This is a good insight into QAnon, because it shows a woman who seems perfectly normal and sane, just one of the yous and mes, embracing conspiracy theory drivel. The filmmaker, Sean Donnelly, is objective and compassionate.

This plays for almost eight minutes. Take the time, it’s educational.

What I found interesting is that even people who live with people who pursue the allure of bubble world can’t figure out why that is so. The lady in question here showed an interest in New Age paraphernalia and beliefs before she embraced QAnon. Crystals and candles are benign and it does no harm to believe that they may influence people for well or ill. QAnon, on the other hand, influences people to take up arms and riot. How one cannot perceive the difference between the two is beyond me.

Interesting slice of life in any event.


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  1. This shows why so many trumpanzees cannot be reasoned with…somehow the conspiracy theories have turned off any reasoning or critical thinking, therefore it is very difficult if not impossible to reason with these people or to get them to acknowledge the truth when their conspiracy theories are disproved right before their eyes.

  2. Totally disturbing to listen to someone so deluded by the Freak Universe. And for God’s sake, why are they so focused on pedophilia, satan worshiping, eating people. Is it just the inflammatory nature of it, or are they appealing to perverts? How do New Age interests get perverted into this kind of stuff. I don’t get it. I’ll have to consult my crystals while I burn candles and incense.

    • Projection. If you want to know what they are doing, look at what they claim we are doing. I’m not saying Mom is into that, but those who are driving the theories are – even if not all, enough to be a trend.

  3. Democracy may not survive this disease. Perhaps not. Maybe there I is hope. I suppose we have always had delusional people. The internet seems to amp up the stupid. Also the notion that everyone’s opinion is equal and that feelings are the same as facts perverts democracy.

    Oh well. Tomorrow I will go vote one more time even though the Dem’s probably won’t win. Mississippi has local elections in off years and odd months in the hope that only the right people will vote. They really don’t need Q. They are just simple greedy racist.

  4. From benign delusional to dangerous delusional is not really a big step. I turned it off when the crtsyals and protecting oneself from electromagnetic waves came up, because there’s the answer.

    I’m more curious about how people who have never been delusional in the least get hooked.


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