but I think I’ve read some accounts she’s already fallen off a bit, but that could be due to any number of things athletes go through. If you’ve taken part for years in organized sports and all the training that goes with it you know how that is!

      In the end if Thomas has a physical advantage in the future it will be her height, and if she has larger than average hands and/or feet – the paddles that propel a swimmer through the water. Many female swimmers are taller than average women, but not many are even over 5’10” so someone six feet tall has a physical advantage. I knew such a gal decades ago who was 6’1″ and fairly athletic. A terrific golfer in fact. But she was in grad school studying piano and like all great pianists she had HUGE hands. But I also used to play racquetball with a woman who was 5’9″ and (she was a dentist by profession) even though I’m 6’4″ and was a college level basketball player and all around excellent athlete her hands were noticably bigger than mine!

      Thomas isn’t, wasn’t and won’t be the first female swimmer others complain about over physical traits. I recall an Olympic swimmer, an American named Amy Van Dyken who others hated. Her “attitude” was the reason presented but she also happened to be a shade over six feet with large handa and feet.

      I could write about this stuff all day, and how both male and female athletes have the benefits and disadvantages from various physical traits both overall and specific to specific sports.

      In the end though, I think it’s fair to say the lion’s share of the hoopla surrounding Thomas is based on transphobic bigotry. Many an athlete has resented another athlete(s) for being blessed with physical traits/gifts they lack and come up with some reason, any reason to throw shit at them. You never heard of me as a basketball player for good reason. I had every tool to be a great point guard at the best college programs in the country EXCEPT I came up short in one critical trait – quickness. After a couple of steps I could move quite well but I didn’t have that explosive quickness. I saw other players and even played against some that couldn’t dribble, pass, shoot (including free throws in high pressure end-of-game situations) as well as I could, nor have the leadership skills or “court-sense”, the ability to see what was happening in the thick of the action and get teammates to make necessary adjustments without the coach having to call a timeout. But I didn’t have that critical first-step quickness and that was that. As the saying goes you can’t put in what god left out. Have I spent my life trashing others who had a trait that was superior to my own that was so crucial? No. But many people do. And they too often couch it in racial terms. I don’t because there was a college guard (a couple of them in fact) my age who were also white and were star point guards at top programs – Kyle Macy of Kentucky and Billy Smith at Georgia Tech (this was a long time ago when they were elite) who played his h.s. ball in a town thirty miles from my own! They had every skill I did and were also lightening quick. And worked/practiced their assess off like I did, and they way so many lower class and poor kids who happen to be disproportionately black have always done.

      Reality sucks sometimes, and the fact is for athletes damned few of us end the season on a winning note. We don’t have to like losing and in fact shouldn’t. But using bullshit excuses is just classless.

    • You do realize that when men start transitioning to female they take hormones that almost immediately lessen the strength they had as male right? Tell me you realize this.

      Once a male has fully transitioned to female they no longer have the strength of the male they used to be (assuming they had any at all). They can develop their strength, as other females do, but it will be that of a female who has developed their strength. They do not keep any of their former strength that would be added to their new gender. By the time the transitioned person competed in swimming as a woman, she was just that, a woman.

      This swimming twat has the sense you do-that of a less-than-aware amoeba.

  2. Yuck. Of course. BUT, this is after all the same asswipe who had all manner of stuff come out in 2016, including his sick obsession with wanting to fuck his daughter. (Wannabe Princess Ivanka – Tiffany? Nope) Yet for all that and surely people pleading with him to tone it down at the 2016 Convention after Ivanka introduces him when he comes out of the stage what does he do. During the (eweeee!) obligatory hug clear as a bell the camera catches him dropping one had to her ASS to cop a feel and Ivanka clearly swatting it away. I mean, this was live with cameras covering all angles of that stage! He WANTED to try and “establish possession” of his own daughter and someone he could “have” (as in FUCK) whenever he wanted, and he was determined to let the whole damned world see that.

    The supposedly “liberal” media doesn’t want to address this stuff. Not really. Oh, they will make a mention here and there but in general they don’t want to shine their spotlight on this aspect of Trump – especially his obsession with wanting his daughter to be his fuck toy.

    But for you conservatives that come here, go ahead and defend him. Tell us how fucked up OUR values are, while you defend rape, sexual assault, sexual harrasment and even incest AS LONG AS IT’S A REPUBLICAN doing it!

  3. I agree that males shouldn’t take part in female events – but why is there a loud cry of ‘sexism’ when females are denied participation in male events?

    By the same token – why do political (and other) committees have a slate of ‘women members’ but if you try to have one for men you immediately get attacked for ‘discrimination’?

    • IF you’re trans, you’re not the gender you were assigned at birth. And that’s what conservatives hate: it implies that change is real and possible. (Ghu only knows what they think about the many critters that change gender.)

      • Oh I agree there (on trans) – just calling out the hypocrisy that pervades everything else and pointing out that the screaming doesn’t apply to ‘birth females’.

        If one set of transgender is banned, then so should the other be banned

    • Oh, please, Udujill. How much “glory” does one get from SWIMMING? I’m willing to bet that, without doing a Google (or other) search, you couldn’t name more than FIVE swimmers who obtained “glory” from the sport in the entire HISTORY of the sport.

      And, as for “glory,” why do you think the transphobic Gaines is in the sport? Do you really think she’s just swimming for the sheer fun of competitive swimming? And, let’s face it, she’s gotten far more attention for her anti-trans attitude and her attacks on MIA Gaines than she’d EVER have gotten as a competitive swimmer. Do you really think she’d even be at CPAC (a POLITICAL event–not a swimming match) if she hadn’t taken her stance against Gaines? So, who’s the really glory hound and attention whore?

      Oh. I have one other question for you, Udujill: Why do you hide behind a screen name? Aren’t you proud of YOUR real name and identity? Don’t you want the rest of us to know who you REALLY are? Don’t play the deadnaming game when you’re sitting at a computer hiding behind a fake name yourself.

    • You get your point of view across so well when you start off by calling names? republiCLOWNS, now there’s a sheer bit of genius required to dream up that bit of wit? Sticks and stones!!!


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