Mike Lindell has his compulsions and I have mine. Ergo, you are going to watch one more clip of him babbling nonsense about a world that is allied against him, right here, because I simply can’t pass over the opportunity to point at and laugh at the guy. That’s my mental quirk, I freely admit it.

Very few people have that effect on me, but Lindell does. It’s because he simply will not listen to reason, no matter how many ways the voice of reason speaks to him via the facts that are presented to him.

Nobody watched his freaking Moment of Truth Summit. Sad, but true. Lindell cannot accept that at face value, i.e., nobody’s interested, just like he couldn’t accept the results of the 2020 election — i.e., more people wanted Trump gone from the White House than wanted him in it. No, Lindell has to dream up a conspiracy theory to answer everything. For reasons only he knows, the plain truth is too painful to accept. That’s why the man is a joke. A child perhaps cannot accept reality but an adult must.

He mentions “AdWords” and this is a term referring to a service which uses a group of keywords to drive traffic to a site and you can pay for this. As you heard, Lindell thought he would pay “two hundred thousand dollars” and the bill was “only a hundred dollars.” Mike, let me break it to you, man: Google and the rest would have been happy to take your money. Delighted, in fact. The bills were not higher because NOBODY WAS LOOKING FOR YOU!

The few people that do follow Lindell avidly, myself among them, do so because of entertainment value. And he never disappoints. Watching Lindell is like the few moments before a car accident, you see it coming, you know it’s going to be bad, but you simply cannot look away. It’s the nature of the grotesque that you are drawn to it, frequently against your own better judgement.

Now I don’t doubt that there is some minority that believes that Lindell is going to pull off a miracle, but those people, the true believers, have to be a shrinking group. I would bet money that his own MyPillow employees and Lindell TV staffers don’t think he’s going to prevail. They’re just praying to God that he doesn’t put them all out of work. The rest of us are watching a show and laughing. And that’s what it is.

That’s today’s update. Stay tuned. We have no doubt but that there will be another broadcast in a few days, there always is, from the set where Jesus looks downcast and  depressed in the shadows and the lion looks resigned, if not embittered.

The set never changes, the story never changes. Now, it wasn’t that the Moment of Truth Summit fell on its ass, rather it’s that the Moment of Truth Summit was sabotaged and conspired against by the evil Deep State forces. Just like the 2020 election. And it’s nothing short of pathetic that Newsmax and Fox News won’t even return his calls. He shouldn’t be broadcasting that. It just makes him look bad.

If I worked for Lindell, I’d have resumes prepared and one eye on the door. I’ll say that much.

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  1. Gosh he’s the amalgam of the brainless scarecrow, the heartless tin man, & the cowardly lion. The difference is Dorothy would be second in line to smother the asswipe.
    I could make a better man out of a banana. Kilgore Trout, (Vonnegut). R.I.P.

    • He really lives in his own world. We all do, to some extent, but reality simply cannot permeate the bubble he’s in. He refused to accept the plain fact Trump lost the election and that is his “fatal flaw” to put it in classic, dramatic terms. That’s why Lindell is a tragic character. He’s got this one loony idea that overshadows the rest.

      • There is reality and truth. Anything else is not conspiracy, it’s fantasy.

        And the ones spreading it are fantasists. No more, no less.

  2. Who would want to do anything to or with his crackpot “theories”. Nobody is going to anything, pro or con, to shit-gibbon nonsense.


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