Nikita Khrushchev famously slapped his loafer on the podium of the United Nations and exclaimed, “We will bury you!” That was some moment in world diplomacy, coming during the Cold War and at a time when people were building bomb shelters in the back yard. In 1956 Khrushchev said, “We will take America without firing a shot. We do not have to invade the U.S. We will destroy you from within.”

That, ladies and gentlemen, has been the Russian long game with respect to this country for the past 66 years and it is now bearing fruit. You read here every day about how Fox News is doing Vladimir Putin’s work and how QAnon and the right-wing believe that Putin is a great guy, in league with Donald Trump, who is another great guy, and together they’re battling the forces of evil in the world.

Things have progressed to this ridiculous crossroads because Putin has plenty of people in the Republican party on his side and this has been known for some time. You recall the now famous meeting Kevin McCarthy had with Paul Ryan and others wherein he said, “There are two people I’m sure are on Putin’s payroll. One is Dana Rohrabacher and the other is Trump.”

And those weren’t the only two aiding and abetting the takeover of America that Khrushchev predicted so long ago. Here are eight other Republicans that are Putin’s puppets and need to go.

And this was July 4, 2018, remember. This nailed it.

Partisanship is one thing. This is not partisanship. This is siding with a dictator whose country declared over 60 years ago its intention to take over America without firing a shot.

This might be about owning the libs but what good is that if you lose America doing it?

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  1. These shit heads have been precisely silent about anything said or done in Moscow, since actions are louder than words, we can know now that they are traitors, through and through …

    We were spitting mad to hear these Morans were there while the fireworks were here …

    Trump’s statement to the whole world from that podium next to Putin was enough to sink his position as POTUS, also, what has he said to/promised Putin in that secret backroom meeting with discarded notes and muffled attendants for language problems?

    The worms are turning and churning, time to take them to task, full disclosures and charges should be made …

    These names are known as people that, like McConnell, were concentrating on sinking Obama, and now, Biden is getting trashed at every turn … Rand Paul has it in for our expert in virus and pandemics, Ted Cruz has been screwing up almost every meeting he has been in with his continued badgering of witnesses and his bloated ego …

    Where did all these limited, show men and women come from, some clown school in Russia?

  2. It’s also worth remembering Stalin said when it was time to hang the Capitalist West an American businessman would sell him the rope. Guess who refuses to stop doing business with Russia? Koch Industries! Not to mention both WalMart and ATT&T have reneged on their promises not to donate to GOP politicians who continue to promote Trump’s Big Lie.

    One thing that’s been on my mind for a long time that I’ve tried to write about but can’t weave into something I think people would read is a historical narrative. From the time Lenin assumed power Russia/the USSR tried to gain true political influence in the United States. Right up until the end of the Cold War their efforts were aimed at getting their hooks into Democratic politicians and VIPs. Putin (I believe) took a long, toughly honest look at all that and thought about why it never worked. Then he recognized the potential of everyday American conservatives and the willingness (as well as the political infrastructure) of the GOP to exploit certain characteristics such as a longing for set rules – that happened to align with their whole God & Guns (enter the NRA as a tool for foreign donations) “values.” The KKKristian Right wing values crowd was made to order for someone like Putin to exploit. So he started seeding the ground at the turn of the century, picking up where the old USSR left off making investments of a sort that might one day pay off with Trump and his dream of a project in Moscow being one of them as far back as the 1980s.

    Putin started investing at the grass roots level in rural/small town America with both church leaders and gun groups – not always mutually exclusive I should note. He sponsored junkets for small groups to visit Russia and put on a dog & pony show about his country being a promotor of gun rights (complete bullshit) and his encouraging religious freedom after all those decades of “Godless Communism.” As though he wouldn’t lock up (if not assassinate) religious leaders in Russia if they publicly opposed him! Anyway, that shit worked and the seeds took root.

    Trump of course kept periodically trying to make his dream of a Trump Tower in Moscow a reality and Putin kept stringing him along while keeping closer tabs on him as Trump got involved with the whole birther thing. Then Obama publicly shamed Trump at the WH Correspondent’s Dinner and watching Trump during that you could see right then and there he decided he’d make fucking over Obama someday one of his top priorities. And that was when Putin crafted and carefully executed his plan to get Trump to run for President.

    I truly believe Putin was as surprised as everyone else that Trump won even if it took the EC for it to happen, but it was a dream come true for Putin because he and his oligarchs OWNED Trump and the Trump Org. and we all saw much of the damage. There is more to be sure but it remains and probably will remain so for decades at least classified.

    The point is that Russia/the USSR spent almost eight decades trying to co-opt the Democratic Party. After that Obama put down in 2011 Putin moved the Trump kettle from the warm setting on a back burner and put in on a front burner and turned it up to a boil and six years later we saw Trump sworn in.

    Putin changed targets and managed to co-opt the Republican Party in fewer YEARS than the decades his country wasted on us Democrats.

    • He sponsored junkets for small groups to visit Russia and put on a dog & pony show about his country being a promotor of gun rights (complete bullshit) and his encouraging religious freedom after all those decades of “Godless Communism.”
      * * * * *
      “Religious freedom,” you say? Really? If you don’t belong to the Russian Orthodox Church, your “religious freedom” is a joke. Ministers and other church leaders have to be approved by Moscow and some denominations must be approved before they can even consider operating in Russia. A number of minority Christian sects have faced persecution (even having their properties demolished). In fact, the year before these GOPers all visited Moscow, the Jehovah’s Witness Church was completely banned (as an “extremist” organization).

      • Perhaps I didn’t make my point clear. Stalin himself used the Russian Orthodox Church to his advantage after WWII. Putin would never have had a career in the old KGB had he shown any signs (and in those days with informers everywhere including the watchers themselves being watched) had he been a religious person. I seriously doubt he “got religion” later in life. The Russian Orthodox Church is nothing more than a political tool for him and in fact is suddenly embroiled in controversy. It’s honcho in Russia is a close pal of Putin’s and pro war when it comes to what’s going on in Ukraine. That’s not going over well with that church in other countries and some dissent has popped up even in Russia itself.

        My point I was making though is that Putin recognized that all along there were large numbers of people in Russia who had a desire to practice the most common form of religion in that country, which btw was in large part established by Ukrainian missionaries spreading the Orthodox brand all those centuries (if I’m not mistaken a thousand years or so) ago. To gain popularity and power Putin made nice with the church because it was the main “brand” and he could control it. However any religion including the Russian Orthodox Church that exercised its own views that were contrary to what Putin has approved would find itself crushed old-school (KGB) style with priests and higher ups imprisoned and houses of worship trashed. In other words it’s not and has never been religious freedom in the sense we know it – it’s religion under Putin’s control. However as with the gun bullshit Amercian “Christian” conservatives swallowed the bullshit. Especially since so much of it mirrors RWNJ wingnuttery and bigotry. Intolerance of anything but their “value” system is dogma. Hell, OUR “Evangelicals” literally dream of having political leadership that would persecute and imprison anyone and especially those practicing their faith according to the teachings of the New Testament the way Putin has done.

        • What white American evangelical Christians want is precisely what Putin has. They want a ,Statue formal. religion–theirs–with all others,,especially Catholicism, Judaism, and Islam– crushed. UC,UU,,Episcopalians, more liberal Lutherans and Methodists will.have no place in their Brave New World. Evangelical Christians have a strong streak.of authoritarianism, racism, homophobia, and misogyny built into the faith tradition.

  3. All you need realize is the different moral systems between pubes and Dems. Dems tend to be Ethical utilitarians, those who make moral choices based upon what benefits most people. Pubes tend to be Ethical Egoists, those who make moral choices based upon what benefits THEM. Not US, THEM. Selfish, self-centered, corrupt (not that Dems can’t be, but most Dems have a conscience about it where many pubes don’t), focused on power and money. Look at how they vote and what they spew. WHY would a sitting Congress person or Senator side with the enemy? Easy. Disingenuous, bad-faith acting, selfish power and money worshippers. They just KNOW THEY will be the American oligarchs once pooty takes over. Every nasty one of them will sell you out for a buck.

  4. “Destroy you from within” – yes, he said that , and he meant exactly what you think by it, and yes, it’s coming true.

    He also said “we will bury you.” But I believe a better translation for that idion would have been “We will outlive you.” We also use the word in that sense, sort of, in certain situations – such as, for instance, Jamie Rasking buried his son Timmy last year. He didn’t dig the hole, hit his son with it, and then cover him up – which is what everyone thinks Khrushchev meant.


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