Trump is nothing if not the Ringmaster of the Ridiculous. If he just added a tent and 3 rings, he could market it as The Greatest Sh*t Show On Earth! 

Case in point. Since Trump is already out on bail while awaiting his sentencing on his 34 felony convictions on July 11th, and pending his appeal after that, he’s already seriously flirting with violating his bail bond before he even shows up for sentencing.

Because Trump is a convicted felon, and convicted felons out on bail or parole are forbidden to associate with other convicted felons. And that would include miscreants like Roger Stone, Steve Bannon, Peter Navarro, Paul Manafort, and General Mike Flynn. And since Stone is already making noises like he’s already an insider on the campaign, Bannon is making slanted speeches that just beg the prospect of his collusion with Trump, and Trump himself is making moo-moo noises about hiring Manafort for his campaign, if the Manhattan DA or the New York parole officer can confirm personal contact, Trump could end up waiting out July 11th in Riker’s Island.

But now, with the GOP National Convention less than a month away, the Veepstakes Games are officially under way. And as a general rule, no matter which party is looking for a VP candidate, or even both parties in an open presidential year, it’s always more fun than the barrel all of those original monkeys came in. And that’s because of the simple fact that if a person is not in the inner circle of the campaign, then nobody you listen to has the slightest idea of what the f*ck is going on! It’s all brainless speculation, that’s what makes it so much fun.

But the Trump Veepstakes is coming perilously close to the Theater of the Absurd. That’s due to the facts that Trump is a political imbecile, was such a joke as a candidate in 2016, has such a toxic campaign message, and has honed his bast down to nothing but brainless Trombies, there is literally no running mate he can pick that will boost the ticket.

A brief aside here. The business of picking a Vice Presidential candidate, just as in picking a convention site is incredibly intricate. The rules are simple, but the logic incredibly Byzantine. Your pick should help your campaign where it needs it the most. A few examples;

  • In 2016 Hillary Clinton chose Virginia Senator Tim Kaine as her running mate in an attempt to use his in state popularity to pick up the Virginia electoral college delegates
  • In 2016 Trump chose Indiana Governor as his running mate to quell concerns among moderate GOP voters and power brokers
  • In 2020, although California is a secure Democratic state, Biden chose then Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate, to court African American voters, who were lukewarm to him
  • This year Trump chose Milwaukee, Wisconsin as the home for their convention, desperate to flip Wisconsin red in 2024. Then he promptly turned around and sh*t all over Milwaukee by being caught saying that it was a horrible place

You see the pattern. But Trump is a walking, talking poster child for You never get a 2nd chance to make a 1st impression. The first job of being a running mate is to be the #1 surrogate for the presidential candidate on the campaign trail. Joe Biden did that for Barack Obama in 2008 on foreign policy issues, and Pence did it for Trump in 2016 with moderate, bible belt conservatives. But because the 2024 GOP is the Cult of Trump, and because his history in his own party is so pathetic, there is literally nobody he can pick that will lift the ticket.

It was first reported yesterday by Dasha Burns on MSNBC that the GOP VP field had winnowed down to three competitors, ND Governor Bob Burgum, FL Senator Marco Rubio, and OH Senator JD Vance. Hours later she reported that her sources told her it was down to Vance and Rubio, with Borgum out of the picture. Then today she reported that not only was Borgum back in the race, but that SC Senator Tim Scott was a dark horse favorite. No pun intended.

This is to be expected, but even more so because Traitor Tot has the attention span of a gamboling puppy. He makes impulsive decisions, and when ten minutes later somebody whispers something else in his ear, changes his mind. In 2016 Trump announced Pence as his running mate, and the very next day was complaining to aides about trying to change his pick. This is going to be an even more torturous process than most.

But the simple fact is that none of these political troglodytes can fulfill the most basic requirement of being a running mate. Namely to be Trump’s very best wingman. Instead, no matter who he chooses from that list, The Democrats will savage him with them;

  • Marco Rubio is a 3 time loser. First, he ran a short but brutal campaign against Trump in 2016 when he called him a con man, and besmirched Trump’s manhood with a snide reference to the size of his hands. Second, there is concern in the Trump camp over Rubio’s enthusiasm for the job. And third, there’s a constitutional issue over electors being able to vote pro presidential and Vice presidential candidates from the same state
  • Borgum is a complete national unknown entity. In fact I had to Google North Dakota Governor today to get his name. ND is a small, solidly red state, so there’s no electoral boost there. Besides, Borgum ran a brief, room temperature campaign against Trump in 2024, and while he didn’t piss in the punchbowl, and was setting himself up for 2028, Trump doesn’t like competition
  • JD Vance is a mixed bag. He’s uber tight with Li’l Donnie Redux, which gives him a leg up with Daddums. But in 2016 he called Trump dangerous, and swore that he would never vote for him. This kind of treason doesn’t go over well with His Lowness. Besides, Vance is a corporate hedge fund elitist, something that is anathema to Trump’s message to his base
  • And Tim Scott is a waste of time to even discuss. As I’ve written, Trump’s Axis of Evil base is composed of three parts. Neo-Nazi’s, Klansmen, and far right white Christian nationalists. They would never support him if he put a black man within a 77 year old heartbeat of the presidency
  • And it only gets worse. Trump is still losing 16-22% of GOP primary votes to Nikki Haley in uncontested primaries. And while Haley may endorse Trump for political expediency, she also is looking towards 2028, and there;s no way she would alienate her 20% base by running as Trump’s VP pick. That’s her launching pad for 2028

But no matter which one of these flaming muckbills Trump nominates, they all carry the same baggage for Trump. They all provide the Democrats with a cornucopia of negative attack ad material due to their earlier criticisms of Trump in 2016, 2020, and even 2024. No matter who he picks, the Democrats flood the airwaves with ads of his new running mate criticizing him and calling him unfit for office. And it does him no good to pick a Trump tard like Matt gaetz or even Gym Bag Jordan. All they can do is to whip up the base, and that’s Trump’s job. He needs them to bring in new support, and they’re totally incapable of doing that.

Trump doesn’t actually have to name his running mate until the GOP convention in just under a month. So for the time being, just sit back, fire up the microwave popcorn, grab a frosty one, sit back, put your feet up, and watch the freak show. because for Trump and the GOP, it’s only going to go downhill from here.

I thank you for the privilege of your time.


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  1. I think trump will announce that he is also running for vice president so he can claim both salaries. that way his vp will always agree with him

  2. “And third, there’s a constitutional issue over electors being able to vote pro presidential and Vice presidential candidates from the same state…”

    Only an ignorant MAGAhat would consider this an “issue.” Of course, black & white never matter to these idiots unless it is racist.

    12th Amendment to the Constitution:

    The Electors shall meet in their respective states, and vote by ballot for President and Vice-President, one of whom, at least, shall not be an inhabitant of the same state with themselves;

    • Since neither Donnie Donuts nor his ignorant followers who read at a 4th grade level ( and those are the smart ones) have a clue what the constitution actually says, they won’t care if Trump.violates it. They likely love Rose the idea that he will toss out anything that lessens his power so he can be Dictator for Life.


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