Updated: MSNBC Panel on Press Conf: “Mad King Donald, Appalling, Idiot…”””


Your promised update from this morning, when I wrote of the jaws being picked up off the MSNBC studio floor following King….I mean President Trump’s first solo press conference in over a year, where he shocked the analysts.

We must start where I started earlier, with John Hardwood’s comment regarding Trump not looking well, it is worse than I recalled:

“I’ll be honest, as a citizen I’m concerned about the president’s state of mind,” Harwood stated. “He did not look well to me in that press conference. He was not speaking logically or rationally. I don’t think many of those things he said are true, and there’s about something his affect which was oddly kind of languid from him.”

And he faces 12-14 hours on a plane to Singapore, just what the doctor orders for everyone who possesses languid affect, “out of it,” for lack of a better term. Oh! And once he’s there, in Singapore, the topic will be the future nuclear-status of Korea, speaking with a country that may well have both a nuclear bomb and a vehicle to deliver it to my beloved Pacific NW.

We have the analysis from the reporter regarding Trump’s overall “appearance,” let’s go to our national security specialist and get Malcolm Nance’s take:

Well, john has hit the nail on the head,” Nance agreed. “I think [GOP strategist] Steve Schmidt said this the other day, that Donald Trump comes off as a moron. I think he came off like an idiot today. I was almost shocked at the way that he spoke with utter contempt of every president that preceded him. He does not fundamentally appear to believe in the processes and systems that put him in the office. he doesn’t appear to believe in the alliances that bind us together, that make us stronger as a nation.”

That’s because he doesn’t believe alliances with Canada, the U.K., Germany and France make us stronger as a nation, that’s not how Trump thinks. He doesn’t want to be like Canada, the U.K., France or Germany, he wants to be like Russia, which is why he spent half his time in Quebec whining (literally) that Russia wasn’t there, and damn it why wasn’t Russia there?

Nance continues to show why he is one of the smartest, most necessary commentators around:

“It is all about his narcissism,” he excitedly added. “And the view from a national security perspective, this man wouldn’t qualify for the nuclear weapons control system, to allow him to be anywhere near the nuclear control — the nuclear control keys or even guarding them? I mean, I’m really shocked at the way that he speaks because it is all Donald Trump-centric. He came off like Mad King Donald, not president of the United States.”

Let’s put it this way, Mad King Donald is closer to getting the United States kicked out of the G-7 than he is in getting Russia included into the would be G-8. This will go down as one of the most disastrous foreign summits, from an American point of view, in history. And Trump’s farmer voters, not knowing that it is Trump that has robbed them of their ag-immigrant workers, and pushed tariffs up around the world, will cheer him all the way to the bitter end.

“Appalling” is the word of the day among professional chatterers. It is appalling that right now, the world’s six greatest democratic republics seem to be willing to consider expelling the United States from the group. These alliances takes decades to grow, but can be torn down in hours. Trump spent the last day proving as such.


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