Today was a day that will stand out in the annals of history. There are such days. The testimony of Cassidy Hutchinson was riveting and even Fox News hosts were calling it “stunning.”

Mary Trump has consistently been right about her uncle. I wish that, in the clip you’re about to see, Lawrence O’Donnell had asked Mary if her Uncle Donald would run again. She initially said, no, he couldn’t risk the rejection if he lost. But then she pivoted and said, he would run, “if the GOP could guarantee him victory” or words to that effect.

Trump, naturally, is blowing off today’s testimony as lies. Anything he doesn’t like automatically goes into the bucket of fake news and lies.

It is mind boggling how they all kept silent. But then, what is that expression? Republicans fall in line?

Today’s hearing was a seismic event. Make no mistake about that. And there will be a seismic blowback and cover up effort, also make no mistake. Here is some of what that looks like.

The fact that such a testimony even came out at a congressional hearing is sad enough commentary in and of itself. And Trump is legendary for breaking TVs and throwing coffee pots. Those facts came out early on, in 2017. That’s nothing new.

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  1. What mask?! We always knew that Traitor Tot was a TRAITOR and a criminal, we are just finding out more details of his traitorous and criminal acts.

    • Nope. I always figured he was throwing dishes and sh*t around like a toddler on pretty much a daily basis.

      Marjie Kooky Pants needs to be very careful since she can be on the receiving end of a lawsuit–projection Kooky, projection.


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