When is this guy’s appeal scheduled for, so he can lose it, already, and serve his time in prison? Steve Bannon is hopping mad. Steve Bannon is in particular mad at the fact that Merrick Garland saw fit to appoint a Special Counsel today to oversee Donald Trump’s massive tranche of illegal activities.

But it doesn’t stop there. Bannon is on a real roll. It seems that the worse off his position is, the more aggressive he gets — which is very Trumpian.

School yard blather from the triple shirted wonder. Watch.

“Poothies.” Sufferin’ succotash. That’ll bring them all to their knees. Righto.

So where are we now, on November 18, 2022?

  1. GOPers have the House, albeit it by a sliver;
  2. Having the House will yield diminishing returns, the more they fight amongst themselves;
  3. Marjorie Taylor Greene is the new Shadow Speaker. This should be drole;
  4. Donald Trump is making his second live address in 72 hours from Mar-a-Lago. Right now he’s considering stuffing mannequins in the chairs, or maybe boxes of MyPillows, just so the echo won’t be so bad in an empty room.

Did I leave anything out? Oh, yeah. Raphael Warnock’s reelection committee is doing everything it can to tie Herschel Walker to Trump, which is not only easy, it’s all true. That doesn’t help the Republicans’ cause either. People around him begged Trump to hold off on his announcement, but he refused. He set this ball rolling. Now it’s going to roll over him and crush him.

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  1. He won’t be allowed to keep his phone even in a Club Fed prison like the one at Eglin AFB. That alone will send the Orange Orc over the edge. I cannot decide if he should be allowed a,tv in his cell and which would be hardest on him: able to watch and realize, finally, how no one cares now that he is gone,,or hearing people trash him and laugh at him as irrelevant without being able to respond. His thumbs will atrophy for lack of use. He certainly won’t use the prison library,because he never reads,anything but a teleprompter.
    I hope he ends up.emptying trash cans and scrubbing toilets.


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