There’s always a silver lining to each dark cloud. The image above may make you think, “What a disgrace,” but no, let’s look on the bright side, shall we? Donald Trump never had any intention of putting together a presidential library and now he’s done it by default. Behold, born in a bathroom at Mar-a-Lago, the Trump Presidential Library.

And like Athena, springing full grown from Zeus’ head, here the Trump Library is on Hollywood Boulevard, the perfect location for it.

Again, you need to be a positive thinker. If you’re in the Trump Presidential Library and you run out of toilet paper, you can always use a Top Secret document to take care of business. You see the benefits? They’re just bursting into view. I would say, “Think outside the box,” but no, in this case, the box is the entire thought. The box(es) are the beginning, middle and end of the saga.

Here’s more creativity from the Golden State.

I was a Los Angeleno for 40 years. I had almost forgotten how much we hated Trump. Now it all comes back to me.

And let’s not leave Kari out of this. Word is she practically lives at Mar-a-Lago, hoping for her chance to be number two on the Trump ticket.

Mar-a-Lago is some extensive mansion, right? And there wasn’t a freaking closet that this material could have gone into?

I loved Trump’s confession to Bret Baier that he had “clothes, golf shirts,” whatever mixed in with Top Secret documents. Who lives that way? Normal people, when they move, sort out the kitchen stuff from the bathroom stuff from the office stuff. I guess to Trump it’s all one big mess. And unfortunately, it’s our big mess.

Hooray for Hollywood! We can always use a good laugh!

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  1. Kari Lake virtually living at Mar A Lago hoping to be Trump’s #2 on the ticket. Think about it. It’s nothing but a token thing for Trump to have a VP in the first place. Using (and using in the worst possible sense) a woman to try and grab some votes, either from women or guys of the type who looked at Sarah Palin and had “bang the librarian” fantasies would make sense to Trump. That’s what women are to him – someone to f**k or to use in some other manner to meet his needs. Preferably both of course. But #2 – as in sh*t in blob of whatever the hell is in his skull where his brain should be.

    • I am so tired of seeing her name I could scream. She was only in that election for the power she would have had. She would have destroyed the entire state.

    • Don’t insult librarians. The job requires a master’s degree just to get an entry level position.
      And most of are better looking and better dressed than Sarah or Kari.

  2. Not only were his personal items supposedly mixed in with classified documents, but he had no time in the 2 years he’s been out of office to go through them. yeah, right.

  3. Nobody packs clothes with papers. One might include some small desk knick-knacks with papers, but that’s it. From what we have learned from the search warrant, there were lots of extraneous newspaper clippings and photos interspersed with classified documents, but no mention of pants, shirts, etc. Each new explanation is more moronic than the last. TFG needs a come to Jesus moment and get Chris Kise to make him the best deal possible, i.e. no jail time. But his ego won’t allow him to admit he did anything wrong, which may mean the jury and judge are more than willing to throw the book at him for making them go through this totally unnecessary trial. He’s guilty, he’s admitted guilt numerous times, he just needs to say it under oath in court.

    • Here’s why the clothes thing doesn’t fly. I can actually believe if he wanted to change into a fresh shirt or needed a fresh too-long necktie because ketchup from a “hamberder” dribbled down on it. or even golf clothes in case he got the urge to drive over to Trump National in Sterling, VA because he’s so effing lazy he wouldn’t want to head back up to the residence. And he’d be too impatient to wait for someone to run up and get him whatever item(s) he asked for. Here’s why I DON’T believe it. There aren’t any sh*t stains on any of the document! You can bet the farm Trump shat his drawers regularly and so much & forcefully it was running down his legs as he waddled towards the bathroom soiling his trousers too!



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