Kevin McCarthy has said that he will “have a talk with” Marjorie Taylor Greene, in the wake of Greene being quoted as suggesting that the execution of Nancy Pelosi would be a good idea. Here’s something else that McCarthy might bring up. After the Parkland shootings, survivor David Hogg met with a great many elected officials on the topic of gun control. Greene trolled him down the streets of Washington and posted a You Tube video replete with lies about “George Soros funding” and “gun confiscation.” It’s one of those clips that didn’t age well, let’s just say that.

The woman should be recalled. This is over the top, harassing a young man barely of age, and Greene’s QAnon-backed comments about executing Pelosi are unspeakable. A person with this lack of character does not belong in the House. That said, she’s unfortunately got a number of peers, Gaetz, Jordan, Nunes, you know the list.


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  1. So does corporate America. It was cute back when they were a bunch of profitable but ineffectual rubes to make money off. But January 6th changed everything the way 9/11 did and none of the Q-Nuts understand that yet. But they will.

  2. Execute Nancy ?!?!!: and will talk to her. Bring the straight jacket and burly guys instead.

    Or, just strip her of all committees ala S. King, R – Iowa.

    I guess some House rules (loopholes) need to be closed and new ones created for the cray cray.

  3. The crazeeee is so strong in this one.

    Is it about time to introduce ethics and IQ tests for anyone running for office?

    That would certainly wipe out the current Trumplicans.

    • The thing I don’t get is that for any civil service job you have to take an examination. And of course you get interviewed by HR, who want to know about your attitudes on things like honesty and co-operation and fairness. I worked for the State of California for a while. Passed the test with 99%. I wouldn’t call it an easy test, though.
      But for elected office there are no prerequisites. Zip. Nada. Except being an adult, and the ones for President. Go figure.

  4. I don’t know why Pelosi hasn’t acted yet about both Greene and Boebert. They are dangerously deranged individuals, right along with the usual suspects who have been around for some time.

    • Sigh…Rule Numero Uno when dealing with opponents: NEVER announce your plans of attack until it’s too late to counter them. Trump never learned that rule. We need to reacquaint ourselves with it.

  5. That would be goofs for McCarthy to attempt.. but he has a LOT on his plate right now.. as #CA RussianMob top gun he is now today crawling to see Mogi s man in USA. And dragging all the 147 Congressmen who supported the #TrumpBIGLIE #insurrection with him. She is one. ALL of them broke their Condition of Employment OATH to uphold Constitution and all its provisions including Transfer of Power WHEN they ALL voted to Invalidate the verified certified ElectoralCollege votes of Arizona and Pennsylvania on Jan 6 .. it is in #CongressionalRecord ( and was on cspan) BY DOING THAT they #participated in #insurrection ( eg undermining the US GOVT) The penalty for that is stated in Amendment 14 Section 3: no person who has participated in insurrection may hold any elected (or appointed) federal office for his lifetime.
    THEY CAN NEVER RUN FOR FEDERAL ELECTIVE OFFICE AGAIN… and Big Business is well aware … YES THAT IS ALL 147 of them HERE IS LIST right from @nytimes

    • Sorry need to edit .. that would be ‘good’for Kevin McCarthy to try.. but he is busy with TrumpRussia today.. and I recommend he does not drink the tea.

  6. Amendment 14 was written after Hot Civil War. And Section 3 was compromise to allow Confederate soldiers to be repatriated as citizens.. BUT All Confederate OFFICERS AND Confederate GOVT OFFICIALS were subject to SECTION 3.
    AND I guarantee the #Voters and #Donors of Real America will see that ALL These Officers of Trump’s #UnCivilWar are also penalized permanently

    • SEE @Senator Joe Manchin III FULLY UNDERSTANDS. He wants Congress itself to apply it to #Cruz and #Hawley
      – Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia said the Senate should consider removing his Republican colleagues, Sens. Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz. 
      – Manchin said the 14th Amendment should be applied after Cruz and Hawley pushed forth with efforts to dispute Electoral College votes last week. 


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