Law is a game where you win some and you lose some — unless your name is Donald J. Trump. Then you lose and lose and lose. That’s because Plaintiff Trump files frivolous, specious, makeweight lawsuits. That’s legalese for bullshit. Trump’s latest effort in futility was to sue the Washington Post for two opinion pieces, one by Greg Sargent and the other by Paul Waldman, published in the Plum Line section of the paper.

One article alleged that Robert Mueller found the Trump campaign  “tried to conspire with” Russian interests meddling in U.S. elections in 2016, and the other claimed Trump “invited” Russia and North Korea to provide assistance to his ultimately unsuccessful bid for re-election in 2020. You may remember what sparked this latter article. Trump said in an ABC interview that he would welcome all help for his campaign, including from foreign countries, and that did not play well with most folks. In fact, it was deemed a tacit admission that Trump had in fact accepted Russian help in 2016 and Mueller was right.

Maybe that’s why Trump decided to sue, because he realized how stupid he sounded.

Trump’s defamation suit got dismissed because he failed to prove actual malice. This lawsuit was just another one in a series of lawsuits, whether against Hillary Clinton, Letitia James or some media outlet, all identical in that he posture Trump as a persecuted figure, victim of a witch hunt.

What I find immensely entertaining about all this is the fact that the laws that protect the rash insolence of Fox News, the laws on opinion pieces, which in the case of Fox have been extended out to “entertainment” is precisely what protected these journalists.

That’s the world of Trumpty Dumpty, if right-wing media is reporting it, it’s the unvarnished truth, but a well sourced and cited opinion piece in the Washington Post should be the instrument that shuts that outlet down.


Here’s a link to the Memorandum Granting Defendant’s Motion To Dismiss if you find entertainment in reading how a judge who knows the law refutes Trump’s idiocy. I don’t know how he keeps getting lawyers to file these things. It seems to me that representing Trump is a guaranteed ticket to censure, sanctions, disbarment and the unemployment line, but maybe I’m missing something.


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  1. ‘Trump is a guaranteed ticket to censure, sanctions, disbarment and the unemployment line’

    Maybe not straight away, but ultimately certain.

  2. Judges are starting to get fed up with Trump’s frivolous legal bullshit. While we haven’t yet reached the tipping point a handful of instances where judges have pointedly called him (and the lawyers filing the bullshit lawsuits) out and even levied sanctions is getting notice. Lawyers (which includes judges) have traditionally been loathe to call other lawyers to account and when they do it means something. More importantly though when it comes to Trump he’s got a very, very long and sordid history of abusing the courts/legal process with baseless lawsuits. When he was a mere high profile due to self promotion real estate wheeler dealer stiffing contractors it was one thing. But he decided he wanted the spotlight focused on himself and got what he wanted. Since becoming President, and more to the point in the aftermath of the 2020 election he’s had frivolous filings slapped down by multiple courts including SCOTUS. And judges and Justices he appointed were frequently the ones slapping him down!

    I think that’s why more recently sanctions are being handed out. And that million dollar hit Trump and Habba took got everyone’s attention for sure. I don’t think that would have happened if not for all that stuff that happened in 2020 and since. Judges are realizing they got “cover” to deal with Trump the way he should be dealt with. I wouldn’t be surprised if more and more he and his lawyers get crotch-punted out of court and with sanctions for good measure. The second rate lawyers will get skittish and the third-rate ones won’t be able to afford sanctions – or defending themselves with their state Bar association.

    Worse for Trump, more and more even hack lawyers will be demanding hefty upfront retainers and won’t lift a finger until the money is safely in their bank account! That’s gonna piss him off something fierce.

  3. Time to sell some secrets. Better call the club maintenance. Have them crank up the backhoe and meet me at my ex’s marker. I’ll get my dipshit son to be the go between. I would use my son in law but after he got his, he’s been useless.



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