Satire is such a useful tool of social and political commentary. By taking the absurdity of a thing and then extending it outward, the subject of the parody is in fact shown in it’s true light. And it’s shown in that light better than any serious analysis could do.

This is a scream. This will be the best couple of minutes you have all day.

I understand the shock jock. That was a creature of the late 70’s, when I worked in radio. It was slow starting up and controversial as hell, but it caught on. Off beat talk show hosts caught on as well. I used to work with Alan Berg, whose name you may recall. He was a Jewish talk show host who was gunned down by neo-Nazis when he got out of his car after making a run to 7-Eleven for dog food for his Airedale.

That was the soil in which all this grew, but one thing has changed. People were better informed then. Alan Berg was a brilliant and well informed man. He could and did discuss everything from politics to NASA. He read a lot and he thought. The Joe Rogans are just bullshitting.

This is the day and age of the bullshit artist. This is ignorant people talking to other ignorant people and spewing disinformation and lies. And that would be harmless enough if it wasn’t actually killing people.

And let me tell you how this hits home. I wrote a few days ago about how a friend of mine hasn’t gotten vaccinated because her husband, who is a flat earther, doesn’t want her to get the vaccine. She doesn’t listen to him on a number of topics, but she heard Joe Rogan (or somebody repeating Joe Rogan) talk about the cardiac damage done by the vaccines. Then she repeated it to me.

I researched the topic for her and traced it back to Joe Rogan, and told her that’s where it came from. So either she’ll allow me to share reality with her, from reliable sources grounded in reality, or she might stay unvaccinated and then it’s a crap shoot whether she lives or dies.

COVID misinformation, disinformation, kills people and Joe Rogan specializes in that. If it wasn’t for the fact that he’s actually doing harm in the world I would say, go for it. Talk about Google and incognito mode and the drivel.

Or, maybe it’s not his fault and maybe he has no responsibility to the listening audience. Maybe that’s what the next great shift in broadcasting will be, caveat emptor, if you hear it here, if you or someone you knows dies because of doing the stupid things they heard here, that’s on you.

Rogan has a lot of listeners and that makes a sad statement about who we are.

A lot of this content on the airwaves was merely silly before. COVID has made silly things turn deadly.

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  1. There was a time when Tokyo Rose was a despised name representing evil & no one thought different except the Japanese fighting for the emperor. Of course it was a Japanese American unit that helped win the war in both Europe and the Pacific. History requires real scholarship, not some idiot flapping his lips. As Dylan once sang, ” their heads are full of big ideas, images, & distorted facts.” Exactly.

  2. I really don’t think he was acting when he played the dumbass, incompetent janitor/handyman on News Radio. But it was his gig hosting that tee vee show Fear Factor that convinced me he’s a straight up ASSHOLE! He got rich and famous off that because he realized there was an endless supply of average folks desperate for their proverbial fifteen minutes of fame, and they’d do all manner of degrading stuff for their “moment in the sun.” I saw too many promo ads, and didn’t watch many segments but the look on his face as he encouraged people to do stuff like eat pickled pig rectums, or huge live worms and other stuff was despicable. I doubt he tried that hard to convince some gal to fuck him before he was famous. I thought it would be funny as hell to have a contest shove one of those items in his ugly face and say YOU EAT IT ASSHOLE! Hell, it’s possible someone (or more than one) actually did but if so he’d of course never allow it into his fucked up show. But my point is he knows how to exploit people and this gig of his (and you will never convince me his ass isn’t double vaxxed and boosted!) to make bank. Unfortunately it’s a lot of money he’s pulling in with this. As far as I’m concerned he and those like him are serial killers.

  3. I was told more than once that “You can’t call it a hamburger because there’s no ham in it.” I simply pointed out that it came from Hamburg and then politely asked if they could please show me where Beefburg and Chickenburg were on a map.

  4. Rogan is a meathead who used to host a game how where he got other meatheads to eat bugs. Followed by another show where two meatheads were locked in a cage and hit each other until one fell down.
    This qualifies him to be an expert on medicine / virology?


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