Maybe this is Melania’s dream come true, she finally turns into Jackie Kennedy Onassis. We used to hear that that was her goal, to not only measure up to Jackie as a classy, multi-lingual fashionista First Lady, but exceed Jackie.

Alas, that never happened except in her dreams and in this parody by Sucker Carlson, made possible by the magic of lip reading and dubbing, and of course photoshop.

Melania is not just Jackie in this epic, she’s Marilyn Monroe. WARNING: soundtrack contains profanity.

Who knows? If Melania can’t make it in the NFT business, maybe she can become a recording artist. Maybe she’ll even get invited to the Grammys. Jill Biden was this year, so was Michelle Obama, but not Melania.

Some people think I’m too mean to Melania. No. When she put on that pea coat, I Really Don’t Care, Do U? and headed where children were in cages, taken from their parents, that tore it for me. That was either a deliberate vicious thing to do, or it was so tone deaf as to be unspeakable. Melania and Donald were shortly thereafter dubbed The King and Queen Of Cruelty by New York Times columnist Charles M. Blow. He nailed it. That’s who the two of them are. Anybody who buys this Melania as victim fodder is a fool.

I have zero sympathy for any of the Trumps after what they’ve done to this nation. I hope Barron is able to escape some of the stigma of his name and have a good life. Him, I feel compassion for. He was a blameless bystander, a child. But not the others.



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  1. Melania’s delusions of grandeur (as in being an icon of class & grace) would be laughable if she wasn’t so despicable. And yeah, I know (especially being a guy) that the title pic with it’s use of “Ho” is politically incorrect but it’s spot-on. No, you’re not too mean to “Melanie.” She is worthy of every bit of contempt and mockery as we can summon. You will never convince me her relationship with Trump has been anything but transactional. She became a trophy wife (#3) and Trump was well along in years by then. Her “role” was to be his eye candy and to pop out a kid so he could elbow other guys and say “check her out – I get to fuck her.” I’d love to see their pre-nup, and especially the for damned sure (since she’s still married to Trump) renegotiated one to see how many times a year she’s been obligated to actually have sex with him. “Ho” is the right word. Ok, so she gets paid a whole lot more than really high-end sexual service providers (call girls, escorts or whatever label one wants to use) but that’s what she’s been for Trump. Couched up in a more acceptable to “polite society” terms but the bottom line is that’s what she is. Most sex workers are a helluva lot more honest (and often classy in a way Melania can only dream of being) than the current wife of Donald Trump.

  2. I still can’t get over that he separated the families, some of which may never be reunited. It was during the height of that, if I remember correctly, that she wore that jacket. Regardless of what she says, I believe the sentiment from the jacket is closest to the truth of her.

  3. Tacky ho. lol. She is so fucking far from the ideal created by Jackie that she might as well be on the moon. Hey! Tacky ho! I don’t care do u? Yeah, that was a real class act.

    what a worthless ho

  4. It might be interesting to track where she’s been living while he’s been at Mordred-de-Lago.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they are nowhere in proximity to one another.


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