I love it when a plan comes together. On The Last Word tonight on MSNBC, Lawrence O’Donnell featured Traitor Tot’s niece, Mary Trump, a board certified psychologist. And in the conversation, Lawrence asked her about comments from Trump insiders that he lost his last, crumbling vestiges of impulse control when he lost the election. And Mary weighed in…

I think that’s probably correct. His loss was a crushing blow to him, it is something he never expected, and was totally incapable of dealing with. And his only form of defense to kick in was his deniability. And he will continue to deny his loss, because he can’t  handle the truth.

BINGO! She nailed it in one. Think of Donald Trump for a moment. I know, it’s stomach churning, but do it. Think of him sitting down there in exile in Mar-A-Lago, unable to find an outlet for his (non) 1/6 press conference. Just sitting there stewing. Now morph Mar-A-Lago into Hitler’s underground bunker in Berlin in the spring of 1945. Because that’s what it is.

If Trump was unhinged from his electoral loss, everything that has happened since that day can only serve to drive him more insane. For instance

  • Once Trump lost the election, he unleashed his coterie of third rate ambulance chasers to challenge the results in state and federal courts. They went a combined 0-62, including several severe slap downs from judges that he appointed to the bench. That had to cut deep
  • The “Trump” Supreme Court, with three justices he personally put there, have slapped him down over and over again. Quite possibly the worst being the decision to turn his tax records over to the Manhattan District Attorney’s office for their investigation
  • Trump adversary Letitia James, the Attorney General of New York state now has a civil investigation into Trump’s running of his businesses. Eric Trump has already been subpoenaed, turned over documents and been deposed, and Trump himself, Don Jr., and Ivanka have also been subpoenaed
  • Trump slayer Liz Cheney has already made it clear that the House Select committee is looking closely at the possibility of referring Trump to the Department of Justice for criminal prosecution at the end of their probe
  • Thanks to Trump’s own big mouth, and a handy recorder, the Fulton County District Attorney has empaneled a grand jury to investigate Trump for possible criminal behavior in trying to overturn the 2020 Georgia election results

Man! What a load! And let’s be clear, Trump isn’t a normal human being. He doesn’t have a close knit circle of lifelong, trusted friends to console him and give him sage counsel. Trump doesn’t make friends, he usus people. How many times did Chris Christie try to help him, only to be humiliated and rebuffed? What Trump has is an entourage of spineless toadies, that are totally useless to him in his hour of need.

The House GOP today showed themselves in lock step with Trump by blowing off the 1/6 memorial events. And how did Trump repay them? By making them look like idiots. He released a long, rambling message in which he blamed the Democrats for the violence, by interrupting the peaceful transfer of power with rampant voter fraud. As I pointed out in a tweet, if Trump had won, he would have enjoyed a continuation of power for four more years. The stupid shit.

And it’s only going to get worse. With all of the investigations swirling around Trump, I  find it inconceivable that he won’t some out facing at least one, if not multiple state and federal indictments. And that’s when Trump’s paranoia will really kick into high gear.

For students of history, you will recall that in his final days in the bunker, Hitler convinced himself out of whole cloth that there was a phantom army out there, made up of reconstituted scattered units, that was advancing on Berlin to save the city and turn the tide. And of course it was all total bullshit.

The point is this. The GOP has already plighted its troth to Trump. But the more the legal walls close in, the more unhinged Trump is going to become. Which means that his hysterical rantings from Mar-A-Lago will become equally unhinged. Does the GOP continue to parrot his lunacy, or does it finally break free and disavow his nonsense? Either way, it doesn’t work out well for them.


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  1. Dick Cheney shows up on the floor of the house, to represent the reasonable caucus. I just don’t know what to say anymore.

  2. In one form or another, we need Trump to be put on public display, under oath, so even his most slavish sycophants can witness his self-destruction in real time. In that Berlin bunker, only Hitler’s shrunken inner circle saw his final disintegration; Trump’s must be shown on TV, in a room full of adults, so all those deluded GOPers can see just what their exalted leader actually is.

  3. Does it even matter if trump runs and suffers another loss? I’m serious here. We’re at a point in our nation’s history when a major political party is CHEATING and will continue to do so in order to keep themselves in power. Once they get that trifecta again, and they have SIX theocrats on the S.C. folks, we will no longer have elections or if we do only a small portion of the populace will be allowed to participate. It matters not at all if GOTV efforts work like they never have before if those votes are not counted because the majority of state houses are held by the cheaters.

    The G.Q.P. has basically got it all set up now to invalidate the will of the people and install whatever the hell they want in D.C. Remember what we have right now because I suspect it will be gone after the 2024 election. The U.S. will become indistinguishable from Afghanistan. Is there a fix here? Maybe imprisoning every G.Q.P. member in Congress, all the participants in the January 6th fiasco (ALL OF THEM), and getting kavanaugh and barrett and let’s face it, thomas as well since he too has no business sitting on the bench of the highest court in the land) at the very least from the S.C. because they do not belong there in the first place–and kavanaugh’s criminal behavior needs to be dealt with. This scenario is so unlikely I think it is safe to make book that our country will become a fascist state in two years.

  4. Liz has all the appearance of being a giant slayer. Let’s see what stones she hurls at their collective heads on national TV. I remember clearly when james,(vanity is thy name), Comey’s bullshit acted as a fulcrum in 2016. She has been collecting daggers waiting for the gop & Trump to be spread eagle on the board of our entertainment oriented culture. Then she will practice throwing at their junk. Can’t wait. I feel like a kid at Christmas. Guess that’s what happens having watched that vile human life form steal 2016, walk on every crime imaginable, set loose a deadly virus that has killed a million citizens in 2yrs, destroyed thousands of children, stood with murderous dictators while pissing on our allies. telling 40,000 lies, & trying to destroy our country. So. Yeah I want to watch as she pins those blades to the board. Hey, if blood flows, so be it. I’ve paid my pound of flesh. Time to pony up boys. “Don’t ask for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for thee.” Ernest Hemingway

  5. Corporations certainly like traditional GOP policies (low taxes, fewer regulations, weak/no labor unions, etc.) But if the USA goes full fascist, we’ll have massive civil unrest, if not a civil war. It will wreck the economy .
    Trump is toast, and Trump wannabes will fall out of favor with him. But we can’t rule out the possibility that smarter, slicker autocrats may gain power in this country.

  6. Spike, I’m afraid you’re right. All of it. And Scott, as usual, I do love your scenario, but at the rate the committee is going, we’ll lose the midterms before any of that happens and the committee will be toast then, you know it.

    As of today, 23 Democratic Reps have said they are not running for re-election (according to an email I got from HouseMajorityPac). I have only one explanation for this, and a well-informed friend tells me it’s correct: death threats against them and their families. Apparently some (most? I have no idea) have reported this to the DOJ who has done guess what about it? Meanwhere here in the Southeast (and probably other locales as well), Repukelicans are taking over positions at Boards of Elections and other local offices. The fix is in, folks. I would so love to be wrong, FSM knows I’ve been wrong so many damn times in my life, but…

  7. Hand him the 45. Let him do the honorable thing. I don’t think he will get to 2024. There’s to many people on his track. Someone will nail his ass. It’s in the numbers. Happy trails.

  8. Of course Benedict Donald is running for 2024. He’s never stopped campaigning because it’s the easiest free $ to stuff in his pockets and to also send some $ to payoff the billions he owes to Putin from failed Moscow investments to keep Putin’s FSB hitmen off his back. The only reason he hasn’t filed yet with FEC, is he gets to avoid complying with all sorts of federal laws and he gets to do just about whatever he wants with the hundreds of millions of $ he continues to rake in from his brainwashed lemmings.

    As for the ongoing civil and criminal lawsuits against him here’s the link to the status of each one: https://www.justsecurity.org/75032/litigation-tracker-pending-criminal-and-civil-cases-against-donald-trump/

    Notice that the criminal cases with the highest likelihood of landing him in prison are still moving at a snails pace. Would have expected the two being led by Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance Jr. and NY AG Tish James to be much farther along by now. It appears the Orange Buffoon has been busy using his Brighton Beach, NY Odessa mobsters to bribe and personally threaten the families of Judges and key witnesses along with destroying all documents with evidence against him in response to Plaintiffs’ discovery requests. These are the tactics he’s used for decades in NY to skirt getting convicted or paying any criminal penalties and resulted in him/his corporations having to pay civil penalties in all but a couple of cases.

    Still think Agolf Twitler will eventually get personally convicted in late 2022 or 2023 in one of these criminal cases, along with many of his family and other co-conspirators, but he will escape or attempt to escape without his family to a foreign country just before he he’s arrested before being sentenced.

  9. THANKS for your work and time.. but I am down to 1) TrumpWHO 3) LoserTRUMP .. and still use 5xDraftDodger for all military .. among so many perfect epithets


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