This is reminiscent of that wonderful John Carpenter movie, They Live! where aliens lived incognito amongst us and only people equipped with special glasses could see them. Jesse Waters is very concerned about the aliens amongst now. Whether that extends to space aliens, we don’t know, but we guess so because he really hates illegal aliens, especially ones that hunt for Coke bottles and other recyclables.

Watch this bizarro world clip and as you do, notice the similarities between himself and Tucker Carlson. He’s got Tucker’s delivery down pat. He can say the most moronic things with a straight face. That’s 90% of the job description. What is helpful is to have somebody educated say these things, because a bit of gravitas aligned with stupid ideas makes it sail across the plate all the better.

You’ll love this.

Watters can tell when somebody’s an illegal. He better talk with Greg Abbott. Abbott said that the people murdered in Cleveland, Texas were all illegals. Turns out when all the dust settled, one of the women murdered in cold blood was not. She was a permanent resident.

Maybe Greg needs a new pair of glasses?

Here’s the trailer to They Live! Vintage 50’s sci fi, done in the 80’s. A cult masterpiece, if you haven’t seen it.


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  1. Here is my take on why Carlson was fired. By the way this and Georgetakais media, are the only ones I’ve commented on, and Fox, before they made you sign up, and i also realized they deleted most of my comments anyway.

    At some point, he said, FK MURDOCH.

    That simple. Nothing to do with racism, lying, homophobia…..the ONLY REASON a MURDOCH type would choose to LOSE MONEY, is a clash in egos……



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