Yesterday was an interesting day. There was a giant bombshell and then…..silence. You could hear the crickets chirping in some other dimension, things got so quiet. We speak of the announcement of Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump being subpoenaed by Jack Smith.

The first obvious take, Smith is getting closer and closer to indicting the big kahuna, Donald Trump himself. That’s a no brainer. The second obvious take is that Trump will do anything and give up anyone to save himself.

And what might that look like, exactly? Former prosecutor Glenn Kirschner has a thumbnail sketch.

We don’t know who Trump will offer up and it will certainly be illuminating to see. I think it’s safe to say that any of his staffers or former allies, the Mark Meadows and Roger Stone level of people, will be in grave danger once Trump starts selling people down the river.

As to his own children, probably Ivanka is the safest, but if I was Junior, Eric, or Jared Kushner, I would be sweating a plenty. There is no honor amongst thieves, and forget the blood is thicker than water theory. In Trump world, blood is just the same color as ketchup and if some gets spilled, oh well. Donald is going to cover his own, make no mistake.

And because his one genius is in believing the lies he spews, Trump will convince himself that all the others made him do it, and he was going to call Uncle Joe and concede the election straight away. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it got that loony. If there is one thing I’ve learned in writing about Trump world these past seven years, it is that nothing that I can conceive is too far fetched to happen. No.Thing. Not one.

The silence of the past 24 hours is merely the calm before the storm. Once this starts to rock and roll, it will be cacophonous.

What Special Counsel Smith did yesterday is move things one giant step closer to a Trump indictment. It’s virtually assured now that one will take place. Trump knows it, Trump world knows it. And they’re all holding their breath.

Watch closely for which lawyers get retained, particularly by Jared and Ivanka and maybe other family members as well. This is going to be a scenario where you can tell what’s going on at the center of things only by working your way in from the fringes.

It will be interesting to see what the former First Daughter has to say about what Daddy did on January 6 and particularly since he’s running for president. This is going to be one for the books.


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  1. Suddenly the whole family belongs on a locked dementia unit. They can’t remember a goddamn thing! Let’s all parrot Dave chapelle…I plead the phift!!! As Herman hermits sang in Henry VIII…second verse same as the first.

    • Memories can be accurate or flaky, But if the first daughter tells ALL about that fateful day, which, for any NORMAL person would have been burned laser-hot into their mind as the worm scurried around that table in the dining room, watching the action on TV, excited to see all the violence he had created, taking place on National TV, what a dream come true for such an evil low-life dumber-than-a-rock idiot …

      Recounting minute by minute, how strong the thrill of the Capitol Building attack was for Trump, making him ignore pleas to stop it and delay way-too-long doing ANYTHING about it …

      Trump will forget conveniently, any wrong-doing on his part, but will probably spew tons of stuff about L. Graham, all the other big names we have come to know how guilty they were and have been about the BIG lie handling …

      This is why the whole of the GOP should be worried and concerned about what they have and have NOT done …

      • I think Ivanka will do whatever will help rehabilitate her image the most. She dropped away from Daddy right after January 6 and disappeared from Twitter. She wants to be part of New York high society and the only way she could achieve that, maybe, would be to backstab Daddy. Maybe she’ll do that. After all, Jared’s got $2 billion now, why not?

    • What was Trump’s exact word for Ivanka leaving Washington? He said she “disconnected,” I think it was. She may just continue to disconnect. Look, she’s ruthless like he is. He’s not going to be around that much longer and she’s got a lot of years ahead. I think she will do what’s in her own best interests. That’s pretty much the Trump family motto.


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