There is so much tor Traitor Tot to hate about this trial. The restrictions on his time, his isolation, with nobody but his defense lawyers to speak to, no protesters, no family. And then there’s sitting there all day, listening to his formerly nearest-and-dearest describing his personal role in a criminal activity. Where does a Godfather wanna be even start bitching?

But the worst, by far and away the worst us his sniveling pipsqueak judge, Judge Juan Merchan. For starters he’s of Hispanic heritage, ’nuff said. But far worse is that a judge that El Pendejo Presidente thought was just another rube, played him like a mark.

Personally, I believe that His Lowness actually rather liked jousting with federal Judge Kaplan and NY State Judge Engoron. He knew that whatever they said, the risk of Trump actually being jailed for contempt of court were nil, so he pushed their envelope every chance he got, and then had his lawyers take over whenever he got bored. Of course, the stupid sh*t ignored the fact that these were the men who would sign off on his judgements, and that baiting the trial judge tends to be a loser when the case comes up on appeal. But Trump felt emboldened.

But Judge Merchan suckered The Mango Messiah from day one. Merchan is acutely aware that unlike the previous civil trials, this is Trump’s first criminal trial, and the media pressure is going to be acute, as the probability of appeal if Trump is convicted. And as such, Judge Merchan has done his best to don his King Solomon cloak, and cut the baby in half whenever possible. Here’s just a sample of how he’s gotten under Trump’s skin;

  • When Judge Merchan issued his gag order, he purposely eliminated DA Bragg, himself, and his daughter from the gag order, protecting only court personnel, prospective witnesses, and prospective jurors, taking away Trump’s chew toy about the judge muzzling his 1st Amendment rights
  • When Trump nonetheless appealed the gag order, a sure fire loser in court, Judge Merchan obligingly delayed the trial date pending the outcome of the appeal, while continuing the pre trial processes of hearings and rulings, basically negating any delay to the trial
  • Here’s an example. When Trump’s lawyers appeared before the court three weeks before the trial start date to file a motion claiming that the prosecution had held documents back from them in discovery, Judge Merchan politely reminded them that, by his previous order, the stale date for pre trial motions had expired two weeks earlier. Motion denied
  • In pre trial motions, the prosecution listed some 14 lines of questioning they wanted to go into if Trump took the stand. Moderate to the end, Merchan ruled in favor of the prosecution on seven of them, denying the other seven as too prejudicial. depriving Trump the opportunity to bitch that the judge was making it impossible for his to testify without convicting himself of other misdeeds by his own testimony
  • In the first week of the trial, when Judge Merchan adjourned court for the day, and obviously irked Trump stood up and stormed down the main courtroom aisle. The judge loudly intoned, Will Defendant Trump please resume his seat? When he sat back down, his lawyer explained that nobody turns their back on the bench until after the judge has left the courtroom
  • When Judge Merchan found Trump guilty of nine counts of violating the gag order, he slapped Trump with the maximum allowable fine of $9000, hew went on to admit that he knew that Trump could scrape up $9000 by turning over the sofa cushions. Which is why he felt compelled to advise him that repeated violations of the gag order could lead to trial or post trial detention in lock up
  • Late this week Judge Merchan held another evidentiary hearing on four more alleged violations of the gag order. With the threat of a possible trip to the slammer looming over Trump’s head, Judge Merchan adjourned for the weekend without ruling. Let the bastard stew for the weekend
  • When on Wednesday at a rally, when Trump told the slobbering buffoons that He couldn’t even take the stand to defend himself due to his gag order, that was another trip over the River Styx. When court resumed, Judge Merchan set the record straight. In an almost pitying voice, like someone lecturing a wayward child, Merchan schooled Trump up. Mr. Trump appears to be either confused or misled about the structure of the gag order. Mr. Trump, you and you alone have the constitutional right to testify in your own defense, just as you have the right to decline to testify, with no negative impact on yourself. The gag order only covers statements made out of court when court is not in session. Are we clear? At which point, with steam erupting from his ears, Trump had to reply, Yes, Your Honor. Whereupon Judge Merchan plopped the cherry on top, Thank you sir. Shall we proceed?

Judge Merchan is playing this whole thing to the bone. He knows exactly what Trump’s button is, and he’s pushing it, treating Trump for what he is, a spoiled f*cking four year old child. And worse yet for Trump, since court is in session for these spankings, everybody else knows it too! Just another slap to Trump’s already bruised ego.

Judge Merchan has Trump’s number, and it’s a low one. But as an experienced, established jurist, he’s also running rings around Trump’s inexperienced lead defense counsel, but only in a way that basically makes him bulletproof on appeal. And we haven’t even gotten to the good sh*t yet! Don’t touch that dial.

I thank you for the privilege of your time.

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  1. ” But as an experienced, established jurist, he’s also running rings around Trump’s inexperienced lead defense counsel, but only in a way that basically makes him bulletproof on appeal.”

    This is the most important part. Trump ALWAYS appeals no matter how specious the reason, but this little rug he’s used to stand on has been whipped away from under him. He’ll still appeal, of course, but any appeals will be easily dismissed.

    Thus nicely accelerating his incarceration.



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