God moves in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform and so does Fox News. It’s not new information that Fox News has decided to move on from Donald Trump and anoint Ron DeSantis as the presumptive heir to the GOP nomination of 2024.

This became evident when Fox News started airing the January 6 Committee hearings, after not airing the first few. That was the turning point. That was when the powers that be said, Trump out, DeSantis in.

Here is the rationale that they’re going to use. Bookmark this, because you may be coming back to it. The pitch is that Trump passionately bee-leaves that he won the election. But of course he did not. There is no evidence. A host finally comes out and says it, there is no evidence. This is the beginning of the end of Trump.

This is how they’re going to sell it to their viewers. Mark my words. The script will be something like this:

President Trump, God love him, is a man of passion, as we all know. Well, sometimes people like that can get a bit carried away. The president believed he had won, oh, how he believed. His belief was stronger than that fellow Logan’s adamantine claws. But sometimes what we believe or wish was true, simply is not, no matter how much we want it to be. He’s a wonderful man, the former president, we wish him well in retirement. Hit a hole in one for us, Donald! But life goes on and so we need to go forward. There was no stolen election and our new president DeSantis will see that there isn’t one. Not on his watch, which will last forever, if we can swing it.

And in a year or so you’ll hear MAGAs talking over the green beans in the grocery store, “He was so convinced that he had me convinced.”

This pivot is essential for a couple of reasons: 1) The Big Lie cannot be carried on forever. If Trump tells the base to stay home and they do, the GOP will never win another election. 2) Fox News knows and so does the GOP that Trump has served his purpose and it’s time to find fresh talent. Trump is yesterday’s show, a gimmick that worked great for a whlle, but its day is done. Plus, with all these lawsuits trailing him, and the damnable testimony coming out from the J6 Committee hearings, if there’s going to be any sleight of hand on Fox News’ part, it better be done now.

You’ve just seen the rabbit come out of the hat. You will see more of this. Rupert Murdoch is going to outlast Donald Trump and his clown car. You can take that one to the bank.


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  1. They’ve tried before to proverbially dump him at the side of the road and drive off but have always slowed down and let him catch up and get back in the car. Those prime time opinion shows that are the flagship of Faux Nooz have bled advertisers but are still I guess making enough to cover expenses. Those hosts don’t come cheap and you can be sure THEY aren’t about to renegotiate their contracts for lower money! I think the real issue is whether their base of viewers that prop up those shows with that relative handful of advertisers continues to remain Trump’s base. Lose enough of those viewers and Fox’s vaunted prime time lineup and ratings position will be in the hurt locker. Bleeding viewers means bleeding ad revenue that is already in need of a transfusion.

    Trump isn’t going anywhere. He’s going to keep shouting his bullshit and demanding Fox (especially the morning gang and the prime time trio carry his water. I’m not sure the Murdochs (either Ruppert or Lachlan) have the guts to demand their American propagandists toss Trump from the car and then not only hit the gas but floor it. And never, ever slow down to even look back with binoculars to make sure he’s left so far behind he can never catch up.

    • Quite so. There has never been as big a spoiler as former guy. I think he likes ruining people’s lives much more than everything; perhaps even more than the thought of bonking princess. Once he twigs on to the fact faux nuz is trying to move on, and take the magats with them, he will not be pleased. No, not at all. He will get on some stage somewhere and tell the voters how faux nuz, the ‘pube party, etc. are trying to f*ck him. His magats will eat it up and hopefully, blindly obey him.

      I do not believe for one second faux nuz will go on very long once diaper don starts whining about how mean they are. As you noted, once the viewers start leaving, faux nuz will get back on former guy’s train.

  2. Wait till they try to dump him and he threatens a third party run ! They are all f**cked, damned if they don’t do that and damned if he does that. Like Rick Wilson said once upon a time, ” everything Trump touches dies”

  3. Leo: Sadly, except for his base. They demand to be lied to. When Fox reluctantly began airing the Jan/06 hearings, the base shut them off. Then when regular programming restarted on Fox the viewers tuned back in, How f***ing SAD is that? That the American experience will come to it’s end because of these twisted sick malcontents who were only too happy to roll it all on one throw of the dice, for someone who is obviously the dregs of humanity! Ultimately a third party run may be in the works already. Just as Hitler wouldn’t listen to people more qualified than he, Trump is made of the same stuff and would be perfectly convinced that his base will follow him to hell and beyond, and truly some of his base will, How did Paul Simon put it? “All lies in jest. That a man hears what he wants to hear, and disregards the rest”. I can’t wait until the dictator they finally do elect, declarers martial law, and explains to then that he is taking away their guns in the name of public safety and abolishing the second amendment!!!! I say bring it on, where there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth!!!!


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