The fiasco which Ron DeSantis started with his performance theater of shipping migrants up to Martha’s Vineyard is not anything that he’s going to live down any time soon.

It was an exercise in pure evil. The people who went were shown brochures, talking about housing, money to survive and get going, medical care, all kinds of thing. It was just a ruse to get bodies loaded onto transportation. Tell ’em anything, just get ’em in front of the cameras.

Sheep will go to the slaughter because they don’t know that’s where you’re herding them to. People will jump to go there if you tell them it’s not the slaughterhouse, it’s really paradise. That’s what DeSantis did. Watch Pete Buttigieg stick a pin in Ron DeSantis’ balloon.

Not the first jewel we have seen from the former Indianapolis mayor.

In 2020 I was saying that if this was a sane country, the obvious choice would have been to vote for a Warren/Buttigieg ticket. Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg embody the brains and the vision of the Democratic party. But as the words came out of my mouth, I knew that the chances of anybody wanting a woman president with a gay v.p. were slim to none.

I would love to see Buttigieg in the White House. I don’t know if this country could handle a gay first couple. I speculate not, based on all the homophobic hatred that we see the MAGAs sign on for and the evangelical wingnuts are not exactly the most tolerant of the LGBTQ agenda either, to say the least.

It’s a shame that so much of the country is tuned out to the wisdom certain people have to share because they have an issue with the gender of the person making the statement of wisdom, or if the person is wired straight or gay. Both are conditions with which we are born and over which we have no control. And both groups of people are taught from the cradle that they are second class citizens. And make no mistake, gay people know they’re gay from very early on. At least every gay or lesbian friend I’ve ever had has told me the same story and I’ve had many.

Keep talking, Mayor Peter. People hear you and more will. The truth has a distinctive ring to it and ideas can be suppressed or denied, but they never die. The likes of Ron DeSantis can’t kill truth, although history has certainly proven that he’s exactly the kind of guy who tries.

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  1. I read, several years back, that a study was done of pregnant women in London during WWII.
    What they found was a higher incidence of homosexuals in the population. What they learned was that stress endured by the mother during pregnancy alters the hormone balance in their unborn children. Basically, what I took from that is that people are born with sexual orientation. For all the evangelicals, it means God made them that way. I personally believe people’s sexuality is most likely a spectrum, like autism. There are people at either extreme and ones at various places in between. Just my 2 cents worth. I’m hetero and I don’t believe homosexuals are any less moral than anyone else.

    • Well, the 1948 Kinsey study on (male) sexuality* did posit a “spectrum” of sorts: It ran from “0” meaning “exclusively heterosexual” to “6” meaning “exclusively homosexual.” Even with that, Kinsey realized that sexuality wasn’t even THAT clearly defined and the scale has been updated somewhat to feature an “X” for “no socio-sexual contacts or reactions” (ie, asexuality).

      *The study on female sexuality was released in 1953 but it basically used the same scale system.

  2. Just one small nit to pick. Pete was mayor of South Bend, a small college town, not Indianapolis. He is quite a talented public servant and speaker. He is very young, so I have hope in the next couple decades as he gains experience, we will have evolved enough that the thought of a married gay man as president is considered a non-issue.

  3. It appears we homosapiens are the only species that strives to crystallize into rigidity, when reality, in its ceaseless, ever changing manifestations, demands fluidity. We do it to ourselves. No amount of pills, booze, money, sex, power, or possessions will fix existential missteps. Repent & go and sin no more.

      • Look where we’re at under the Democrats. Vote republican. It will get so bad you will be begging to vote again but it will be too late. Enjoy more lockdowns mandates, soring inflation, gas, food shortages. You would vote for that?

        • Yeah vote for the upper 1% to give themselves a trillion dollar tax cut under Bush & frump. It lead to stock buybacks & the rich getting much richer. Vote for the traitors who tried to overthrow a legitimate election who’s challengers lost in court over 60x, including multiple judges appointed by frump. Vote for racism & hate as frump praised the nazis in Virginia although they KILLED an unarmed protester. Vote for the little bitch that whined about Hillary unclassified emails but stole 11,000 documents, hid them, lied about giving them back & then cried when served a legal warrant. Sure, vote for women to be imprisoned for making their own health decisions. There’s a million more but that’s plenty to start with. Oh & all nazipig will squeal about is hunter. What a fucking ignorant nazi pig. Probably a bot. Either way…a nazi child killing pig.

  4. I like Buttigieg, thought he would be a good choice for VP. Sean Maloney (D- NY18) is my Congressman and I’ve met him at a couple of his Town Hall meetings and been to his DC office and I think highly of him too. Would like to see a Buttigieg/Maloney ticket in 2024 or 2028. Repub heads would explode.


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