Maybe this is why Jason Miller jumped ship, he saw what a mess Donald Trump made in North Carolina, when that was supposed to be the springboard for the great Trump: The Sequel, coming soon to a ballot box near you.

Seeing is believing and if you didn’t watch the North Carolina bash last weekend you didn’t miss much. Here are the best seventy seconds, cobbled together and wrapped up with a bow by the Lincoln Project.

Trump is starved for attention these days. He wanders in and out of engagement parties and memorial services at Mar-a-Lago, pausing to let people fawn on him. It doesn’t even cross his mind that doing so is tasteless. Bloomberg is reporting:

A Mar-a-Lago member who recently attended a club gathering for a deceased friend was surprised when Trump sauntered in to deliver remarks and then hung around, apparently enjoying himself. This insular feedback loop, amplified by the worshipful validation he gets for doing Newsmax or OAN TV hits, doesn’t appear likely to diminish as he settles into his New Jersey golf club for the summer and prepares to resume his trademark rallies. “Donald Trump needs the adulation of the crowd the way you or I need oxygen to breathe,” says Michael Cohen, his estranged former lawyer. By all accounts, Trump’s life after the White House doesn’t resemble that of a typical ex-president so much as a foreign monarch cast into exile—like Napoleon at Elba, but with golf and a bigger buffet.

Bess Levin at Vanity Fair quips

Yes, it’s strange and morbid and there’s a good chance he’s offended at least a few people in mourning. (“People loved Jack, though they couldn’t have loved him as much as me, your favorite president,” he’s no doubt said as the deceased’s widow sobs. “Heard he was a great guy, never met him so I can’t say myself, but people said it. Would have been really broken up about what Democrats did to me I’m sure. Bet he wishes he was here to see me speaking at his funeral. Lot of nice looking ladies here that’s for sure, wonder why I wasn’t invited to any family functions before this, will have to look into that.”)

Still, the dead are probably less annoyed by his uninvited presence than, say, a bride whose wedding has been hijacked by the incoherent rambling of a man who thinks it’s normal to commemorate someone’s nuptials with a speech that includes the lines, “Y’know, I just got, I turned off the news, I get all these flash reports, and they’re telling me about the border, they’re telling me about China, they’re telling me about Iran—

how’re we doing with Iran, howdya like that. Boy, they were ready to make a deal, they woulda done anything, they woulda done anything, and this guy goes and drops the sanctions and then he says, ‘We’d love to negotiate now,’ [and Iran says], ‘We’re not dealing with the United States at all,’ oh, well, they don’t want to deal with us.” Which, yes, is a thing that actually happened.

On the other hand, whatever keeps his mind off of trying for another coup is arguably a good thing, though when he crashes his first bris and tries to do the mohel’s job, someone should probably say something. 

Trump has the talent of a ne’er do well Catskills comic, but without the heart.

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  1. Total and utter idiot thinking this poor grieving widow wants to hear him ramble about himself pretty sick he speaks and don’t even know the man wow

    • Well, she did want the funeral to be at Mar-a-Lago so she was probably delighted with a personal appearance from the batshit crazy resident.

  2. Is all that stuff really going on down there? It sort of makes one question the intellect of anyone who would consider Merde-a-Lardo as a venue for any important event. I’m not sorry I missed the NC event (different part of the state and I wouldn’t have gone, anyway), unfortunately, I’m certain there were enough thrilled idiots there to see it who thought he was just wuuuuunnnnnderful! Well done, Ursula.

    • Well, the main point of the piece is TRUMP talking – so in a sense continuity of facts is a valid point because facts have never gotten in the way of his pronouncements about how “bigly awesome” he is. As for the rest it’s been widely reported that he’d been crashing events at his places including weddings and funerals/memorial services. Even if he hasn’t outright said some of the things the author speculated upon he’s damn well thought them.

    • Actually, the economy is booming in spite of McConnell’s efforts to force it back into decline. Don’t know what you’re looking at but it sure ain’t economic figures or Wall Street.

  3. Oh people, he was our last chance. Look at what YOU. Voted in. A bumbling idiot! You do anything to stomp on Trump. You’d probably stomp on our flag. Wait and weep

    • I’m in my sixties. I grew up reciting the pledge to our flag. I saw it draped many a Veteran’s casket including my own father’s, and folded many more at funerals and was proud to so so and hand them to the next of kin and offer the thanks of the nation. The American Ensign, the Stars and Stripes flew above the military posts where I served and offered inspiration. THAT is MY flag. Not that racist fucking Confederate (TRAITORS – every goddamned one of them!) battle flag YOUR side parades around. In all the Civil War the traitors never once managed to carry it into DC and into our Capitol Building. A shitload of YOUR people did. And all those Trump and Q flags out in the crowd way the hell outnumber AMERICAN flags. YOUR fucking people are the ones who struck (took down) the American Flag from the Capitol and ran up a fucking Trump flag.

      So take your bullshit faux patriotic “support” of the American Flag and do with it what you do with our Constitution – imitate Trump and wipe your ass with it because if you haven’t loudly and repeatedly denounced those who waved all those other flags on Jan. 6 and at other insurrectionist type rallies, and done so in groups of fellow Trump supporters then YOU have no fucking respect for our flag and he LAST thing you should be doin is accusing people like me of disrespecting it.

      But here’s the most important part – more than once I’ve stood and raised my right hand and sworn to defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic. Trump and his followers are domestic enemies of our Constitution and the ideals set forth within it. We haven’t lived up to those ideals the way we should but we’ve managed in fits and starts to get closer to doing so during our history. We spent decades as the unquestioned leader of the free world and in four years Trump destroyed that. We are respected again but will never again be trusted the way we once were thanks to Trump, and people like you who won’t admit having been conned by him.

      So go fuck an automatic pencil sharpener instead of coming here and tossing around some Trump style projection – by which I mean accusing others of believing and doing the shit you accuse them of!

  4. Trump is an idiot! I can’t believe all the people that stll follow him and worship him as if he is a god. I must say he is a genius at marketing. That is why so many people belive his insane politics and despicable lies. We that see him for what he is can never convince his believers how insane he really is. All we can do is pray that someday they will see his worth which is zero.


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