How long does it take for the effects of Adderall to wear off? Anybody? Because Donald Trump was his usual hyper manic self last night in Erie. He got out of his limo and did his version of dancing, which is an uncoordinated arm wave or two, and then went on stage where he eviscerated Ron DeSantis, and everybody else he considers a foe.

Just by the by, no word yet from Team DeSantis, in response and he has to respond to this Erie takedown. If he doesn’t take Trump on now, he’s finished, and in truth he may be finished anyway. But the gauntlet was thrown down last night and now it’s pistols at dawn or be forever marked a coward and I’m betting on the latter.

Back to Trump. Here’s the first thing he posted Sunday morning. Another all-caps screed.

Alina Habba was on Fox News Sunday, where a poll showed that 78% of those polled believe that Trump did something either illegal or unethical, while a bare 19% said he didn’t. Just look at Habba’s face. You can tell she’s strained. I hope she’s getting a lot of money for doing this, because I don’t think being Trump’s henchwoman is going to get her too many gigs beyond a hosting slot at Newsmax and maybe that’s the plan.

The takeaway here is that Habba did not specifically say that Trump didn’t ASK to have the tapes deleted and that’s the gravamen of this dispute.

The other takeaway is that if Trump is the “most ethical American” that she knows, I don’t even want to think about the sort of people she associates with. I wouldn’t wish that kind of a life on anybody.


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  1. He keeps digging and digging. Everything he posts on Trash Social will be used against him. Smith reportedly has detailed testimony and emails from some of those involved in the tape deletion and server flooding events. Plus, he has a witness to the Iran War Plan waving episode and the document itself, which has been identified by at least one person who was present. Next week Willis’ indictments are expected and possibly Smith’s for Jan 6. trump may finally realize his only chance of staying out of prison is to flee.

  2. It does give one pause, trying to see what MORE the Orange Shitgibbon can do or say to get passage to the fitting room for his new orange jump suits …

    The avalanche of evidence and charges will be a very heavy cross to carry for his own survival, the next time he leaves court may be under a sheet tied to a hospital gurney …

    Pretty sad man, nothing that shows ANY true intelligence, nothing but a hollow shell filled with high pressure natural gas …

    Someone should hold out a mike and ask him what those test answers were again on his great intelligence test …

  3. Failure to actually complete the attempt to commit a felony doesn’t relieve one of responsibility for the crime of obstruction of justice. It just means someone wasn’t all that good a criminal but being a bad or stupid (or both) criminal doesn’t mean they can’t be convicted of a crime. Habba damn well knows that. But ok, she’s Trump’s lawyer and it’s her job to spout b.s. on TV, stuff she’d never dare say in front of a judge in court. Unless too much of Trump’s “stoopid” has rubbed off on her.

    Unlike you I don’t hope she’s getting a lot of money for this. What I DO hope is that she’s been PROMISED a lot of money. And that when it’s time to collect Trump stiffs her like he’s done to so many other lawyers!

    • Wanting to do something is not necessarily a crime. We all want certain things that if we actually voiced or did the things, would get us into a heap of trouble. If he asked for the deletions or told someone to do them-that’s a crime. Hell, I’m not sure if he just said “I wish those things could be deleted” is a crime.

  4. Tramp has no idea who he is facing with Jack Smith…or maybe he does and he’s just scared shitless.
    The strongman act is front and center these days, as he tells his cult how everything he does, he does for them including getting arrested over and over again. Never spending even one minute behind bars like anyone else would have to.
    Tramps crime spree is finally getting analyzed after 77 years curtesy of Jack Smith, and watching the narcissistic collapse unfold and rear it’s ugly head is going to be epic. He’s also going to get more deranged and angry and dangerous as he is wedged further and further into the corner of Justice.
    Hang tight folks. We’re living inside this historic time.


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