“You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need.” — Rolling Stones

There might not be a blue tsunami but there sure as hell is no red wave. That’s a given. And when all the votes are tallied, we might find out that the Dems are still in control. And we don’t need a tsunami, just a unified government.

A few days ago on Twitter a poll was held. There were the names of four horrible GOP candidates. The poll asked, “If you could get rid of only one, which one would it be?” The four were Herschel Walker, Mehmet Oz, Kari Lake and Lauren Boebert. Consensus was Herschel Walker. Followed by Kari Lake. Followed, narrowly, by Mehmet Oz and then Lauren Boebert. We don’t know about Walker or Oz, but it looks like we may have ridded ourselves of Boebert and now Kari Lake. And the night is still young. And MAGA is feeling the pain.

The speaker sounds incredulous and I am incredulous that he’s incredulous. Ostensibly it’s the Democratic elitist snowflakes who live in a bubble. I think this guy is making a case that it’s the MAGAs who dwell in Out Of Touch Land. Wingnuttia is a fringe place which exists in the Outer Limits of the Twilight Zone, evidently.

I mean were they seriously thinking that she would stroll into the governor’s mansion? Did Steve Bannon have them all that gaslighted? Do they really listen to a guy who wears three shirts and is appealing a conviction of contempt of Congress? This is their credibility figure?

And speaking of out of touch, here’s the poster child.

Bloodbath? Where? Did Kimberly open her wrists in the tub? Granted, Florida is very red. That comes as a surprise to precisely no one. But we’re glad you think it’s profound, Junior. You just keep trying to get a grip on reality.

Bugs has the right idea.

Here’s Mike Lindell on the Real Time Crime desk.

As we have been saying all along, some Democrats will win, some Republicans will win. So far it appears we have gotten rid of Kari Lake and Lauren Boebert. That is some amazing work.

I am particularly elated about Boebert losing because as I have opined here ad nauseum, I did not feel at a gut level, as a native Coloradan, that she could win after the way she has disgraced herself, her office, and the people of Colorado. I may have lived there from the days of Eisenhower to the days of Carter, 1953 to 1978, precisely, and yes, all that was a very long time ago. But it hasn’t changed that much, evidently.

As we speak, Frisch is leading by 51.6 to Boebert’s 48.4 with 77% of the votes in. I suppose an upset is still possible so I won’t break out champagne yet. But it is good to see that my instincts were right. Colorado is not Georgia and you may quote me.

Speaking of Georgia: at 9:30 p.m. PST, Senator Warnock has taken the lead 49.03 to 48.92 with 90% of the votes counted. It may go down to a runoff if neither one gets 50%.

But at least we’ve come this far, to be rid of Lake, definitively and Boebert most probably. And to paraphrase another Coloradan, Molly Brown, “We ain’t down yet.” Far from it. It’s been a good night, any way you cut it. It’s still a long ways from being over.

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  1. Red mirage, MAGA maggots…good enough to claim the hellscapes you call home but very little else. And just wait until the early voting gets tallied and you see how little you matter.

  2. The people have spoken!! Donald J. Trump doesn’t have the “juice” anymore like he thinks he does! Way to go Dems, you all ran a clean and perfect race! Oh, and I hope DeSantis kicks Trumps ASS all the way to the 2024 Presidential Elections. Now THAT’S going to be a Bloodbath!!!!

    • Don’t kid yourself. He’s still got juice, although it’s been diluted some. It remains to be seen how much. I’d remind you of something I’ve said before about human nature, and it certainly applies to those who have guzzled Trumpian orange Kool Aid. People don’t like to admit mistakes. That they’ve fucked up. The bigger the mistake/fuck-up the more loathe they are to admit it to themselves, much less to others. Sometimes they are forced to.

      I know I’ve never enjoyed realizing I’d made a mistake, much less owning up to it. And fixing whatever about it that can be fixed even if it’s just making sure to remember a hard lesson learned afterwards flat-out sucks. Think about your own life. Ever had a relationship people you know warned you to avoid, and it turns out they were right and you were wrong. Or had someone you love do so? Bought something thinking what a great deal you got and bragged about it to others only to find out you’d been had? I could go on, but I defy you or anyone reading this to say there has NEVER been a mistake, a lapse in judgement that led to a poor decision, and worse one that people you know you made.

      People don’t like to admit they were wrong.

      Now consider this in the context of MAGA people. People who have made a great show to everyone about how awesome they insist Trump is and has been. I’ll guaran-goddamn-tee you that there are a shitload of them who feel ashamed. But like happens sometimes with the character Randy in Comedy Central’s South Park some insane rationalizing, and increasingly crazy ass efforts to convince others he was right. Not only do they not want the humiliation, but in many cases have good reason to fear consquences from family, friends and co-workers who are still gulping the Kool Aid!

      But cracks have been made in Trump’s armor of orange makeup, and now another one has opened up. Like I said, it remains to be seen if this one bleeds and if so if enough to weaken him to the point he finally leads MAGA world to implode. I for one often think of Trump in terms of a line from The Eagles’ Hotel California – “They stab it with their steely knives, but they just can’t kill the beast!”

      • Sad thing is, most families and friends will likely just say “hey, forget about it. Glad you’re back” and these people will never know because their shame will keep them away from the folks who only mean them well.

  3. Mike Lindell needs to be involuntary hardly committed,,administered antipsychotics, and given several.years worth of inpatient therapy in order to bring him back to reality.

  4. Another “expert” with “proof” of china helping the dems to cheat. Hmmmm. Where have I heard that before? Oh yeah, pillow boy pulled a similar one out of his ass to explain the 2020 shellacking mango man received. Sweet tap-dancing jebus dude, use some imagination to change the shit up a bit if you want anyone to pay attention to your raving.


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