I marvel that the DeSantis campaign thinks that siding with Vladimir Putin is a winning strategy. Less than 24 hours have passed since Ron DeSantis appeared on Fox News and sided with Tucker Carlson that he, too, loved him some Putin, and all that has happened is that the Fox/Putin/GOP connection has blown up in their faces.

It makes you wonder if Tucker Carlson has a set of texts and emails stashed somewhere that refute his on air allegiances to Putin and Russia, or if this is the real guy?

Either way, it does not speak well for either Fox News, Carlson, and now DeSantis to hold these views. DeSantis picked the wrong dictator to get in bed with. DeSantis apparently thinks that the USA is Florida, only cut up into 49 pieces more pieces and boy, is he in for a shock.

Reagan, Eisenhower, even Nixon. They’re all rolling.

That’s what it comes down to, isn’t it? Is there anything left of the Republican party, as that term was once understood, or is this it? The GOP goes off to the La Brea tarpits, like elephants of yore, and sinks down into the muck. And the muck is labeled MAGA. And Trump is the MAGA king.

Does the U.S. have a “defense ministry?” Anybody? Comrade Carlson blew it on that one.

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  1. A real patriot that Carlson. I’ve always thought his face cried out to be punched and I’m so tired of hearing his bs. How do you think it would go for him were he in putan-land and started extolling the virtues of America on air? He’s literally trying to destroy the freedoms he enjoys under our constitutional government. All for ratings and $.


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