There must be some pretty bad dirt about to come out about the Dotard and Jeffery Epstein because Roger Stone went on “Lindell TV” today (where he would only be seen by the most dedicated MAGA idiots) to assert…

“Trump only hung out at Epstein’s place once and “left after only 15 minutes because he was uncomfortable with the mix of younger women and a limited number of men.”

Yeah, and if you believe that I have a Trump limited edition commemorative coin to sell you for only $249.99…



Mmmm indeed.









Yes, it does. 🤣🤣🤣



Tell us another one Roger.

Like the party Nixon walked out of because the AT&T exec was handing out $100.00 bills…

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  1. Just out of curiosity Roger, how come you knew when Don John arrived and left and how many times he was there if you weren’t there yourself to see it happening?

  2. I always think of Jefferey like the hospital scene in the Godfather. Except there was no Michael to save him. Think of a new conspiracy theory. Clearly Trump, prince Andrew, & others spent a lot of time participating in his lifestyle. He had the most dirt given there were underage girls involved. So, here’s a guy worth hundreds of millions, who could mount the same stall etc tactics to stay around doing his thing somewhere, just up and hangs himself shortly after being in custody. Oh and who was in charge of his ‘security’? Trump and Barr. Coincidence? Me thinks not. I now see the end of Casino about Remo saying “why take the chance”? Jeff can be glad he wasn’t taken out with nightsticks for an attempted escape. Guess that only happens to young black citizens forgetting their turn signal.


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