Granted, anything coming out of Ali Alexander’s mouth is hogwash. But you really need to hear this level of hogwash because it is epic. It’s part Jedi mind trick, coupled with the ramblings of somebody who is not only out of touch with reality but has made a virtue of same.

I have no idea how Alexander earns money. Maybe he’s got enough of a following for podcasts and what have you to scrape out a few bucks. Maybe Roger Stone or Steve Bannon kick him a little coin. Possibly Mike Lindell, he’s known for employing these people.

The interesting point to be made here is what kind of mind would listen to this for two minutes, let alone make a habit of it? What are we missing?

Alexander also claims to be a time traveler.

The man is clearly a kook and on most levels beneath our notice, but you have to check in now and again and see who the right-wing is actually listening to. He’s gone beyond anything resembling partisan politics into sheer gibberish.



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    • I see him flaming out in the not too distant future. I think the war with MTG is going to be his comeuppance. Amazing that the RWNJs are fighting amongst themselves. I never have seen anything this weird.

  1. It is impossible to know:
    Are Republicans mostly alien plants?
    How many crimes Trump and his party of the Grand have committed?
    How many people have died due to the obstruction by the R’s to Democrats policies?
    How many things are impossible to know?

    • The reason I bothered is because I honestly think we need to monitor this madness. Right Wing Watch comes up with jewels. We can’t ignore the loonies, that’s how we ended up with Trump in 2016.

      • You can’t honestly think that this moron will ever be a candidate for anything but a strait jacket can you Urs?


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